"Well, it's been an adventure. And I can't say, through all we've been, that I take back a single word of it. So from here on out - The Clan is disbanded. We've had our time - now let's usher on a new age."

- Captain Jumpa

Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam
Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 2.11.33 PM
June 26, 2016

Directed by

Scott Pincus

Written, Filmed and Edited by

Scott Pincus


Gabe Sagherian

Chris Lombardo

Austin Brinser

Ryan Bowman

Alex Fanelli

Dan Brusilovsky

Mitchell Patterson

Zion Figueroa


Steve Jablonsky

Hans Zimmer

Lorne Balfe


Bio-Builder Productions

Release Date

June 26, 2016

Running Time

74 minutes

Preceded by


Followed by

The Two Man Trio

Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam is the sequel to Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo and the second sequel to the first film, Bread's Crumbs. It is the third major installment in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe and the tenth installment overall. The film stars Gabe SagherianAustin BrinserChris LombardoDan BrusilovskyRyan Bowman, and many others. It is the series' last installment to feature Ryan as Captain Jumpa, one of the main protagonists. 

A year after the second film, a rift forms in The Clan when John Bacchus returns with a promise to unleash The Crumbs's power. However, the uncanny Rasputin seizes the relic, and everyone goes after him. In the meantime, Nazi Mitch schemes to reclaim the artifact and unleash its power. Scott Pincus returned to direct and write the project. Filming took place from May 17 to June 9, 2016. After numerous delays in the editing process, the film was released on June 26.

Though it was intended to be the last installment, a final interquel, The Two Man Trio, was released in May 2017, and a fourth film concluded the series in August 2017. 


The Clan launches a raid on the U.B.N.V.A. Headquarters. Lord Tyresius clears the south wing of the building, where he finds the mysterious Rasputin, who knocks Tyresius unconscious. Rasputin goes deeper into the headquarters and claims The Crumbs, while The Clan fights Bjorn Alvarez. Bjorn sets off the emergency alarm, which forces them to retreat. During the escape, Flynt Coal comes across John Bacchus, who has suddenly returned. Bacchus tells Flynt of an ancient spear capable of unleashing The Crumbs' power. Bacchus yearns for The Clan to join him, as he wants to claim the artifact's power instead of protect it. Uncertain, Flynt departs as Bacchus departs for Torture Wobbler Church to claim the spear. Big Beard expresses his frustration to Jumpa over the botched raid shortly before Flynt tells The Clan of Bacchus' objective, prompting Big Beard and Reginald to join Bacchus. At the church, Bacchus claims the spear and calls Nazi Mitch, who he warns to stay out of his way. Shortly after, Flynt arrives at the church and agrees to join Bacchus. 

Rasputin broadcasts a video message, telling the world he has The Crumbs. He implores those who seek it to meet him at Mekron Woods. Jumpa experiences a vision in which the late Glen Tennis tells him of Bacchus' plan and betrayal. Vin Diesel and Kick, who chose not to follow Bacchus, arrive at Mekron Woods shortly before Flynt and Bacchus. A battle breaks out before Rasputin catches the group's attention. He withholds The Crumbs and uses a bass speaker to blast a song and incapacitate his enemies. The Clan and Bacchus' team, "The Bacchus Brotherhood", pursue Rasputin while Jumpa confronts Bacchus. After a brawl downtown with Kick, Reginald and Flynt, Rasputin is apprehended, and Jumpa takes the artifact. Bacchus challenges Jumpa to meet at Kerr Park. In the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters, Flynt searches for Rasputin until he is possessed by Tea-Eee. Nazi Mitch receives a phone call from Bread Nelson, who is infuriated over the loss of The Crumbs and condemns Mitch. 

Vin and Kick go to Kerr Park with The Crumbs, where they face Banny Passerini, Biscuit Savage's son, and the Bacchus Brotherhood. Rasputin arrives with a Tea-Eee possessed Flynt. The Clan and the Brotherhood fight Flynt, who steals The Crumbs and the spear. Rasputin takes the relics and meets with Nazi Mitch. They agree to sign a non-aggression pact, but Rasputin signs the wrong part of it. Realizing his incompetentence, Mitch steals The Crumbs and the spear. The Clan confronts Bacchus before Biscuit Savage arrives at the scene. Along with The Clan, Savage fights Bacchus; he strikes him down and seemingly kills Bacchus with a blow to the head. 

