Drake Matthews is a character in Jurassic Shark, and is a highly intelligent shark expert who Dan Bruines asks to join the team hunting the shark with Chase Landon. He is potrayed by Will M.

Jurassic SharkEdit

Drake Matthews is the first person that is brought into the hunt by Dan Bruines, and he identifies the shark as a Great White. When the hunt begins, Drake allies with Dan and Chase as they enter the walking trail to hunt the shark, and almost immediately, they find it. Although Chase battles the shark as Dan goes to find help, the shark escapes and pursues Dan and Drake down the walking trail, and they escape as well. Drake, Chase, Dan, Anna and Alexa continue on the hunt the next day, this time in the woods directly next to Dan's neighborhood. Chase and Drake manage to briefly pursue the shark, yet it escapes again.

Drake joins back in the hunt several days later. Despite him and everyone else spotting it several times, he never causes any damage to it, although he does witness the death of Anna and Cooper. Five days after returning to the hunt, Drake, Chase, Alexa and Billy set out to find the shark, and when Billy's arm is shredded up by the shark, Drake comes to his aid. However, Drake is easily knocked aside by the shark's tail into a thorn bush. This ends his participation in the hunt, as he heads home alongside Billy and Alexa. 

In the meantime, while Chase kills the shark, Drake waited in the cul-de-sac for him to return, and was unsure of his survival until he finally appeared. Drake then gave Chase his shark books, saying that he was finished with his obsession of sharks. Chase accepted the books, and the two began to walk up the sidewalk, with Chase promising Drake that he would teach him how to play basketball now that his knowledge of sharks was ending.

Drake Matthews survived the hunt, and would later vow never to encounter, hunt or battle any "robot shark" again. Despite having been confirmed to have survived the first film, he did not return for the film's sequel.


  • Drake Matthews is the only notable character in the series to have survived a film and not return for the sequel. Alexa Murray would be another character, but she briefly cameos in the second film. 
  • It was initially planned for Drake Matthews to return for Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution, although LordStarscream100 finally confirmed that the character's story concluded at the end of the first film due to Will M's lack of interest in being in the film. 
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