"... the beginning of the end, wrought by the Bacchus Bloodline."
- The Creator to John Bacchus
Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption
August 13, 2017

Directed, written and edited by

Scott Pincus


Gabe Sagherian

Austin Brinser

Chris Lombardo

Alex Fanelli

Michael Behrenshauser

Dan Brusilovsky

Zion Figueroa

Ross Lovell

Michael Robinson


Steve Jablonsky

Hans Zimmer

Henry Jackman

Marco Beltrami


Bio-Builder Productions

Release Date

August 13, 2017

Running Time

99 minutes

Preceded by

The Two Man Trio

Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption, also known as Bread's Crumbs 4is the fourth major installment in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe. It is the third sequel to Bread's Crumbs and follows the third installment, Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam, and the last interquel, The Two Man Trio. Though Scrub Slam was set to conclude the series, a fourth film was later confirmed as the finale. Filming began in May 2017 and was nearly complete by June, though several scenes were shot in mid-July. The film follows John Bacchus as he and his reassembled team set off on a final mission to save the world from an ancient threat and an old enemy, The Paleman, all while striving to remake The Crumbs

Gabe SagherianAustin Brinser and Chris Lombardo return to star in the film, while Michael Behrenshauser plays the main antagonist, The Paleman, who cameoed in the second film two years earlier. Dan BrusilovskyAlex FanelliZion Figueroa, and many other actors also return. Michael Robinson and Russell Parkinson return after being absent from the third film, while Alex Lombardo and Rob O'Dwyer make their debuts. After numerous delays, the film was released on August 13, 2017. 


In 1916, Lord Tyresius confronts The Creator of The Crumbs at Torture Wobbler Church. A member of the Bacchus bloodline, Creator is disgusted by humanity's capacity for violence. He wants to destroy it with a doomsday device that can hold The Crumbs' power - yet he needs to harness it with the Forbidden Sword. Tyresius fights Creator, throwing aside the device and trapping his soul inside The Crumbs.

In 2017, a year after The Clan's dissolutionJohn Bacchus reunites the team for a final mission: to remake The Crumbs, as its uncontained powers are fading from existence. Bacchus seeks the Forbidden Sword to harness the power, as well as a means of containing it, as the original artifact's shell is unstable. RasputinFlynt and Kick go to Chernobyl and retrieve a device to contain the power. At the overhangar, The Paleman speaks to a picture of Nazi Mitch, promising to avenge his death. In Portugal, Vin, Banny and Bjorn consult with Kosta Brando about Corporal Crunch's death. When Flynt calls Vin about the device, Bjorn betrays the group, killing Kosta and stunning Vin. Bjorn texts Paleman about the device; Paleman tasks Quinn Diesel, the son of Vin, with retrieving it. Flynt is confronted by Axel Gunner, who he battles and kills. Meanwhile, Bjorn is attacked by Banny, who he stabs to death. Vin attacks Bjorn and kills him with his sword.

At the church, Paleman meets with Creator, whose soul was freed after Nazi Mitch died. He tasks Paleman with getting the device and the Forbidden Sword. In the headquarters, Bacchus examines the device; he has Flynt, Vin, Kick and Rasputin meet with Biscuit Savage, who says the device was built by The Crumbs' creator to destroy humanity. Bacchus then seeks a "new artifact" he built to contain The Crumbs' power, while Paleman confronts and kills Colonel Crunch and Biscuit Savage. Upon learning of Crunch's death, The Clan runs off to face Paleman, fighting him while Quinn steals the device. They give Creator the device and follow Tyresius to Mekron Woods, where The Clan holds a funeral for the Crunch clones. After Creator kills Big Beard, Bacchus confronts him, but is knocked out.

At Kerr Park, Tyresius, Reginald and Sandy search for the sword and fight Creator. Creator kills Sandy and Reginald while Tyresius finds the sword; he teleports it before Creator slices his throat. Flynt, Vin and Rasputin search for the new artifact at the church, where they fight Kaine West, who survived being stabbed, and Paleman. Flynt finds the artifact, but Paleman steals it after killing Rasputin, who had gunned down Kaine West. Outside the church, Vin reconciles with Quinn, who stabs him and escapes. Flynt is devastated as he watches Vin die. Bacchus wakes up and finds the sword sitting by him. He is met with Vin's ghost, who urges him to complete The Clan's mission. Paleman meets with Creator near the church. He is displeased with Paleman's lack of progress, and seeks to fulfill his mission on his own.