The Clan then confronts Nazi Mitch, who absorbs The Crumbs's power and becomes all-powerful. He teleports his adversaries, including a revived Bacchus, to an overhangar where he intends to finish them off. Nazi Mitch commences "Blitzkrieg", or "lightning war", and electrocutes his foes. The Clan is overwhelmed until Tyresius harnesses The Crumbs's energy and creates a force field to block the lightning. As The Clan strengthens the force field, Mitch stumbles back and loses control before being electrocuted to death. 

The next day, Bacchus, along with Vin, Flynt, Reginald and a redeemed Rasputin go to the tennis court, where they retrieve the spear and The Crumbs - which is devoid of its energies. Flynt realizes the artifact's power was released after Mitch's death. The Clan agrees that while the artifact is gone, they shouldn't part ways, but Jumpa decides to disband the group. After their last meeting, Jumpa, Bacchus, Flynt, Vin, Kick, Tyresius, Rasputin and Biscuit Savage say their goodbyes outside the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters before walking off in different directions. 


The ClanEdit

  • Ryan Bowman as Captain Jumpa - The leader and creator of The Clan who has resumed his responsibilities following his absence in the second film. Jumpa struggles to keep what remains of the team together after Bacchus forms his own faction. The film marked Ryan's last appearance as Captain Jumpa. 
  • Chris Lombardo as Vin Diesel - A member of the Clan who is partners with Flynt. In Jumpa's absence, Vin acts as the leader of the Clan, which opposes The Bacchus Brotherhood and seeks to preserve The Crumbs' power. 
  • Alex Fanelli as Kick - A citizen of Portugal who joins The Clan as they try to find John Bacchus. After allying with Vin and Tyresius following the loss of his prized weapon, Kick decides to stick with The Clan, realizing they're his only family. Kick becomes a loyal ally to Vin after Flynt's defection. 
  • Zion Figueroa as Lord Tyresius - The ancient guardian of The Crumbs, who joined The Clan in the second film. Tyresius is absent for much of the film after an earlier ordeal with Rasputin, but still sides with Jumpa, and later helps fight the climactic battle against Nazi Mitch. 
  • Brandon Archibald as Biscuit Savage - A mighty brute who seeked to consume The Crumbs and wield its power. After somehow escaping the Conundrum Dimension, Savage sees Bacchus' uncontrollable lust for power, and seeks to destroy him. He also wants to reunite with his son, Banny Passerini. 

The Bacchus BrotherhoodEdit

  • Gabe Sagherian as John Bacchus - A leading member of The Clan who set off on a quest for The Crumbs in the previous film. Driven mad in his quest for the artifact's power, Bacchus forms a rogue group called "The Bacchus Brotherhood", with the intention of claiming The Crumbs's power instead of preserving it. 
  • Austin Brinser as Flynt Coal - A member of The Clan who is partners with Vin. Following Bacchus' return, Flynt decides to ally with him in his quest to unleash the power of The Crumbs, and he becomes Bacchus' trusted ally during the ensuing conflict. 
  • Ross Lovell as Reginald Wellington - A cunning and fanciful gentleman who joined The Clan in the second film. Following Bacchus' return, Reginald decides to depart from The Clan and join the Bacchus Brotherhood. 
  • Sean Larkin as Big Beard/Plot Device - A strong bearded warrior who guarded The Crumbs alongside Tyresius and joined the Clan in the second film. After Bacchus returns, Big Beard leaves the Clan and joins the Bacchus Brotherhood, as he grew sick of Jumpa's poor leadership. 
  • Dakota Markle as Bjorn Alvarez - A bounty hunter who allied with John Bacchus during his affairs in Portugal. Bjorn is sent out to attack the Clan during their raid on the U.B.N.V.A., and even before the Brotherhood's formation he was a loyal ally of Bacchus. 


  • Mitchell Patterson as Nazi Mitch - A member of the U.B.N.V.A. who constantly manipulates others to achieve his goals. Mitch has had a scheme in mind to claim The Crumbs and unleash its power, and he sees an opportunity to finally do so in the film. 
  • Ryan Grier as Banny Passerini - The son of Biscuit Savage, who seeks to avenge his father after his supposed death. Banny believes The Clan killed his father, which he was told by Nazi Mitch, who was the true assailant. Vin persuades Banny to join The Clan. 
  • David M as Bread Nelson - The leader of the U.B.N.V.A. who has disappeared from the outside world. Following his first battle with The Clan, Nelson has hidden within his organization and was presumed deceased. After The Crumbs are stolen, Nelson fires Nazi Mitch, who schemes to take the artifact for himself. 
  • Tea-Eee - An alien resembling a wig that takes possession of a person and uses them as a vessel. After possessing Dennis Palmer for a period of time, Tea-Eee has resided in the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters, and seizes an opportunity to possess Flynt in the film. Tea-Eee decides to work with Rasputin to claim The Crumbs and the spear, but doesn't seem loyal to the U.B.N.V.A. or Nazi Mitch. 

