"I've never gone down without a fight, do you expect me to fold now?"

- Gunner to Flynt and VinThe Two Man Trio

Axel Gunner
Gunner in The Two Man Trio (2017)

Portrayed By

Jacob Lutz




Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo (uncredited cameo)

The Two Man Trio

Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption


Deceased - Killed by Flynt Coal

Location (at time of death)


Axel Gunner was a character in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe. He is portrayed by Jacob Lutz. Remorseless and cold, Gunner was the military director of the U.B.N.V.A.. He often wore a green biomechanical suit and was good friends with Kaine West. After Nazi Mitch's death, Gunner was tracked down by Flynt Coal and Vin Diesel, who wanted Gunner to surrender. Along with Kaine West, Gunner harassed Flynt and Vin before confronting John Bacchus. After fighting in a cul-de-sac, Bacchus critically damaged Gunner's mechanical suit, immobolizing him. 

Gunner was arrested and put on trial for war crimes he committed over the years. However, not long after he would escape and kill Corporal Crunch. As Flynt looked for Vin in Portugal, he was confronted by Gunner, who revealed Bjorn Alvarez had betrayed The Clan. When Flynt acted cocky towards Gunner, he attacked him with a mixer paddle. Flynt would overwhelm Gunner and, after learning he killed Corporal Crunch, bashed in his skull with the paddle. 


At some point, Gunner joined the U.B.N.V.A., and would become the director of the organization's military. He was feared by many, with his cold personality and biomechanical armor. Gunner was a loyal ally of Bread Nelson, often helping him to plan out attacks and operations. Gunner was also a friend of Kaine West, a scientist in the U.B.N.V.A. who created the organization's android program. 

Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric BoogalooEdit

As Biscuit Savage set off to claim The Crumbs, Axel Gunner made a brief appearance as he worked with Bread Nelson and Banny Passerini in the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters, likely plotting their next mission. Jacob Lutz was not credited for the cameo, having appeared long before the character was actually created. 

Between FilmsEdit

For several years, Gunner remained a loyal ally of the U.B.N.V.A., but didn't participate in any major battles against The Clan. For much of this time, Gunner helped to plan out the organization's operations. However, after Nazi Mitch was killed, the U.B.N.V.A. fell apart. As a result, Gunner went into hiding along with Kaine West. 

The Two Man TrioEdit

Nine months after Nazi Mitch's demise, Gunner was contacted by Flynt Coal and Vin Diesel - members of The Clan who sought to discuss Gunner's terms of surrender. In Portugal, Flynt and Vin waited by a dirt road in the jungle. As they converse, Gunner drives down the road in his silver Mercedes. He stops the car and approaches Flynt and Vin. Vin greets Gunner, who tells them not to waste his time. Flynt and Vin tell Gunner that Nazi Mitch and the U.B.N.V.A. are gone, and considering they're not looking for a fight, he should give up. Flynt demands that Gunner surrender unconditionally, citing that he's a war criminal. However, Gunner attacks Flynt and Vin, knocking them to the ground. As Gunner tries apprehending Flynt, Vin runs into the jungle. After Gunner knocks out Flynt, Kaine West arrives, and Gunner has him put Flynt in the trunk of his car.

Gunner goes into the jungle and, off-screen, captures Vin. He brings him to Kaine West and Flynt as they discuss West's occupation. Meanwhile, as John Bacchus and Sandy Sandler converse, Gunner sends Bacchus a text message, telling him he has Flynt and Vin at the cul-de-sac, and urging him to come save them. Bacchus sets off to save his allies, while Gunner and Kaine West wait by the Mercedes in a cul-de-sac. 

Bacchus arrives at the scene, and is promptly greeted by Gunner. Bacchus says he never expected to see Gunner again, while Gunner is surprised that Bacchus even came along. He introduces Bacchus to Kaine West, who Bacchus seems to ignore. Bacchus tells Gunner that the U.B.N.V.A. is gone, and when asked what his goal is, Gunner asks Bacchus why he's taking action if The Clan is gone. Bacchus says he's searching for Flynt and Vin; to taunt Bacchus, Gunner pops open the trunk of his Mercedes, and proclaims that the U.B.N.V.A. will be stronger than ever before. Bacchus angrily threatens to snap Gunner's neck, to which Gunner tells Bacchus that he sounds like his former evil self. Bacchus challenges Gunner and West, with Gunner trying to retrieve his double-bladed sword from his jetpack. However, his armor prevents him from reaching the weapon, leading West to get it for him.

Bacchus strikes down Kaine West, and Gunner starts slashing his sword at Bacchus. Using his hockey stick, Bacchus hits Gunner in the knee, temporarily locking it up. Bacchus mocks Gunner for his faulty suit, leading Gunner to throw his sword aside and raise his fists to fight Bacchus. Bacchus throws a punch at Gunner, but he blocks it with his wrist - Bacchus hurts his hand on the suit's metal arm. Gunner kicks and punches Bacchus, beating him back, until Bacchus takes Gunner's sword and slices off West's alien hand. Bacchus throws the alien at Gunner, who struggles to hold it off. As he does so, Bacchus runs at West and kills him with the sword. Gunner throws the alien aside and charges at Bacchus, swinging a punch at him only for Bacchus to duck under it. Bacchus takes the opportunity to shove the sword into Gunner's jetpack. Electricity from the sword disables the suit, shutting it down and leaving Gunner immobolized. Once more, Bacchus mocks Gunner for the suit, and he knocks him to the ground. As Bacchus walks off, Gunner lies on the ground, alive but unable to move. 

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