Bacchus reunites with Kick and Flynt; tensions are high, but eventually relieved by Kick. The next day, Bacchus and Flynt wage a final battle against Creator. Bacchus uses the sword to harness The Crumbs' power and incinerate Creator. Kick confronts Quinn, guilting him for killing Vin and leaving him to live with that mistake. Bacchus fights Paleman before being fatally stabbed; Flynt intervenes and kills Paleman with Creator's axe. Bacchus takes the sword and disperses The Crumbs' energy into the new artifact, remaking The Crumbs. As Bacchus dies, he urges Flynt to protect the artifact. 

Days later, Kick inspires Flynt to honor Bacchus's will and defend The Crumbs. Flynt declares they'll make the most of the new beginning. As they walk by the headquarters, Flynt and Kick express their confidence for the future. 


The ClanEdit

  • Gabe Sagherian as John Bacchus, one of the founding members of The Clan who went rogue in the third film. Bacchus reunited The Clan after Captain Jumpa disbanded the team in the previous film. He seeks to remake The Crumbs and save its ancient powers. 
  • Austin Brinser as Flynt Coal, a loyal, high-ranking member of The Clan and a close ally to Vin Diesel. 
  • Chris Lombardo as Vin Diesel, one of the founding members of The Clan and a close ally to Flynt. Following the death of Jumpa, Vin has sought to support Bacchus as much as possible. In the film he has a conflict with his son, Quinn Diesel
  • Alex Fanelli as Kick, a citizen of Portugal who joined The Clan prior to the third film. Kick's loyalty to his new allies has grown over the last year, and he now participates in the team's most daring missions. 
  • Dan Brusilovsky as Rasputin, a deceptive Russian who served as a neutral character and antihero in the third film. Rasputin has since become a member of The Clan, though he's still getting used to it. 
  • Zion Figueroa as Lord Tyresius, the ancient guardian of The Crumbs who joined The Clan in the second film. In this film, Tyresius is revealed to have an age-old rivalry with The Creator of The Crumbs. 
  • Ross Lovell as Reginald Wellington, a cunning member of The Clan who joined the group sometime before the second film. He has traded his fancy tuxedo from the previous film for a camo outfit. 
  • Michael Robinson as Sandy Sandler, Bacchus' best friend and a member of The Clan who received a premonition prior to the second film. Sandy returns in a bigger role after having been largely absent from the third installment. 
  • Sean Larkin as Big Beard, a guardian of The Crumbs alongside Tyresius, who joined The Clan in the second film. Big Beard has become more of a gentle giant following the third film, but isn't afraid to stand up for his allies. 
  • Ryan Grier as Banny Passerini, the son of Biscuit Savage and a former U.B.N.V.A. member who debuted in the third film. He was an honorary member of The Clan before officially joining the team upon its reformation. 
  • Russell Parkinson as Colonel Crunch, a loyal member of The Clan who appeared in the first and second films. Now a guard of The Clan's headquarters, Crunch returns after having been absent from the third installment. 


  • Michael Behrenshauser as The Paleman, the film's main antagonist; a founding member of The Clan who betrayed the group and joined the U.B.N.V.A.. He had a cameo in the second film, and now seeks to destroy The Clan and aid the ancient Creator. He also admires the late Nazi Mitch, and wishes to honor his memory. 
  • Dan Brusilovsky as The Creator, the second main antagonist, an ancient and powerful being that created The Crumbs. A member of the Bacchus bloodline, he is an ancestor of John Bacchus, and wishes to end the human race using a device he built. 1tjmac12 cameoed as Creator's voice in the third film, serving as a "voice in Bacchus's head". In this film, Rob O'Dwyer provides the character's voice. 
  • Alex Lombardo as Quinn Diesel, a new character who is the son of Vin Diesel. He feels neglected by his father, and found a better family through the U.B.N.V.A. The Paleman manipulated Quinn into holding immense hatred towards his father, and he now uses him to fulfill tasks for the U.B.N.V.A. 
  • Dakota Markle as Bjorn Alvarez, a bounty hunter who allied with John Bacchus prior to the third film. He became a member of The Clan upon its reformation, but grows tired of it, and betrays them after seeing an opportunity to aid the U.B.N.V.A. 
  • Alex Fanelli as Kaine West, the sinister head scientist in the U.B.N.V.A., who was seemingly killed in The Two Man Trio. He has recuperated since and seeks vengeance against The Clan, allying with Paleman in the process. Douglas Garthwaite reprises the character's voice. 
  • Jacob Lutz as Axel Gunner, the military director of the U.B.N.V.A. and Kaine West's ally. He was introduced in the series' last interquel, The Two Man Trio. Gunner no longer wears his biomechanical armor, as it was critically damaged by John Bacchus. Jacob was almost unable to participate in the project but filmed his scenes at the last second. 