Other CharactersEdit

  • Dan Brusilovsky as Rasputin - A mysterious character who steals The Crumbs and in turn is being hunted by everyone. Rasputin does not want the artifact's power, and instead uses it as a means of manipulating others. He later allies with The Clan. 
  • Scott Pincus as Glen Tennis - The late member of The Clan whose soul is bound to The Crumbs. When Jumpa realizes tensions are rising in The Clan, as some feel his leadership is weak, Glen gives him a vision where he says Bacchus has returned and is completing the rift in the team, prompting Jumpa to take action. 
  • 1tjmac12 as "The Voice" - A mysterious voice that is heard several times when Bacchus infiltrates Torture Wobbler Church to claim the spear. Tom voiced various major characters in Ninjago: Rise of the Great Devourer, and being pleased with his work, Scott asked him to record several lines for Scrub Slam. In Mass Consumption, the voice was revealed to be that of The Crumbs' Creator. 

Eric Gorbaty and Michael Robinson both cameo as Corporal Crunch and Sandy Sandler, respectively, though their roles are barely noticeable. They are briefly seen in the U.B.N.V.A.'s computer room. Aldo Valderrabano was set to play a villain in the film, although his part was later dropped from the story due to scheduling issues. He instead makes a brief, uncredited cameo as a U.B.N.V.A. employee sitting near Bread Nelson. Cameron Nicholson makes a brief, uncredited cameo in the computer room as a U.B.N.V.A. employee. Despite not appearing in the film, Mahatma and Colonel Crunch are both mentioned. 

Vishnu Rammohan and Russell Parkinson were expected to reprise their roles as Mahatma and Colonel Crunch, respectively, while Michael Behrenshauser was set to return as The Paleman after briefly appearing in the second film, and Jacob Doerr was to appear as Justin Bartisto. However, due to scheduling issues and a lack of interest, the four actors do not appear in the film, although Russell is set to return for the fourth film, as is Michael, who will serve as the main antagonist. Greg Fernandes was expected to make his debut as a villain named Franz Fernandes, but he lost interest in the project and was dropped. 


2015 Production - CastingEdit

The film was officially announced on July 5, 2015, as the second Bread's Crumbs sequel and the third major installment in the series. Scott Pincus was confirmed to be returning as the film's director, writer and editor. On August 25, Scott confirmed that Ryan Bowman, Gabe Sagherian, Austin Brinser and Chris Lombardo are all set to return as Captain Jumpa, John Bacchus, Flynt Coal and Vin Diesel, respectively. On John Bacchus, Scott commented, "For the interquels, Gabe and I agreed that we wanted to keep him in Conundrum as a way to show the audience what he's up to while he's away from the Clan, and now have him appear in any more interquels. His wherabouts and actions now are meant to be left ominous". 

On August 31, Ross Lovell was confirmed to be reprising his role as Reginald, stating he wants to give the character a more "classic and fancy outfit". On September 2, Alex Fanelli, the brother of Sean Fanelli (who cameoed in Jurassic Shark II: The Retribution), was rumored to have a role in the film, with Sean being considered for a part as well. Sean wound up not having a role, although Alex became one of the film's main characters. On September 3, Scott confirmed that Sean Larkin and Vishnu Rammohan are expected to reprise their roles as Plot Device and Mahatma, respectively. Vishnu wound up not reprising his role due to scheduling conflicts. On September 4, Scott confirmed that Michael Robinson is expected to return as Sandy Sandler, although this never came to fruition. On September 10, Brandon Archibald was rumored to be returning as Biscuit Savage, while on September 11, Zion Figueroa was confirmed to return as Lord Tyresius

On September 30, Scott confirmed that Mitchell Patterson may be hesitant about returning as Nazi Mitch in the film. The same day, he confirmed that filming is set to begin on June 6, 2016. On December 15, Scott stated that the film will reference several concepts of the Civil War, World War II, and the Cold War. The same day, he confirmed that filming for the movie may start earlier, potentially in May 2016. 

