"No force of nature can knock me down - I am a force of nature!"
- Biscuit Savage to The Clan, Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo
Biscuit Savage
Savage in Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption (2017)

Portrayed By

Brandon Archibald


Mammo Passerini

"The Pounder"


U.B.N.V.A. (formerly)

The Clan


Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo

The Conundrum Dimension (archival footage)

Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam

The Two Man Trio (mentioned)

Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption


Deceased - Killed by The Paleman

Location (at time of death)

Outside U.B.N.V.A. Headquarters

Biscuit Savage, also known as Mammo Passerini, was a character in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe. He is portrayed by Brandon Archibald. Savage was hired into the U.B.N.V.A. by Bread Nelson, and supported his goal of claiming The Crumbs. He would ally with Nazi Mitch to seize the artifact and destroy The Clan, at which point he also oversaw the transportation of a dangerous cyborg. After fighting The Clan and killing Glen Tennis, Savage was tricked into accepting one of the "Fake Crumbs" by Nazi Mitch, who held onto the true relic. After consuming it, Savage was sent to the Conundrum Dimension, where he was tormented by Colonel Crunch. In the meantime, Mitch influenced Savage's son, Banny Passerini, to fight for the U.B.N.V.A. - making him believe The Clan killed his father.

Some time later, John Bacchus and Bjorn Alvarez opened the dimension and accidentally freed Savage. After Bacchus divided The Clan, Savage returned and fought Bacchus. Despite their dispute, they allied together in a bid to fight and destroy Nazi Mitch, who had become all-powerful. After Jumpa disbanded The Clan, Biscuit Savage rekindled with his son. A year later, shortly after Banny's death, his guidance was sought by the reunited Clan after they found a bomb-like device in Chernobyl. Savage explains it was built by The Crumbs' Creator to destroy humanity. Though Savage declines to fight with The Clan, his knowledge serves them well. Not long after, Savage confronts a former ally, The Paleman, who fights and kills him after stabbing him in the stomach. 



At some point, Biscuit Savage became a member of the United Bread Nelson Villains Association. A large, smart and intimidating adversary, Biscuit Savage was always obsessed with obtaining The Crumbs. He often asked others in the U.B.N.V.A. if he could go off and attempt to obtain the artifact on his own, but most people refused, believing that it's impossible to find it, except for Nazi Mitch. Biscuit Savage constructed an alliance between himself and Nazi Mitch, who also sought to obtain The Crumbs and have his revenge on the Clan. 

Determined to claim The Crumbs and claim its power, Biscuit Savage planned to attack and weaken The Clan before seizing The Crumbs with the help of Nazi Mitch. Due to the experiments Mitch did on Colonel and Corporal Crunch in World War II, they were able to create a cyborg - Jumpa X - modeled after Captain Jumpa, The Clan's leader. 

Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric BoogalooEdit

As Flynt Coal snuck through the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters, he was attacked by Biscuit Savage, who threw him in a stairwell. There, Savage beat up Flynt with a belt. Flynt would survive the encounter and reunite with The Clan, while Savage schemed to attack the organization. He would later call Nazi Mitch, explaining his plan to kill The Clan and claim The Crumbs. Shortly after, Biscuit Savage witnessed the arrival of Jumpa X, who had traveled from the past. Off-screen, Savage would send Jumpa X to the future shortly afterwards. As he prepared to attack The Clan, Savage yearned for his allies to join him. One such ally, The Paleman, told Savage that he had "other plans". 

Biscuit Savage set off to the Tomb of the Bacchus, where The Clan was meeting; they planned on going to Mekron Woods to retrieve The Crumbs, which they recently confirmed the location of. Glen Tennis, the acting captain in Jumpa's absence, led his allies against Biscuit Savage. Yet the brute was too powerful, overpowering his adversaries and swiftly beating anyone who tried fighting him. At the end of the fight, Biscuit Savage crushed Glen Tennis' head, killing him. After Savage departed from the scene, The Clan went to Mekron Woods. While there, The Clan was attacked by Nazi Mitch, who stole The Crumbs from Flynt right after he discovered them. 

