See CL BS 79 for the original Bull Shark, featured in Jurassic Shark II and Jurassic Shark III.

The Bull Sharks are a model of shark designed by Simon. They are based on the original, still operation model CL BS 79, unlike most of the other sharks, which have original designs. Like CL BS 79, they are somewhat similar to real world bull sharks, but have many different features.

Appearance & FunctionEdit

The Bull Sharks are built nearly identically to the original, CL BS 79, although they do have some small differences (such as the designation tag on the back). All Bull Sharks are named following the "CL BS #" code.

Bull Sharks, while similar in scale (although slightly larger) to Lemon and Tiger sharks, are a "heavy" unit. They have much thicker overall armor, while still being quite maneuverable. They were likely designed as front-line units, being backed up by Lemon and Tiger sharks and relying on Makos or Hammerheads if true heavy force is needed. The Bull Sharks are some of the most advanced sharks, being a tried and true design, but are expensive to produce. Because of this, a limited number were produced and a larger force of sharks of other models (and functions) were created to support the rest.