You may be looking for Calvin, the rogue employee from the Jurassic Shark series.
Calvin in The Trial of Munich

Portrayed By

Trevor Boyce


The Trial of Munich: The Machine of Munich II


Sketch Penzil's Drug Cartel


Deceased - Burned to Death by Director Lurch

Location (at time of death)

English Garden Pavilion

Calvin was a minor antagonist in The Trial of Munich: The Machine of Munich II. He is portrayed by Trevor Boyce. Calvin was a member of Sketch Penzil's notorious drug cartel, and was knowledgable about Director Lurch's money laundering schemes.

After Lurch's relationship with Sketch deteriorated, he captured Calvin and demanded to know where Sketch is hiding, as he seeks vengeance against him for their failed partnership. Calvin refuses to disclose his location, and Lurch burns him to death in a fireplace. Lurch meets a similar fate following his trial, as Sketch burns him alive in the same fireplace.