2016 ProductionEdit

On February 11, 2016, Aldo Valderrabano was rumored to be portraying a new villain in the film. However, being a senior, it was left uncertain if Aldo would ultimately participate in the project, as his last day of classes was towards the end of May. On March 11, Greg Fernandes was cast a villain in the film. Upon the release of Hit the Crib, the third Bread's Crumbs 2 interquel, Alex Fanelli's character was introduced and added to the third film's cast. On March 24, Dan Brusilovsky was confirmed to be playing a villain in the film. Around a week later, on March 29, Michael Behrenshauser, who cameoed as a villain named "The Paleman" in Bread's Crumbs 2, was confirmed for the film. 

On April 25, Ryan Grier was confirmed to be making his debut in the film. On April 30, Scott confirmed that the first major day of filming for the project is set to be on May 17. The same day, he confirmed that Russell Parkinson is set to reprise his role as Colonel Crunch in the film, as he spoke to Russell about the part the day before. Unfortunately, Russell would not be able to participate in filming due to scheduling issues. The next day, on May 1, Dakota Markle was confirmed to return as Bjorn Alvarez, an antihero introduced in The Conundrum Dimension. On May 3, Brandon Archibald confirmed that he is interested in returning to play Biscuit Savage in the film, and the following day he was officially cast. On May 5, Jacob Doerr was confirmed to be reprising the role of Justin Bartisto in the film, although it is possible his role will be small.


Filming officially began on May 17, with Ryan B, Gabe, Austin, Ross, Alex and Dan all present for filming. The same day, the film's official trailer was released, revealing the title to be Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam. Filming continued on May 18, with Gabe, Austin, Dan, Alex and Chris all present, while Austin, Chris, Dan and Ryan B were present on May 19. On May 20, Scott confirmed that Aldo Valderrabano will likely not have a part in the film due to scheduling conflicts - however, on June 3, Scott confirmed that Aldo will have a cameo in the film, and that David Matz is set to return as Bread Nelson in an 'expanded cameo'.

Filming continued on June 6, with Gabe, Austin, Chris, Ross, Alex, Dan, Ryan B, Dakota, Sean and Ryan G all present. Mitchell and Brandon were both set to participate in filming, but were ultimately unable to. Filming continued on June 7, with Ryan B, Chris, Austin, Sean, Alex, Dan, Zion and Dakota all present. Filming took place again on June 8, with Ryan B, Gabe, Chris, Austin, Alex, Zion, Sean, Dan, Ryan G, Brandon and Mitchell all present. That day, Greg Fernandes was confirmed to have been dropped from the film's cast, as he hadn't been showing up for filming.

Scrum Slam officially wrapped production on June 9, with Gabe, Austin, Chris, Dan, Mitchell, Sean, Dakota and Ross all present. That day, it was confirmed that Russell Parkinson, Vishnu Rammohan, Michael Behrenshauser and Jacob Doerr will not return as Colonel Crunch, Mahatma, The Paleman and Justin Bartisto, respectively, due to scheduling conflicts that came about throughout filming. Michael Robinson and Eric Gorbaty make brief, almost unnoticeable cameos as Sandy Sandler and Corporal Crunch. The same day, Scott confirmed the name of Alex Fanelli's character, who first appeared in Hit the Crib, to be "Kick". He also confirmed that Dan will play Rasputin and Ryan Grier will play Banny Passerini

On June 17, Scott confirmed the film has a tentative release date of June 22, though this release date was later shifted to June 24 after an extension in the editing process was made. On June 23, Scott confirmed the film's running time to be approximately 73 minutes, making it the longest film in the series. The release date was shifted once more, this time from June 24 to June 25, because work still needed to be done for one of the film's major scenes. Due to issues with uploading the film, the release date was postponed a final time to June 26, and it was ultimately released that day. 


  • A mistake in the film's editing process resulted in several punching sound effects being played just before Bjorn's fight scene with The Clan towards the beginning of the film. 
  • Captain Jumpa wields Bjorn Alvarez's sword during the final battle. This was at his request, which Scott opposed because it created a continuity error. 


The trivia items are listed in chronological order, as they relate to scenes in the film.