Other CharactersEdit

  • Brandon Archibald as Biscuit Savage, the main villain of the second film and a former U.B.N.V.A. member who has become an honorary member of The Clan. He now lives a quiet life, but still aids The Clan however he can. 
  • Scott Pincus as Kosta Brando, an arms dealer working in Portugal, who appeared in Jumpa X. He is an associate of The Clan, and provides them with information about recent events. 

Ryan BowmanDavid M, Mitchell Patterson, Vishnu Rammohan and Jacob Doerr all appear in posters as Captain Jumpa and Jumpa X, Bread Nelson, Nazi Mitch, Mahatma and Justin Bartisto, respectively; none of them are credited in the film. Mitchell also appears as Nazi Mitch on a card held by The Paleman. Tea-Eee and Dave (Kaine West's alien arm) cameo in Kosta Brando's pawnshop, with Gabe Sagherian providing Dave's vocal effects. Archival audio of Captain Jumpa from Scrub Slam was also briefly reused. 

Captain Jumpa, Bread Nelson and Nazi Mitch are also mentioned by characters at various points in the movie. Glen Tennis's name also appears on a gravestone at The Clan's cemetery, as does Captain Jumpa's. Corporal Crunch is also mentioned at various points early in the movie, including on a gravestone; Eric Gorbaty was initially set to reprise the role, but was unable to participate in the project. 


Original PlansEdit

After the release of Bread's Crumbs in June 2014, discussions began about making three sequels, with each set to be made at the end of each high school year. During the early production of the second film, the idea of a fourth film was ultimately scrapped, as the cast figured they wouldn't have time for a fourth film towards the end of their senior year. As such, a trilogy was planned instead. 

Once the third installment was released, Scott and the rest of the cast felt there were parts of the story left unfinished, such as the anti-climactic fate of The Clan. Discussions passed back and forth for the next couple of months on whether or not Scrub Slam provided a satisfying conclusion to the series. In September 2016, Michael Behrenshauser, who had a cameo in Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo as a villain named The Paleman, expressed interest in having a role in the fourth film should it be made. Michael was set to appear in Bread's Crumbs 3 during the opening fight in the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters, but scheduling conflicts prevented him from participating in the production. 


On December 31, 2016, LordStarscream100 made an announcement stating that a fourth and final Bread's Crumbs film is a large possibility, and mentioned the possibility of Michael Behrenshauser playing its main antagonist. During this time, early planning began on the film in terms of developing its story. Over the next two months, Scott gained confidence in the project and its story. On February 26, Scott confirmed that the film is in the works, and that Ryan Bowman won't reprise his role as Captain Jumpa due to his suspension a week earlier. Ryan was the creator of the Bread's Crumbs Series, and he appeared in six of the eleven installments. On March 14, Gabe SagherianAustin BrinserChris Lombardo and Alex Fanelli were confirmed to reprise their roles, and Michael Behrenshauser will return as The Paleman, this time serving as the main antagonist. Scott also confirmed that Ryan GrierRoss Lovell and Zion Figueroa will return for the film. 

On March 17, Michael Robinson was confirmed to return as Sandy Sandler. On March 21, Dan Brusilovsky was confirmed to return as Rasputin. On March 24, Russell Parkinson was confirmed to be return as Colonel Crunch, though it was expected that scheduling conflicts could prevent him from participating. On March 27, Sean Larkin was confirmed to return as Big Beard. On April 12, Dakota Markle was confirmed to return as Bjorn Alvarez, having been informed of his role the previous day. On April 20, Eric Gorbaty was confirmed to return as Corporal Crunch, but he was ultimately unable to be in the film. On April 28, Alex Lombardo, the brother of Chris Lombardo, was cast in the film. This will be Alex's first acting role in LordStarscream100's films. The same day, Sean Fanelli, the brother of Alex Fanelli, expressed interest in making a cameo - though this never came to fruition. 

