Attorney Nebraska
Nebraska in The Trial of Munich

Portrayed By

Josh Nedved


The Trial of Munich: The Machine of Munich II


Munich Government


Deceased - Choked to Death by Steinfeld Doppelgänger II

Location (at time of death)

English Garden

Attorney Nebraska was the main protagonist of The Trial of Munich: The Machine of Munich II. He is portrayed by Josh Nedved. Nebraska was tasked with overseeing the joint-trial of Munich's police commissioner, Director Lurch, and Sketch Penzil, a drug cartel leader who testified against Lurch. Nebraska questioned Lurch's loyalty to the police force, and their suspicious money donations.

Sketch eventually revealed that Lurch made a deal with his drug cartel, in which he secretly gave them the police force's money, which astonished Nebraska. After confirming Sketch's statements, Nebraska sentenced Lurch to life in prison - but the trial was interrupted by Steinfeld's second doppelgänger. In the ensuing chaos, the doppelgänger approached Nebraska and choked him to death.