Cooper Culman was a character in Jurassic Shark. He is portrayed by Jon Meunier. Cooper was a participant in the original hunt and hunted for the shark with his friend, Jeff Stanton. Cooper was set to appear in Island of Doom: Jurassic Park, a film that was cancelled and later replaced by Jurassic Shark. The character was transitioned from one film to another.


Jurassic SharkEdit

Cooper first appears when he heads to Dan Bruines' house, where he meets Drake Matthews. When Dan goes inside to eat dinner, he briefly fights Drake, but soon stops, confirming his participation in the hunt before leaving. The following day, he returned to ask Dan if they were beginning the hunt, but Dan said that they weren't due to the bad weather, and Cooper angrily left.

Several days after the hunt began, Cooper and his partner Jeff Stanton went hunting while the other hunters took a break. For the first two days, they encountered the shark and managed to escape alive. On the third day, the shark killed Jeff Stanton, despite Cooper's efforts to stop it. Cooper then stayed in the woods, shooting wooden boards for targets. At one point, Cooper heard Drake calling for him. As Cooper looked for Drake, the shark snuck up behind him, chased him a short distance, and mauled Cooper when he was cornered against a tree. 

Jurassic Shark III: The RevolutionEdit

When Gabe Reynolds goes off in search of the Bombshark, he finds a propaganda poster deep in the woods with the faces of the Shark Hunters and their associates, including Cooper, who is labeled as "deceased".

In the film's original script, Cooper's older brother was set to be a supporting character, and would set off to avenge Cooper's death.


  • In the original script of Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution, Cooper's older brother, Jack Culman, joins forces with Gabe Reynolds and Zion Jones to find the Bombshark and avenge Cooper's death. His character was ultimately written out before filming began. 
  • Cooper's death in Island of Doom purposely resembled that of Cooper's death in Jurassic Park III. His death in Jurassic Shark was loosely based upon it.
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