On May 3, Jacob Lutz was rumored to return as Axel Gunner, the main villain of The Two Man Trio, and he was officially cast on May 8. On May 4, it was confirmed that filming will begin on May 16. The same day, Scott ordered various props for the film, as well as an extra battery for his camera. On May 8, Scott confirmed that Jacob Doerr would not be returning as Justin Bartisto. On May 9, Brandon Archibald was confirmed to return as Biscuit Savage. On May 10, Mitchell Patterson was rumored to return his role as Nazi Mitch, though this concept was scrapped in favor of focusing on the film's unexplored villains. On May 12, Bailey Gonzaga was cast as an antagonist. Vishnu Rammohan was confirmed to return as Mahatma, and Rob O'Dwyer, a voice actor who will appear in Ninjago: Age of the Golden Master, was cast in an undisclosed voice role. On May 15, Ryan Grier was confirmed to be playing one of the film's new main antagonists; Rob O'Dwyer was confirmed to be voicing the character. 

May FilmingEdit

The film followed a production schedule similar to that of the third film, where filming took place during the Keystone exams and several weeks later during final exams. However, the final exam filming schedule was impacted by graduation rehearsals for the film's cast - an obstacle Brandon Archibald faced while filming the second movie, which proved slightly problematic as he played the film's main villain. Fortunately, since seniors got out of school the week before finals, the cast had several extra days to film the project. 

Filming officially began on May 16, 2017, although it was limited due to the absence of Michael Behrenshauser, and The Creator's helmet had yet to be finished. Gabe Sagherian, Austin Brinser, Chris Lombardo, Alex Fanelli, Dan Brusilovsky, Zion Figueroa, Sean Larkin, Michael Robinson and Ross Lovell all participated in filming. Bailey Gonzaga and Ryan Grier were also present for filming, but due to the scenes being shot, they weren't actually filmed. On this day, filming took place in the Sonoco Paper Mill, which served as a stand-in location for Chernobyl. This marked the second and final time Scott shot a film inside the mill before its demolition later that year. 

Filming continued on May 17, but due to the helmet, fewer scenes were filmed. Gabe Sagherian, Austin Brinser, Chris Lombardo, Alex Fanelli, Dan Brusilovsky, Sean Larkin, Ross Lovell and Michael Behrenshauser all participated in filming. Filming also took place on May 18, with Gabe Sagherian, Austin Brinser, Chris Lombardo, Alex Fanelli, Dan Brusilovsky, Sean Larkin, Zion Figueroa, Ross Lovell, Michael Behrenshauser and Ryan Grier all present for the shoot. This concluded the Keystone exams filming schedule. On May 19, it was confirmed that Vishnu Rammohan would ultimately not reprise his role as Mahatma in the film, citing a lack of interest which contributed to his decision. Scott had met with Vishnu and discussed the project, which Vishnu declined to appear in. 

June FilmingEdit

Filming was set to take place over Memorial Day weekend, but due to scheduling conflicts the cast was unable to get together. Filming continued on May 30, with Austin Brinser, Chris Lombardo, Alex Fanelli, Dan Brusilovsky, Michael Behrenshauser, Brandon Archibald, Russell Parkinson and Ross Lovell participating. Filming then took place on May 31, but was initially delayed after very few cast members were present. Ultimately, Michael Behrenshauser, Dan Brusilovsky, Alex Lombardo and Zion Figueroa all participated, with this being Alex's first day of filming. Scott stated that despite the small cast, they accomplished a great deal of scenes.

Filming continued on June 1, but even fewer cast members were part of the shoot - Dan Brusilovsky, Zion Figueroa, Michael Robinson and Ross Lovell were all present. Filming continued on June 2, with Austin Brinser, Chris Lombardo, Michael Behrenshauser, Alex Fanelli, Dan Brusilovsky and Alex Lombardo present. Filming concluded nearly two hours early due to Scott and several other cast members having to prepare for senior prom. On June 4, Scott confirmed that Bailey Gonzaga had been dropped from the film's cast. Though Bailey was interested in the project, scheduling conflicts prevented him from participating. Unexpectedly, Gabe Sagherian was absent for the entire week (four days) of filming. Despite Gabe playing the main protagonist, Scott says that Gabe's absence wasn't too problematic for the film's production, citing that it actually helped strengthen the film's story. 

