Bernard Doppelgänger
The Bernard Doppelgänger in The Battle of Munich

Portrayed By

Michael Behrenshauser


The Battle of Munich: The Machine of Munich III


Doctor Steinfeld


Destroyed by Sketch Penzil

Location (at time of destruction)

English Garden

The Bernard Doppelgänger was a minor antagonist in The Battle of Munich: The Machine of Munich III. It is portrayed by Michael Behrenshauser. The doppelgänger was created by Doctor Steinfeld to resemble Bernard, an unseen member of Sketch Penzil's drug cartel who was used as its template.

Due to Steinfeld's demise, the doppelgänger remained inactive for some time. After Steinfeld was resurrected, he released many doppelgängers to wreak havoc on Munich, including the Hoffman Doppelgänger. However, Sketch, Newark and Spiff fought back. In the ensuing chaos, Sketch fought the Bernard Doppelgänger and stomped the back of its head, destroying it.