You may be looking for his brother from The Battle of Munich.
Inspector Hobbes
Hobbes in The Machine of Munich

Portrayed By

Trevor Boyce


The Machine of Munich

The Trial of Munich (mentioned/archival cameo)

The Battle of Munich (mentioned)


Sketch's Drug Cartel (formerly)

Munich Police Force


Deceased - Killed by Steinfeld's Doppelgänger

Location (at time of death)

English Garden

Inspector Hobbes was a major protagonist in The Machine of Munich. He is portrayed by Trevor Boyce. Hobbes was once a member of Sketch Penzil's notorious drug cartel along with his friend Nevada, until the two left their life of crime to fight it as police inspectors. They eventually pursued Doctor Steinfeld, a maniacal inventor who dreamt of world domination.

Hobbes and Nevada later found Steinfeld wandering through the English Garden, although it was actually a mechanical doppelgänger of him. The two fought the doppelgänger before being faced with Steinfeld himself, as well as Sketch, who sought revenge against them. Steinfeld's doppelgänger impersonated Hobbes, causing Nevada to shoot him - however, he survived and shot Sketch. Steinfeld's doppelgänger then attacked Hobbes, and killed him by crushing his head.

A year later, his brother, Spiff, sought vengeance against a newly-resurrected Steinfeld, though he was killed in the ensuing battle.