Filming continued on June 5, with Gabe Sagherian, Austin Brinser, Chris Lombardo, Alex Fanelli, Dan Brusilovsky and Michael Behrenshauser all present for filming. That day, a record was set for the most videos filmed in one day for a LordStarscream100 project, with 572 videos being shot. The record was previously held for the first day of filming Bread's Crumbs 2, during which 456 videos were shot. The same day, it was confirmed that Dan Brusilovsky had taken over the role of an unrevealed major antagonist in the film, who was originally portrayed by Ryan Grier. Dan served as Ryan's body double in his absence - but when Ryan failed to show up for many of the filming days, Dan became the character's official actor.   Filming did not take place on June 6, due to scheduling issues and a lack of actors. Filming continued on June 7, with Gabe Sagherian, Austin Brinser, Chris Lombardo, Alex Fanelli, Dan Brusilovsky, Sean Larkin and Alex Lombardo all present for filming. Filming also took place on June 8, the last day of school. 

On June 14, Scott confirmed that Dakota Markle, Jacob Lutz, Ryan Grier and Eric Gorbaty have yet to film their scenes. The film moved from its unspecified June release date to July 2017, with LordStarscream100 citing they need to film several scenes, while editing is still underway. On July 4, it was confirmed that Zion Figueroa would edit the film's special effects, having done the same with Bread's Crumbs 3 and Creepy Guy 4

July Filming/End of ProductionEdit

For a month, much of the cast was unavailable to finish filming. Filming continued on July 8, with Gabe Sagherian and Alex Fanelli present for filming, and on July 12, with Michael Behrenshauser and Dan Brusilovsky present for filming. Filming took place on July 19, with Ryan Grier, Dakota Markle and Chris Lombardo present for filming. On July 20, Scott confirmed that Eric Gorbaty and Jacob Lutz will not reprise their roles as Corporal Crunch and Axel Gunner, respectively, due to them not being available on numerous occasions. Filming continued that afternoon, with Dan Brusilovsky and Zion Figueroa present for filming.

Filming also took place on July 21, with Michael Behrenshauser and Alex Fanelli participating in filming. Filming continued that evening, with Jacob Lutz rejoining the cast and filming his scenes. The last day of filming took place on July 22, concluding principal photography. The film was bumped up from its July release date to August, due to Zion Figueroa not being finished with the special effects. 

On July 31, the official trailer dropped, revealing the film's subtitle to be Mass Consumption, a subtitle that was originally going to be used for the third film but was dropped in favor of Scrub Slam. Zion got in contact with Scott on August 2, stating that several of his bags were misplaced on his flight - including a bag containing his laptop, which he was using to edit the special effects. On August 6, Scott confirmed that he would be reprising his role as Kosta Brando, an arms dealer who appeared in Jumpa X. Due to Zion not editing the effects within a reasonable timeframe, on August 7, Scott chose to edit the special effects himself. He completed the effects the same day - his first time doing major effects for a project. On August 8, the film's release date was set for August 12. On August 11, the film's running time was confirmed to be 99 minutes, making it the longest installment in the series. On August 12, the film's release date was postponed to the following day, as Scott confirmed that the film needed longer to upload to YouTube. The film was officially released on August 13. 


