JTH Studios, also known and credited as Jack Hillebrecht, is an actor and film director, best known for directing his LEGO Kashyyyk Trilogy and starring as the voice of Lloyd Garmadon in Scott Pincus's Ninjago trilogy. He often produces LEGO stop-motion animations, and has also worked on various live-action projects. 



Jack joined YouTube in 2012 under the name of JTHStudio. Over the years, his channel has gained 2,900 subscribers and around 950,000 total views. 


In July 2013, Jack was officially cast as Lloyd Garmadon, a major antagonist in Scott Pincus's live-action film Ninjago. He took on the role after Luke Perakovic resigned from it. Jack was among the first people to be cast in the series. At that time, he was also confirmed to voice Mezmo, a supporting antagonist. 


In April 2014, Jack also took on the role of Captain Soto, a supporting antagonist in Ninjago, after KookKidsPictures resigned from the role. Around that time, Jack recorded his lines for the project; it was released in five separate parts from July to December 2014. 

On November 23, Jack released LEGO Star Wars: Battle on Kashyyyk, the first installment of the planned "Sparker Trilogy". Scott starred as Sparker and most of the other characters in the film, as they were all clones.


On January 25, