"It's a new beginning, Kick - let's make the most of it."
- Flynt to Kick, Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption
Flynt Coal
Flynt in Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam (2016)

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Austin Brinser


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Flynt Coal is a character in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe, serving as a protagonist and a member of The Clan. He is portrayed by Austin Brinser. The best friend of Vin, Flynt fought many battles against Bread Nelson and the U.B.N.V.A. to protect The Crumbs. In the quest to claim the artifact, Flynt helped fight and defeat Biscuit Savage. After Bacchus set off on his own to find The Crumbs, Flynt joined Captain Jumpa and Justin Bartisto to battle a merciless cyborg.

Flynt and The Clan later raided the U.B.N.V.A. base in search of Bacchus; after the raid failed, Bacchus returned and pushed Flynt and several others to abandon The Clan. After being possessed by Tea-Eee, Flynt reunited with The Clan and destroyed Nazi Mitch. Flynt obeyed Jumpa when he disbanded The Clan, but he and Vin would form a small team called the "Two Man Trio". While in Portugal they were captured by Axel Gunner and Kaine West, but were saved by Bacchus, who reunited The Clan shortly after.

Flynt supported Bacchus' goal to remake The Crumbs, and faced a rogue ally, The Paleman, and The Crumbs' Creator. In the conflict at Torture Wobbler Church, Flynt watched Rasputin and Vin die, and fell into despair. After Kick motivated him and Bacchus to finish the mission, Flynt helped fight and destroy Creator, and he later killed Paleman after he mortally wounded Bacchus. After Bacchus remade The Crumbs and died, Flynt felt hopeless, but he and Kick found a new purpose in honoring Bacchus's will and guarding The Crumbs.


At some point, Flynt became a member of The Clan. Over time, he would become close friends with Vin. Like the other members of The Clan, he dedicated his life to safeguarding ancient artifacts, most notably The Crumbs. 

Bread's CrumbsEdit

In the first film, Flynt was summoned by Glen Tennis when Bread Nelson attempted to steal The Crumbs. A battle would soon break out against Nelson, who used a duplicate version of the artifact, "Fake Crumbs", to poison The Clan. Flynt was weakened by the object, which Captain Jumpa discarded, saving the team. 

Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric BoogalooEdit

Flynt was sent off by Jumpa on a mission to infiltrate the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters. While on the mission, Flynt was brutally attacked by the villainous Biscuit Savage, and barely escaped the encounter. 

A year later, Flynt met with Glen Tennis, Vin, and many other members of The Clan to discuss what happened to The Crumbs. Glen realized that a fake version of the artifact was placed in the Tomb of the Bacchus, and it would poison anyone that tried taking it. Glen states that the real artifact is hidden in Mekron Woods. Shortly after, Biscuit Savage arrives and attacks The Clan, with Flynt fighting against the brute. Savage eventually retreats, and The Clan goes to Mekron Woods.

In the meantime, Jumpa experiences a vision of future events where much of The Clan goes rogue because of Bacchus. Flynt allies with Bacchus and fights against Vin, who he kills by snapping his neck. 

In Mekron Woods, Flynt finds the artifact, but is attacked by Nazi Mitch. Mitch steals The Crumbs and escapes, and soon after he tricks Biscuit Savage into accepting another fake version of the artifact. Flynt, Bacchus, Vin and Mahatma join forces with Lord Tyresius and Big Beard. Together, they stage a final assault against Biscuit Savage, who believes he has The Crumbs. Savage manages to defeat The Clan and consumes the fake artifact to obtain its power, but it destroys his body, sending him to the Conundrum Dimension.

Flynt departs with The Clan after the battle, and watches as Bacchus sets off to find the artifact on his own. He then witnesses Jumpa return to The Clan, confused over what has transpired. 


Flynt sets off with Jumpa to meet with Justin Bartisto, hoping to find out about the whereabouts of Bacchus. During their mission, they're faced with the android J-1000, a clone of Bartisto who attacks Flynt and his allies. Flynt helps them fight back against their adversary, and they eventually destroy J-1000. Bartisto tells Flynt and Jumpa that their sworn enemy, the U.B.N.V.A., is their best chance at finding Bacchus. Little do they know that by this point, Bacchus has gone mad in his quest to find The Crumbs and claim its power. 

Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub SlamEdit

Jumpa launches an assault on the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters, determined to know where they can find Bacchus and The Crumbs. With help from Vin and their new ally Kick, Flynt fights Bjorn Alvarez, who activates the headquarters' alarm and forces the group to flee. During their escape, Flynt goes out a separate exit and encounters Bacchus, who has unexpectedly returned. Bacchus yearns for Flynt to join him in his quest to find The Crumbs and unleash its power. Bacchus intends to go inside Torture Wobbler Church and claim a spear capable of draining The Crumbs' energy. Though reluctant at first, and realizing Bacchus is acting strangely, Flynt convinces several members of The Clan - including Big Beard and Reginald - to join Bacchus. Flynt meets with Bacchus at the church, where he has claimed the spear. 

After the deceptive Rasputin steals The Crumbs from the U.B.N.V.A., Flynt and Bacchus go to Mekron Woods, where they fight Vin and Kick before facing off against Rasputin. As Flynt and Bacchus demand he surrenders The Crumbs, Rasputin incapacitates them with a bass speaker, and runs off. Both The Clan and the Bacchus Brotherhood spread out to find Rasputin, with Flynt and Reginald fighting Kick downtown. During their fight, Rasputin intervenes and incapacitates them once more. Flynt later helps Bacchus and Reginald confront Rasputin at a tennis court, where The Clan finally manages to claim The Crumbs. Vengeful, Flynt runs after Rasputin and enters the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters. There, Rasputin has set a trap, which causes Flynt to be possessed by the parasitic alien Tea-Eee. 

Now in control of Flynt, Rasputin uses him to attack both The Clan and the Bacchus Brotherhood. Flynt takes The Crumbs and gives them to Rasputin, who meets with Nazi Mitch. Prior to their meeting, Rasputin discards Tea-Eee and knocks Flynt unconscious. 

After absorbing The Crumbs' power, Nazi Mitch teleports all his enemies from near and far to an overhangar, including Flynt. Mitch electrocutes them with lightning bolts, but Tyresius uses the power of The Crumbs against Mitch. The Clan and the Bacchus Brotherhood unite against Mitch, turning The Crumbs's power against him - ultimately, Mitch is killed by the excessive power. 

After the conflict, Flynt goes to the tennis court with Bacchus, Rasputin, Vin and Reginald, where they find the spear and The Crumbs - which is empty and devoid of its power. Flynt remarks that the artifact's energy is no longer contained, and surrounds them at this point. The Clan meets various times to discuss what should become of the organization now that the artifact is gone. Despite everyone agreeing that they should stay together, Jumpa chooses to disband the group. Flynt parts ways with The Clan and walks off with Vin. 

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