  • The music that plays when Paleman first arrives at Torture Wobbler Church is also played when Flynt first arrives there in Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam.
  • The film was released on August 13, which is Michael Behrenshauser's birthday. Michael plays The Paleman, one of the film's main antagonists.
  • Prior to Ryan Bowman's expulsion, in January 2017, there were plans for a "major plot twist" - unlike any the series has seen. After Ryan's expulsion, Scott decided against this for numerous reasons. He has not revealed what the twist was going to be. 
  • Scheduling conflicts constantly arose for the film. On May 31, the crew faced an issue when Alex and Austin didn't show up to film; the two had gone to a college event and didn't let Scott know. In addition, they had left several props in Alex's car, including Creator's outfit. Dan drove Scott and Chris to Alex's house, where they retrieved the props from his car and filmed that afternoon. Scott claimed that the day started off with bad weather, and all the odds seemed stacked against them, but they ultimately filmed several great scenes. 
  • Jacob Lutz built The Creator's helmet using various different materials. Scott developed concept art for the helmet, while Jacob heavily modified the design into its final appearance. 
  • Originally, The Creator's helmet was painted silver, but Jacob Lutz later painted it black, while several silver scratches remain throughout the helmet to give it a "worn out look". Scott enjoyed this look, and agreed the helmet should be black to have it fit with the costume. 
  • The only characters introduced in the series that don't appear in this film, whether it be physically, via pictures or by being mentioned, are Dennis Palmer, the J-1000, and Paxton.
    • Paxton was set to cameo in Kosta Brando's pawnshop, but his role was cut. Dennis Palmer and J-1000 were set to appear on Flynt's posters, but Scott decided against this. 
  • Like the other main films in the series, the film's thumbnail features its main antagonists, The Paleman and The Creator. In fact, this is the first thumbnail to feature two antagonists. Unlike the previous three thumbnails, the characters were not taken from a still in the movie. A separate picture was taken of Dan Brusilovsky and Michael Behrenshauser, in order to have the two positioned together in a more natural way.
  • The Creator's axe was given to Scott by cast member Russell Parkinson earlier in the year. Russell intended to throw out the axe unless Scott wanted to use it in a film. Over the years, Russell has given Scott numerous props to use in his films. 
  • Jumpa X would have returned for the film, but following Ryan Bowman's expulsion, he was cut from the story. Jumpa X was instead killed off-screen in The Two Man Trio. In this film, a poster confirms that Jumpa, Flynt and Big Beard hunted down Jumpa X, with Jumpa ripping off the cyborg's head. 
  • This is the series' first main installment without Jumpa or Nelson, who have led the protagonists' and antagonists' organizations, The Clan and the U.B.N.V.A., respectively. 
  • Zion Figueroa was initially set to edit the film's special effects as he did with Scrub Slam. After taking a flight to California, several of Zion's luggage bags were misplaced, including one with his laptop. He was without the bags for around two weeks, forcing Scott to edit the effects himself. In October 2017, Scott learned that Zion never recovered his luggage and his laptop was lost. 
  • Due to complications in the filming schedule, Alex Lombardo was only available to film at certain times. Though most of the cast members were seniors, Alex was a freshman, and thus didn't get out of school earlier.
  • To film the scene of Quinn and Paleman meeting with The Creator at the church, Alex Lombardo skipped several classes. Scott has confirmed this was Alex's decision, and while he gladly welcomed him to continue filming he didn't urge him to. Had Alex not been available, only Paleman and Creator would've been in the scene. 
  • Everyone in the film's cast was a senior in high school except for Brandon Archibald, who was a sophomore in college at the time, and Alex Lombardo, who was a freshman. 
  • Axel Gunner doesn't have his biomechanical armor that he wore in The Two Man Trio, since Bacchus critically damaged it with Gunner's sword. In actuality, Jacob was not able to bring the armor to filming, stating it was damaged when he tried modifying it. Canonically, the armor was fried and rendered unusable.
  • Though it was initially planned to be shorter than the previous installments, the film is the longest installment in the series. At 74 minutes, Scrub Slam was the series' longest film, while Mass Consumption runs at 99 minutes - 25 minutes longer than its predecessor. 
  • Unlike the series' previous main villains, The Paleman has a tremendous presence in the film, as Michael Behrenshauser was present for most of the filming days (8 of the 15 days). Brandon Archibald participated in 1 of the 4 days of filming for the second film, while Mitchell Patterson participated in 2 of the 9 days of filming for the third film. 
  • This film marks the second time where a Bread's Crumbs villain who was once a supporting character becomes the main antagonist. In the third film, Nazi Mitch served as the villain, while in this film The Paleman serves as the main villain. 
  • None of the scenes in the film were scripted; a scene list was completed before production began, while all of the dialogue was improvised. The second and third films each had at least one scripted scene.
  • This is the first major Bread's Crumbs film released in August. The previous three films were released in June. An extension in the filming schedule and the lack of Zion's special effects delayed the film's release. 
  • Unlike the previous main installments, filming was not completed by the end of the school year, as several scenes had yet to be filmed. This was mainly because cast members such as Ryan Grier, Dakota Markle and Jacob Lutz were unavailable to film their scenes.
  • Russell Parkinson returns as Colonel Crunch, having previously appeared in the second film two years earlier. Crunch also appeared in The Conundrum Dimension via archival footage. This film also marked Russell's first time filming with Scott since February 2016. Scott hoped to make at least one more project with Russell before heading off to college, and he strived to get him in this film. 
  • Alex Lombardo, the brother of Chris Lombardo, makes his acting debut as Quinn Diesel - the son of Chris' character, Vin Diesel. This marks the second time in the series where an actor plays another character's son, as Ryan Grier played Banny Passerini, the son of Biscuit Savage. It marks the first time where the actors are related in real life. 
  • Having been absent from the third installment, Michael RobinsonRussell Parkinson and Michael Behrenshauser reprise their roles as Sandy SandlerColonel Crunch and The Paleman. All three characters were expected to have bigger roles in the third film, but this never came to fruition. Crunch previously appeared in the second film, as did Paleman in a brief cameo, while Sandy cameoed in the third film.

