How to Avoid a Creepy Guy in the Woods
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December 19, 2013

Directed by


Produced, Written and Edited by



Gabe Sagherian


Release Date

December 19, 2013


Bio-Builder Productions

Music by

Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky

Running Time

8 Minutes

Followed by

The Creepy Guy Returns

How to Avoid a Creepy Guy in the Woods is a short film directed, produced, written and edited by LordStarscream100. The film, which stars Gabe Sagherian and LordStarscream100, was also a school project in which the student had to create a "how-to video". Gabe Sagherian stars as himself, while LordStarscream100 also stars as himself and the Creepy Guy. The plot has Gabe trying to escape from the Creepy Guy in the woods while being given advice by LordStarscream100 on how to do so. The film was released on December 19, 2013. The project also served as LordStarscream100's first short film. 

The film was followed by three sequels: The Creepy Guy Returns on May 9, 2014, and the concluding entry, The Search for the Creepy Guy in the Woods, on June 13, 2014. A fourth film, which serves as a semi-reboot to the series, was released on March 5, 2017. 


The short film opens with LordStarscream100 asking the viewer if they've ever felt like they're being followed in the woods, foreshadowing the incoming conflict. The scene switches to Gabe walking through the walking trail until he hears rustling in the bushes. He stops and looks around, but sees nothing. As he continues walking, he turns around again and sees the Creepy Guy standing in front of him. LordStarscream100 gives Gabe various pieces of advice on how to deal with the situation, including saying "hi" and asking "can I help you?". The Creepy Guy does not reply, and Gabe begins to walk away. As he does so, the Creepy Guy begins pursuing him.

As Gabe runs, LordStarscream100 advises that the person being pursued should take a picture of the pursuer to show to the police, and also to throw an object at the pursuer. Gabe takes a stick and throws it at the Creepy Guy, hitting him in the head. The Creepy Guy falls to the ground, and Gabe retreats. However, he begins pursuing him again, and LordStarscream100 advises that the person should begin fighting the pursuer. Gabe begins fighting the Creepy Guy, eventually punching him in the face. He then runs off the trail and through a group of trees, with the Creepy Guy in pursuit. LordStarscream100 advises that Gabe yells "help". He yells it as loud as he can, and as it echoes off in the distance, the Creepy Guy catches up to him.

The pursuit continues to a slope next to a creek, where LordStarscream100 advises that the person being pursued should say something intimidating, and Gabe shouts "screw you!". This proves to be ineffective, and he runs down the slope, as does the Creepy Guy. As Gabe runs, he stops next to the creek, with nowhere to go. The Creepy Guy closes in on him. LordStarscream100 gives a final piece of advice, which is to negotiate with the pursuer. Gabe tells the Creepy Guy to wait, and he takes out an apple from his pocket. While he is confused at first, the Creepy Guy takes the apple from Gabe and runs off. LordStarscream100 then tells the viewer to expect the unexpected in order to be ready for anything. Gabe concludes the film by saying that apples can save lives, and he runs off back to the trail. 


In October 2013, Scott's first Video Applications project was to create a how-to video. Initially, he planned to make a video about how to be a superhero with another classmate, Sean Larkin, although Scott did not like the idea and scrapped it. Shortly after, Sean decided to create a project of his own, leaving Scott to come up with a new idea. He was set on creating something unique that didn't rely on anything else as an influence. Ultimately, he came up with the idea to create a video on how to avoid a creepy person in the woods.

He wrote the script, which involved him playing two roles and another person playing one. He asked Gabe S, who appeared in Jurassic Shark II: The Retribution, if he would like to be in the film, and he said yes. Filming officially took place on October 19, and it was officially presented to the class in November. After receiving a positive reaction, the short-film was uploaded to YouTube on December 19, 2013, following the completion of Jurassic Shark II. A shortened version of the film, The Creepy Guy in the Woods, was released two months later on February 19, 2014.

Sean Larkin, who was initially set to work with Scott on the project, would later join the cast of the fourth film, The Legend of the Creepy Guy in the Woods, three years later. The film is currently in production. 


See The Creepy Guy Returns, The Search for the Creepy Guy in the Woods and The Legend of the Creepy Guy in the Woods

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