"Hey, a guy's got to do what a guy's got to do. It isn't your job to be hunting the sharks". 
Billy Trenton, Jurassic Shark II: The Retribution
Billy Trenton
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Billy Trenton is a character in Jurassic Shark and its sequel, Jurassic Shark II: The Retribution. Billy is good friends with Chase Landon, who he joined near the end of their hunt for the original shark. Following this, the alliance between him and Chase strengthened, as they defended their neighborhood from anymore threats should they come. However, Billy wound up being killed by an InGen employee, which influenced Chase to start the Shark Hunters.

Despite his apparent death in the second film, he is set to return in Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution. Billy is portrayed by Jacob D.

Jurassic SharkEdit

Billy makes his debut in the first film. He is a friend of Chase Landon and Dan Bruines, and acts as an influence on them. When the original shark first appears in the walking trail, Chase has Dan invite Billy to join the hunt for the shark. Billy reveals several weapons they could use, and despite confirming his participation, he goes on vacation when the hunt begins.

Billy is absent throughout most of the hunt for the shark, although upon his return, Alexa urges him to rejoin the hunt with Chase and Drake . Billy unexpectedly saves Chase and Drake with little help from Alexa when the shark begins to approach them. The following day, Billy continues on the hunt with Chase, Drake and Alexa. Before they can head off, however, Billy is attacked by the shark and his left arm is shredded up by its jaws. He manages to sever its left eye, which severely disorients it and sends it retreating. Due to the injury he sustained to his arm, Billy goes home.

As confirmed by Drake at the end of the film, Billy was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injury.

Jurassic Shark II: The RetributionEdit

Billy Trenton returned in the film's sequel, having recovered from his injuries in the first film. Since then, he has been working with Chase, Eddie Jackson and Nate Williams on hunting down the sharks that the employees deploy to kill them, with a notable one being the Bull Shark. Billy is first seen sitting on Chase's patio, and he has a conversation with him, Eddie and Nate about why the sharks continue returning to the cul-de-sac. Billy believes that they're looking for retribution, and as a result, he gives a warning to Chase to watch his back at all times before heading home. As he walks off, Chase tells him to stay safe, and Billy claims that he has the situation under control. 

Believing that they need to fight the sharks in order to survive, Billy heads out behind his barn to hunt for any sharks using his compound bow, particularly the Bull Shark. The Bull Shark winds up attacking him, forcing him to the ground. He holds the bow up to the shark's mouth, which holds it back and prevents it from killing him. Unknown to Billy, Simon runs over to the scene. Billy evades the Bull Shark, and as he does, he is assaulted by Simon. Soon after, Chase sees a flyer that says how Billy Trenton went missing. Knowing that it was because of the sharks, Chase and Nate become certain that he's dead. 

Jurassic Shark III: The RevolutionEdit

Billy Trenton has been confirmed to return in the third film, although how he survived his ordeal in the second film has yet to be revealed. He is the only character confirmed to be returning in a major from the first film and the only character to appear in significant roles in all three films. His role is set to be larger then it has been in the past.  


  • Billy Trenton is the only character to appear in all three films in the Jurassic Shark series, although Jon M, Ben M and Will M will be returning to cameo in Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution
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