That afternoon, Biscuit Savage met with Nazi Mitch at the Bread Bungalow. Mitch showed Savage the artifact, but dropped it; as Savage went to pick it up, Mitch incapacitated him and proclaimed his true mission: to bring about the rise of the Fourth Reich. Biscuit Savage was infuriated; he grabbed Mitch by the throat and forced him to hand over The Crumbs. Due to his incompetetence, Biscuit Savage failed to realize the artifact was still on the ground. Instead, Nazi Mitch gave him one of the fake Crumbs - a poisionous duplicate of the original artifact, the same object Bread Nelson used on The Clan. Biscuit Savage departed, satisfied, but didn't know that he was deceived. 

Biscuit Savage knew his alliance with Nazi Mitch was over, but he felt confident knowing he had The Crumbs. Savage met with The Clan - John Bacchus, Flynt Coal, Vin Diesel, Lord Tyresius, Big Beard and Mahatma - to battle them one last time. The six allies tried their hardest to defeat Biscuit Savage, but yet again he proved too strong. Biscuit Savage unraveld the Fake Crumbs, removed its energy core, and consumed it. Moments later, he started to violently gag, as the Fake Crumbs' energy core was poisoning him. As The Clan clambered away, Biscuit Savage was seemingly killed when the Fake Crumbs suddenly exploded. 

The Conundrum DimensionEdit

Savage appears in the film via archival footage. 

Savage was thought to be dead for a long time, yet unbeknownst to the Clan, he was transported to the Conundrum Dimension. It was revealed that when someone consumes one of the Fake Crumbs, they are sent to the dimension with no way out. Biscuit Savage was often tormented by Colonel and Corporal Crunch, who Nazi Mitch also trapped  in the dimension. 

While on a journey to find The Crumbs, John Bacchus went to Portugal and confronted Bjorn Alvarez, a bounty hunter with a portal that can access the dimension. After numerous fights, the two became allies, but Bjorn revealed that he didn't know how to utilize the portal. 

Between FilmsEdit

Sometime after the events of The Conundrum Dimension, Biscuit Savage was freed along with Colonel and Corporal Crunch. While Colonel and Corporal Crunch were forced to work for the U.B.N.V.A., Biscuit Savage turned away from the organization and went into hiding for several months. In the meantime, his son Banny Passerini remained a loyal member of the U.B.N.V.A., serving under Nazi Mitch under the guise that The Clan killed his father, and not Mitch. 

Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub SlamEdit

Having gone mad in his quest to claim The Crumbs, John Bacchus formed a rogue group that opposed The Clan. While striving to take the artifact, Bacchus' Brotherhood fell apart, and eventually he was the only one supporting his cause. As The Clan faced off against Bacchus, Biscuit Savage arrived at the scene. After punching an arrogant Vin, he confronted Bacchus, who he came to fight. The two briefly brawled before The Clan intervened. In his state of rage, Bacchus proved a formidable adversary. Savage rejoined the fight, battling Bacchus on his own. A crushing blow to Bacchus' stomach sent him falling down, and a final blow to Bacchus' face seemingly killed him. 

Savage justified his killing of Bacchus, saying he had gone mad with power. The Clan was astonished by Bacchus' death, but faced a greater problem in the form of Nazi Mitch - who held The Crumbs and the spear needed to obtain its power. Biscuit Savage allied with The Clan and confronted Nazi Mitch, who Savage told they have "unfinished business". Using the spear, Mitch harnesses The Crumbs' power and becomes all-powerful. With his new powers, Mitch teleports all his enemies from near and far to an overhangar, including Biscuit Savage, who is reunited with his son Banny. Mitch electrocutes everyone with lightning bolts, but Lord Tyresius uses the power of The Crumbs against Mitch. The Clan and the Bacchus Brotherhood unite against Mitch, turning The Crumbs's energies against him - ultimately, Mitch is killed by the excessive power. 

After the conflict, The Clan agrees that they should stay together despite the artifact being gone - yet despite everyone agreeing that they should stay together, Jumpa chooses to disband the group. As they bid each other farewell, Biscuit Savage remarks that even after the battles he, Bread Nelson and many others started, Nazi Mitch proved to be the ultimate villain. Shortly after, Biscuit Savage parts ways with The Clan and walks off.