  • The majority of the film's music came from the soundtrack for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, which came out three weeks before the film. Almost all the music featured in the soundtrack was also featured in the film at some point. The theme for Krang was often used for scenes were Rasputin were present, while the theme for the Ninja Turtles was often used for scenes where The Clan was present. 
  • Due to not being available for much of the film's production, Zion Figueroa appears as Lord Tyresius in five scenes - the opening scene with Rasputin, and most of the scenes after Rasputin's pact with Mitch. He is absent for over forty minutes of the film - the justification being that Tyresius was unconscious for much of the time after his ordeal with Rasputin. He was set to have larger role in the film, but only filmed for two days of the production.  
  • Dan Brusilovsky, who plays Rasputin, was expected to play a supporting role. However, as production progressed, Dan was always present for filming whether he was needed or not, and his role was heavily expanded. Dan was present for all seven major days of filming. 
  • Alex Fanelli and Dakota Markle are the actors in the film who play characters introduced in the second film's interquels, as Alex made debuted in Hit the Crib and Dakota in The Conundrum Dimension. In the second film, Michael Robinson and Mitchell Patterson earned this title, as they both debuted in the series' first interquel The Biggest Fish of Them All. 
  • The film marks the second on-screen appearance of The Crumbs. Previously, the artifact appeared in two scenes of the second film; in Scrub Slam it appears all throughout the film. 
  • Had Michael Behrenshauser been in the film and reprised his role as The Paleman, during the opening raid on the U.B.N.V.A. he would have killed Colonel Crunch. However, both Michael and Russell didn't have the time to film their parts, so their characters were both cut from the story. 
  • The film marks the last on-screen appearance of Eric Gorbaty as Corporal Crunch, who makes a brief cameo. Eric was set to return for the fourth film, but was unable to participate. 
  • The film marks the final on-screen role of Mitchell Patterson, who plays Nazi Mitch in the film, as well as his most recent project with Scott. It is unconfirmed as to whether or not they'll work together again. 
  • Ryan Bowman was against the concept of Bacchus allying with Nazi Mitch. Instead, Bacchus warns him to stay out of his way, while also remarking that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", as Mitch is also against The Clan.
    • There were plans for a scene where Bacchus, Banny and other characters met with Nazi Mitch at Kerr Park early on in the film, instead of Bacchus calling Mitch over the phone. 
  • Early on in the film, Bacchus tells Mitch, "soon, the rain will fall, and cleanse the streets of this scum (the Clan)". This foreshadows the end of the film, when Nazi Mitch absorbs The Crumbs' power and it begins downpouring as he does so.
    • The fact that it was raining during this scene was a coincidence, and ultimately helped strengthen Bacchus' foreshadowing. 
    • This line was also spoken by 1P Entertainment, the "mysterious voice", in the film's official trailer. 
  • The only scripted scenes in the movie were Nazi Mitch's two phone call scenes with Bacchus and Bread Nelson. However, while filming the scene, Bacchus' half of the call was improvised as they filmed, with Austin typing out Mitch's planned responses on his phone. Mitchell filmed his part of the scene around two weeks later. The scene with Mitch and Nelson was written based off of archival audio from David M. 
  • As Rasputin sends out his video message, a person watching the message on their phone is eating bacon, with only their hands being visible. The person is Austin Brinser, who plays Flynt in the film. 
  • In Jumpa's vision, he wears a grey sweatshirt with a Guardians of the Galaxy shirt underneath. Visible on the shirt is Groot, one of the film's characters who has been LordStarscream100's YouTube logo for a long time. 
  • Dan Brusilovsky (Rasputin) selected "First of the Year (Equinox)" by Skrillex to be the song that plays during the two bass-off scenes. 
  • Rasputin pays homage to Biscuit Savage when he shouts "the bass has been unleashed!". In the second film, Savage says, "the beast has been unleashed!", a line which inspired by Furious 7. 
  • During the scene where he is confronted by Jumpa, Bacchus is wearing the same shirt that he wore for the later half of the first film. 
  • This is the first Bread's Crumbs film to feature Tea-Eee since the short film of the same name, Tea-Eee. 
  • Despite barely appearing on-screen, Bread Nelson has more lines in this film (ten) than he does in the first film (five). Nelson briefly appears onscreen right before the phone call, sitting in the U.B.N.V.A. cafeteria. 
  • There is a brief shot during the Kerr Park sequence where Plot Device is wearing six pairs of glasses, including his sunglasses. Cast members Scott, Gabe, Austin, Dakota and Ryan Grier all gave Sean their glasses. 
  • Ironically, Biscuit Savage fights Bacchus on the same field where Bacchus and The Clan had battled him a year earlier. 
  • In a deleted shot, after Mitch absorbs The Crumbs' power, Vin said, "He's gone ... SS!". This is a reference to the "Schutzstaffel" - a Nazi military force in World War II. Scott cut the line out during the editing process because it felt out of place. 
  • Captain Jumpa wields Bjorn's Sword during the final battle. Though this isn't explained onscreen, Scott confirmed that Vin or Kick retrieved it after Bjorn left it in Kerr Park, following the fight with Tea-Eee, and they subsequently gave it to Jumpa. He likely returned it to him after the fight. 
