"This bicycle helmet is to protect my head from any "intruders", let's say."
- Dennis to Vin Diesel, Jumpa X
Dennis Palmer
Palmer in Jumpa X (2015)

Portrayed By

Gabe Sagherian



Tea-Eee (formerly)



Jumpa X


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Dennis Palmer is a character in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe. He is portrayed by Gabe Sagherian. An ordinary citizen, Palmer was once possessed by a parasitic alien known as Tea-Eee, which forced him to attack Captain Jumpa and Colonel Crunch during their vacation. Crunch would later free Palmer from Tea-Eee's possession, and Palmer would ultimately step on the alien, seemingly killing it. However, this would later prove untrue

Around a year later, Captain Jumpa sent Vin Diesel and Lord Tyresius into the future to find Dennis Palmer and destroy Jumpa X, a robotic clone of Captain Jumpa. In the dystopian future, Palmer reluctantly allied with Vin, and helped him and Tyresius battle Jumpa X. After Tyresius shut down the robot using The Crumbs's powers, Palmer ran off into the distance.  


Sometime after the events of Bread's Crumbs, Dennis Palmer was possessed by Tea-Eee, a parasitic alien resembling a wig. He wore a biomechanical suit and wielded tennis rackets. 


Under Tea-Eee's possession, Palmer ran down a street screeching insanely, before running onto the front lawn of Colonel Crunch's vacation house and collapsing. Crunch approached Palmer, who was seemingly passed out, but Palmer suddenly sprung to life and began wailing. This alerted Captain Jumpa, who'd been sleeping in a hammock, and he ran over to intervene. Jumpa and Crunch confronted Palmer, whose mannerisms were very uncanny. In an effort to deceive Palmer, Crunch pretended to turn on Jumpa and had him drop all his weapons. Palmer then began whacking his tennis rackets together - a fit which allowed Crunch and Jumpa to run off. 

Palmer pursued Crunch and followed him up a pine tree, until Crunch kicked him in the head. Palmer fell to the ground, and Crunch blew a leafblower directly into his face. Jumpa asked Palmer for his name, and he identified himself as Tea-Eee. Jumpa threatened to apprehend him, to which Palmer grabbed Jumpa's M4A1 and knocked over Crunch, all before running off. Jumpa took out two pistols, while Colonel Crunch took out a Ripstik, and together they pursued Palmer down the street. Palmer ran until he made it to a dead-end cul-de-sac, where Jumpa and Crunch confronted him. Palmer lunged at the two, but Jumpa gunned him down with his pistols. Protected by his biomechanical suit, Palmer survived, and rose to his feet. Once more, Crunch blew the leafblower at Palmer - this time knocking Tea-Eee off his head. 

Free of Tea-Eee's possession, yet nevertheless confused, Palmer claimed that he was never wearing a wig, which confused Jumpa and Crunch before they saw Tea-Eee scurrying up the street. Jumpa and Crunch went in pursuit, shooting at Tea-Eee before it stopped scurrying. However, the alien played dead, and sprang up at Jumpa and Crunch. As the two cowered in fear, Palmer stepped on the alien, remarking that he prefers natural hair. Palmer then ran up the street with Jumpa and Crunch. 

Jumpa XEdit

In the year 2019, five years after the events of Tea-Eee, Dennis Palmer has resorted to wearing a bicycle helmet to protect himself from aliens like Tea-Eee. While sitting on a curb, Palmer is approached by Vin Diesel, who Captain Jumpa sent to the future to protect Palmer. Palmer is annoyed by Vin's presence, but soon learns of his mission, which involves destroying Jumpa X, a robotic clone of Captain Jumpa. Palmer opts to ally with Vin, and they set off. 

Palmer and Vin head to John Bacchus' house, as The Clan is taking desperate measures to find out his location. Palmer is about to reveal that Bacchus met a grim fate, but at that moment Jumpa X approaches them. Jumpa X threatens Vin and Palmer with an MP7, but the two are saved by Lord Tyresius, who shoots at Jumpa X. Palmer and Vin run off with Tyresius to formulate a plan: they agree to confront Jumpa X in a nearby neighborhood. Trying to humor himself in the hazardous situation, Palmer asks Tyresius if he can call the "guy in the cat shirt" if he ever needs help. 

Dennis Palmer goes to a nearby neighborhood with Vin and Tyresius, where they stage a final assault against Jumpa X. As they hide behind a group of trees, Jumpa X walks over and begins shooting his weapons. A bullet from the robot's KRISS Vector ricochets off Palmer's helmet, almost killing him. During the gunfight, Vin pretends to have been shot by Jumpa X, who punches Tyresius and prepares to kill Palmer. Before he can do so, Vin challenges Jumpa X, and the two start fighting. Jumpa X manages to overwhelm Vin, and once more the robot heads for Palmer. Jumpa X asks Palmer where Tea-Eee is, to which Palmer shoots him in the head - which does nothing. Tyresius attacks Jumpa X, placing his hand on his forehead and overloading him with a dose of The Crumbs's power - shutting down Jumpa X. After Jumpa X is seemingly shut down, Dennis Palmer abruptly bids farewell to Vin and Tyresius, and runs off into the distance.

Though many smaller characters died by the events of Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption, such as Justin Bartisto and Kosta Brando, Dennis was never said to have been killed prior to the film's events. His current whereabouts are unknown.

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