Bread's Crumbs 1.5 - Inquisition

Directed by

Ryan Bowman

Produced, Written, and Edited by

Ryan Bowman


Ryan Bowman

Jacob Doerr


Hans Zimmer

Steve Jablonsky

Michael Giacchino

Release Date

August 8, 2014 (before cancellation)

Inquisition was a planned interquel to Bread's Crumbs, directed, written, produced, and edited by Ryan Bowman. While the events of Inquisition take place after Bread's Crumbs, they are not the sequel, and only serve to fill the gap between Bread's Crumbs and its true sequel.

Inquisition was to star Ryan Bowman as Captain Jumpa, the protagonist of the first film, and Jacob Doerr as Justin Bartisto, but the footage for the film was corrupt and couldn't be used. It is now considered a lost film. 


6 months following the events of Bread's Crumbs, Captain Jumpa (Ryan Bowman), who believes that the artifact from the previous film was a dud, and not the real Crumbs, sets out in order to find "the Source", where he hopes to find out the location of the true artifact. As he reaches the site, he finds that "the Source" is actually a person; Justin Bartisto (Jacob Doerr). Unfortunately for Captain Jumpa, Bread Nelson, the antagonist from the previous film, and a rival hunter, has paid Bartisto for the information, and has already set out to find the real Crumbs. Captain Jumpa attempts to get information out of Bartisto, but Justin refuses, and engages in a gunfight with Jumpa. With time running out, Jumpa has to act fast, or Nelson could secure Bread's Crumbs, and use the power accumulated for his own will. The film would end with Bartisto and Jumpa making amends and establishing a partnership, which would come in handy two years later


  • [[Ryan Bowman as Captain Jumpa, the leader of the team of hunters from the first film. Jumpa sets out in order to find "the Source", which will allow him to find the location of the real Bread's Crumbs.
  • Jacob Doerr as Justin Bartisto, one of few who knew the real location of Bread's Crumbs. Bartisto was paid off by Nelson, and ends up fighting with Jumpa.

August 2014 Footage LossEdit

Inquisition was originally planned for release on August 8, 2014. However, most of the footage became corrupted and un-editable, which put development on a temporary halt. Although Inquisition was intially going to be cancelled due to this, Ryan B stated he wished to re-do the film using working footage, and it was planned for re-filming and production sometime in 2014, but this never came to be. Instead, two other Bread's Crumbs interquels, Alias Odium and Tea-Eee were released shortly afterwards.