Status Alive
Appearances Ninjago (Part I and II)
National Origin America
Nicknames {{{Nicknames}}}

CarpenterStudios met LordStarscream100 in late 2012 as LordStarscream100 was finishing up Jurassic Shark on Jurassic Park Fanon wiki which was where LordStarscream100 would originally post his information about his Jurassic Shark projects. CarpenterStudios saw the success of Jurassic Shark and was inspired by this. Unprofessionally CarpenterStudios made a fake poster of a film never to be released "Trex vs Jaws" which had a fake release date. Being at the age of twelve that year CarpenterStudios getting very little hype and was even messaged by LordStarscream100 saying that it was awfully similar to the Jurassic Shark film and CarpenterStudios realized that he would have to actually make the film. Dropping out of his own project immediately and deleting the page he decided that he would come up with something original. CarpenterStudios started writing a project called "Isla Sorna The Island of Terror" not knowing about the film that coincidentally LordStarscream started working on which would be turned into Jurassic Shark being Island of Doom: Jurassic Park. This project went under changes for over a year such as the constant back and forth of the name changing Sorna to Nublar. The project idea went from claymation to live action but, was eventually dropped. CarpenterStudios in early 2013 talked to LordStarscream100 about doing a remake of Jurassic Shark but, both of the users realized that it would be way to fast to do a remake the year after the first had come out. CarpenterStudios thought that it wouldn't be a bad idea to do a spin off instead. After agreeing and discussing CarpenterStudios would go on to the next week starting production. A small portion of the film was written and CarpenterStudios had began building the shark. CarpenterStudios had difficulty making the shark and had gotten furious and destroyed it and deleted the script. The next week CarpenterStudios decided that he wasn't meant to start a Youtube career and decided to give up. CarpenterStudios gave the news to LordStarscream100 which would leave the project open in case that CarpenterStudios would want to come back to it. It never was picked up by CarpenterStudios and was not heard from again in till mid 2014. CarpenterStudios was interested in playing two characters for the Ninjago film being Kai and Zane. CarpenterStudios noticed that two characters was too much pressure and went with deciding on only one. CarpenterStudios went with the choice of Kai and regrets not picking Zane till this day. CarpenterStudios was very disappointed with how he sounded with Kai and felt like he was ruining LordStarscream100's film. It also did not help that CarpenterStudios was caught up in personal and family issues that he had forgotten about the film. Apologizing to LordStarscream100 CarpenterStudios decided to drop out so the film could be finished much faster and for an earlier release date. CarpenterStudios decided to audition for the role of Pythor for Ninjago Rise of the Great Devourer but, dropped out not having time to do it. Carpenter contributes still by making posters for some of LordStarscream100's films. CarpenterStudios has yet been able to debut for one of LordStarscream100's films.

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