  • The Blitzkrieg final battle was set to take place in the tennis court. When it started downpouring, the cast was forced to go indoors. Knowing it could rain a lot that afternoon, Scott planned to shoot the final battle under the overhangar on the other side of the school if need be. He opted not to film the scene inside, believing it wouldn't fit the tone of the battle.
    • In the film, Nazi Mitch uses The Crumbs' power and teleports his enemies to the overhangar so he can kill them. He has a personal vendetta with many of these characters - Banny Passerini, who betrayed the U.B.N.V.A. - Rasputin, who kept The Crumbs from everyone else - Flynt, who "allied" with Rasputin - and Bacchus, Mitch's old enemy who was revived through the mysterious power of the artifact. In the original scene, all these characters would have simply entered the tennis court, while Bacchus would have been revived by The Crumbs' power on-screen. 
  • In the midst of filming, Mitchell's role as Nazi Mitch was cut down because it was thought that he wouldn't be able to film the final battle. Scott found out at the last minute that Mitchell was able to film. When it was thought that he couldn't film the final battle, Dan Brusilovsky was expected to be the focus of the final battle and would have taken Mitchell's place as an antagonist.
    • The next day, Scott texted Mitchell and told him that they needed to film one last time during the afternoon (his two phone call scenes and the pact scene). Scott was about to rework the film's plot once again as everyone but Mitchell had gathered, and at the last minute Mitchell unexpectedly arrived. 
  • Zion Figueroa, who plays Lord Tyresius in the film, edited the special effects for the Blitzkrieg final battle. Zion edited the effects frame by frame so that they would track properly in the scene. Scott edited the scene's sound effects. 
  • Cast member Chris Lombardo constantly proposed having Rasputin transform into "Russian Complex". At the end of the film, Rasputin uses "Russian Complex" as an alias.
  • Jacob Doerr, who played Justin Bartisto in the interquels Alias Odium (2014) and Omega 2016), was intended to appear in the second film but never got around to filming his part, which also happened during production of the third film. 
  • Rasputin was to be killed off at the Kerr Park battle, with Nazi Mitch taking The Crumbs and stabbing him with the spear. This idea was ultimately scrapped, as Mitchell couldn't film that day. However, had Rasputin died, he would've been revived along with Bacchus. 
  • While Ryan Bowman's role as Captain Jumpa is larger in this film compared to his two scenes in Electric Boogaloo (his vision and the ending scene) - he was not present for several days of filming, resulting in his part being cut down even further. Several crucial scenes that Jumpa was set to appear in were filmed without him. 
  • When Brandon Archibald came to shoot his role in the film, it was the first time much of the cast had seen him since before the second film's release. Fittingly, Brandon's only day of shooting took place on June 8, which was the one year anniversary of the second film's release. 
  • The original prop for The Crumbs, which was featured in the second film and The Conundrum Dimension, was used for both of the bass-off scenes. Unfortunately, the prop was lost while filming the first scene. Several cast members were playing "baseball" with the prop, which eventually landed next to the sidewalk. It is thought that the prop was, for whatever reason, taken by someone walking by the set, as the cast couldn't find it. 
  • 1P Entertainment, who voiced various characters in Ninjago: Rise of the Great Devourer, provided the voice of the narrator in the film's official trailer and is briefly heard during the scene where Bacchus claims the spear. He is not credited. 
  • Banny Passerini is the only surviving character who doesn't appear in any of the closing scenes. These scenes include The Clan examining the empty Crumbs, The Clan meeting to discuss what should become of the group, and The Clan parting ways after Jumpa disbands the team. Bacchus, Flynt, Vin and Rasputin appear in all three of these scenes. Captain Jumpa, Kick, Lord Tyresius, Big Beard, Bjorn Alvarez, Biscuit Savage and Reginald appear in one of these scenes. 
  • The location used for Torture Wobbler Church narrowly became a part of the film's production. Scott had glimpsed the top of an old decrepit structure on the other side of a large field. One day after school, Scott and Austin went in search of the building. After walking down a long driveway, they arrived at a series of decrepit structures. Scott noted that there had definitely been a large fire in part of the building, with much of the scorched wood being visible in the film. The structures extended into the woods, while on the other side of the driveway was a large, white, boarded-up house, which is not visible in the film. 
  • Ryan Bowman was looking to edit the film, stating that he hoped to edit the second film but ultimately didn't. However, Scott looked to edit it instead, having edited all the other installments in the series (except for Omega, which Ryan directed) and feeling that the same tone should definitely be kept in terms of the film's editing.
  • Russell Parkinson, who was set to play Colonel Crunch for the fourth time in this film following his roles in Bread's Crumbs and Tea-Eee in 2014 and Electric Boogaloo in 2015, stated that he wasn't interesting in playing a major part in the film, instead wishing to pursue a role similar in size to the one he played in the second film. However, due to scheduling conflicts, Russell was unable to film his part in the film.
    • His clone, Corporal Crunch, who was last seen trapped in the Conundrum Dimension, briefly cameos in the film. 
  • Though not the series' final installment, the film wraps up the story arc created by the first three films. The Clan engages in a final struggle with Nazi Mitch, a recurring adversary, while the U.B.N.V.A. is crippled like never before, and The Crumbs are seemingly lost so no evil can pursue them.