Spoiler TriviaEdit

  • The identity of the new antagonist, as well as Kaine West's return, Tea-Eee's cameo, and Bjorn and Quinn's roles as antagonists, were all kept as surprises until the film's release. The Paleman was, in actuality, the only villain confirmed for the film until its release. 
  • Like the third installment, the film opens with an extended scene before the main title. In the third film, The Clan raided the U.B.N.V.A. Headquarters, while in this film, there's a flashback to Lord Tyresius confronting The Creator.
  • This is also the second Bread's Crumbs film to open with a scene featuring Lord Tyresius. In the first shot of the third film, Tyresius is seen walking through the U.B.N.V.A. Headquarters. In the second shot of this film, Tyresius is seen walking towards Torture Wobbler Church.
  • The rotund design of The Creator's device slightly resembles Fat Man, the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki in 1945. LordStarscream100 says this wasn't intentional, but it created a unique historical connection. 
  • Originally, the opening scene was planned to end with Tyresius going to Mekron Woods and leaving The Crumbs nestled between several tree branches - tying into the events of the second film.
  • Corporal Crunch would have appeared via a picture in the film, but when the "posters scene" with Flynt was filmed, Corporal's fate was uncertain as Scott wasn't sure if Eric Gorbaty would reprise the role. 
  • The picture of Michael Behrenshauser on the poster that Flynt looks at was taken several months earlier, when Michael had a bowl haircut. 
  • The U.B.N.V.A. computer room briefly appears at the start of Bacchus's first scene. It is shown to be completely redesigned, which was done the previous summer. Scott wished to film The Clan's conversation scenes in there, but the teacher informed him that he had to close the room. Instead, the cast filmed the scene in the electronics room directly above them, which they were granted access to by Mr. Hassel - their graduation project mentor. 
  • The Chernobyl scene earlier in the film was shot inside the Downingtown Paper Mill in May 2017. Only half a year later, demolition on the paper mill began. The site was previously used for filming The Legend of the Creepy Guy in the Woods in December 2016. 
  • The picture of Nazi Mitch on Paleman's card was taken at a high school event called "Mr. West", where Mitchell served as an announcer. Scott found the picture while editing the school's yearbook. The poster's background of a Nazi flag on fire was taken from a Transformers: The Last Knight poster. 
  • Kosta Brando returns in this film, having last appeared in Jumpa X - though this may raise confusion as he was killed in that film. Jumpa X takes place in 2019, while Bread's Crumbs 4 takes two years prior in 2017 - meaning that Kosta is still alive up to this point. However, instead of being killed by Jumpa X, he's shot and killed by Bjorn Alvarez
  • During the scene where Bjorn explains his betrayal to Banny, he says he "joined The Clan just so he could piss off Nazi Mitch". This hearkens back to The Conundrum Dimension, when he allies with Bacchus with the hope of "pissing off Nazi Mitch".
  • It was originally planned for Creator and Paleman to meet downtown during the film's main events, though it was later changed so that the two met between the third and fourth films. Scott mainly did this to improve the film's pacing.
  • Biscuit Savage yelling "BOOM!" when talking about the device is a reference to the second film, when he said the same line to Nazi Mitch. Also, similar to how Bacchus quoted Bread Nelson in the third film by saying "that would be correct", The Creator says the same phrase to The Paleman. 
  • During Paleman's confrontation with Biscuit Savage, he asks if Savage can join him on his operation, to which Savage says he already has plans. The same lines are spoken by the characters during Paleman's cameo in the second film, but in that scene the roles are swapped. This was done to create a parallel between both characters and show how their roles had switched - once a formidable brute, Biscuit Savage is now peaceful, while Paleman has gone from being a recluse to a cunning murderer. 
  • The cast opted to have Big Beard say one line in the entire film. When Bacchus explains the purpose of the new artifact, Big Beard says, "whoa" - a phrase that actor Sean Larkin would say often. 
