J-1000 was a character in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe, serving as a supporting antagonist and the robotic clone of mercenary Justin Bartisto. J-1000 made his debut as the main antagonist in Omega. J-1000 often operated alongside another cyborg, Jumpa X. He was played by Jacob Doerr


At some point, J-1000 was created with a design based off the body of Justin Bartisto. It is unknown who created J-1000, although it is known that he was made by the U.B.N.V.A.. Sometime prior to the events of Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo, J-1000 was deployed to work alongside Jumpa X


Jumpa X was sent back in time two days before the events of the second film. He met with J-1000, and asked if he sent the coordinates to their planned destination, to which J-1000 dispatches a signal. Jumpa X states that they will soon finish off The Clan, and he orders J-1000 to eliminate their adversaries in three days. J-1000 departs and awaits the arrival of his adversaries. 

After the events of the second film, Captain Jumpa arrives in Placeville with Flynt Coal, as Jumpa is seeking out Justin Bartisto. They arrive at the rally point, but Bartisto is nowhere to be found. Then, J-1000 walks over from the side of the house, and shoots at them with a pistol. Jumpa and Flynt hide behind a brick wall, which gives them cover. Using his pistol, Jumpa manages to briefly disable J-1000, allowing him and Flynt to escape. On the other side of the house, Flynt and Jumpa meet with Bartisto himself; Jumpa previously believed that Bartisto had turned on them. 

J-1000 recovers from the damage he sustained and approaches his adversaries once more. A gunfight breaks out in front of the house, with Jumpa, Bartisto and Flynt shooting at J-1000. Bartisto goes inside the house to retrieve more firearms while Jumpa and Flynt head behind the house to continue their fight with J-1000. As Jumpa advances on J-1000, he runs out of ammo - prompting Flynt to intervene and stab J-1000 with a knife. J-1000 grabs Flynt's arm and strikes him down. Before J-1000 can act any further, Bartisto returns, and tells J-1000 to pick on someone his own size. J-1000 shoots a grenade launcher at J-1000, which shuts him down completely. 

Some time after the group departs, Jumpa X retrieves J-1000's crippled body, grinning as he does so. 

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