  • During the final battle, Nazi Mitch screams "Unlimited power!!!", quoting The Emperor in Revenge of the Sith. Also, Mitch almost quoted Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi, when he says to The Emperor, "Your overconfidence is your weakness". In Scrub Slam, Mitch says, "Your confidence is your weakness" to Jumpa. 
  • Ryan Bowman, Gabe Sagherian, Austin Brinser and Chris Lombardo are the only characters from the first film to return in major roles. David M, Scott Pincus and Eric Gorbaty have minor roles, while Russell Parkinson doesn't appear at all. 
  • Aside from the second film's scrapped after-credits scene, and Jumpa's vision (which, being a vision, didn't happen in the story), and even though they were both major characters - until this film, main protagonists Jumpa and Bacchus had not appeared in the same shot since the original Bread's Crumbs

Cast IssuesEdit

Various actors were unable to participate in the project due to scheduling issues, or didn't film because they weren't interested. 

  • Vishnu Rammohan was set to cameo in the film, but said he wasn't interested, so his part was cut down to one scene. Unfortunately, this scene was cut at the last minute because there weren't enough people to film it. 
  • Greg Fernandes was set to make his debut as Franz Fernandes, a new villain, but he never showed up to film. 
  • Russell Parkinson was set to return as Colonel Crunch, but due to scheduling issues he was never able to film. He is the only character from the first film who does not appear at all in this film. 
  • Michael Behrenshauser was set to return as The Paleman in an expanded cameo, but due to scheduling issues he was unable to. 
  • Jacob Doerr was expected to make a cameo as Justin Bartisto, but never participated due to a lack of interest. 
  • Jumpa was expected to appear in more scenes of the film - however, Ryan Bowman didn't show up to film on various days. Ryan blamed Scott for not including him in more of the film and telling him when they were going to film, and Scott said he had every opportunity to participate more and due to his recurring absences, his role was cut down.
    • A scene was planned where Mahatma would be killed, with Jumpa being present; due to Ryan and others not showing up, the scene had to be scrapped and Mahatma was cut from the film. 
    • A second confrontation between Bacchus and Jumpa after the latter seized The Crumbs was to be filmed after school, but Ryan didn't feel like filming. Scott cancelled the shoot. 
    • Jumpa was supposed to be at the battle of Mekron Woods as well as Rasputin's bass-off, with the latter being filmed first. Ryan was not present when the bass-off was filmed. Consequently, Jumpa was written out of the Mekron Woods scene. 
    • The scene with Rasputin in the tennis court was set to be larger and take place somewhere downtown - but filming was rushed because Ryan, Gabe and Chris wanted to walk across the Tressel Bridge. 
    • After Chris and Gabe departed, filming moved to Kerr Park in the afternoon, where the entire cast was to meet up. Chris and Gabe arrived, but Ryan chose to go home early and not stay to film, cutting his role down even further. 
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