  • Scott dug the graves for The Clan's cemetery the day before filming the scenes. He was accompanied by Austin Brinser.  
  • Big Beard's death scene ends with Tyresius staring down at his body. Tyresius and Big Beard were guardians of The Crumbs, a duty Big Beard wasn't well-known for. Because Scott never fully established this concept (it's briefly mentioned in the second film), Scott added the shot of Tyresius mourning his old friend and ally. 
  • Many of the film's actors were absent from filming the Kerr Park battle (Gabe, Austin, Alex, Chris, Michael B), which forced the story to be changed further. Originally, The Clan would battle Paleman and Creator at Kerr Park, where they would seize the Forbidden Sword, but Tyresius, Reginald and Sandy would die. The surviving members would then go to the church to claim the new artifact. The absence of half the cast from this scene resulted in several scenes being added/changed, such as Flynt, Vin and Kick discussing The Clan's next move, and Bacchus getting knocked unconscious for the duration of the park and church scenes. 
  • All the protagonists who debuted in the second film - Tyresius, Big Beard, Reginald and Sandy - are the characters killed by The Creator. Mahatma is the only one who isn't killed by him, but he doesn't appear in the film. Scott says this connection was entirely unintentional. 
  • Kaine West almost didn't appear in the film. Paleman and Creator were both set to be present during the church fight scene. However, only Austin, Chris, Alex, Dan and Michael B were present. Dan was to play Rasputin, who dies in the scene, and thus couldn't play The Creator. Scott decided to bring back Kaine West, so he, Alex and Dan drove to his house and got the costume. Had West not appeared, Alex would have played Kick in the scene. 
  • Kaine West has Bjorn Alvarez's sword strapped to his chest. Though it's never stated in the film, Scott confirmed behind the scenes that West went to Portugal to mourn Gunner's death, and took Bjorn's sword as well. 
  • Glen Tennis was set to appear in Bacchus's "ghost vision", but Vin was added instead. 
  • Continuing the tradition of a character saying "That would be correct", The Creator says this line to The Paleman after Paleman realizes Creator doesn't want his help anymore. The line was also spoken in the first and third films. 
  • Several deaths in the film had to be changed due to actors not being present.
    • Bacchus was set to be in the Portugal scene, in which he would fight and kill Axel Gunner. Due to Gabe being unable to film, Flynt kills him instead. There were also plans for Bacchus to intervene after Bjorn killed Banny, but Gabe wasn't able to film that day. 
    • The Creator was set to be at the Torture Wobbler Church battle, where he would fight and kill Rasputin. Due to a shortage in actors to play Creator, Paleman killed him instead. 
    • Sandy was set to be killed by Paleman at Kerr Park, and be mourned by Bacchus. However, Michael Behrenshauser was unable to film that day, so Creator killed Sandy instead. 
  • The music that plays when Flynt kills The Paleman, "I Rise, You Fall", is a dark reprise of "Wheelbot on the Bridge", the music that plays at the opening of all four Bread's Crumbs films. 
  • The only surviving characters at the end of the film are Flynt Coal, Kick and Quinn Diesel. Tea-Eee and Dave the "alien arm" both cameo in the film and survive as well. 


Many of the cast members have new hairstyles in the film. 

  • Michael Behrenshauser had shaggy hair in the second film; he took on a new hair style shortly before filming started in May, and now has short hair. 
  • Gabe Sagherian has facial hair, unlike in the first three films. 
  • Austin Brinser had long hair in the third film; he regains his short hair from the first two films. 
  • Chris Lombardo had short hair in the first three films; he now has longer, curly hair. 
  • Rasputin had short hair in the third film; his hair is short for several scenes, but for most of the film he has a giant afro. 
  • Zion Figueroa had short hair in the second and third films; he now has longer hair. 
  • Russell Parkinson had long hair in the first film and short hair in the second film; his hair is now short, combed and gelled. 
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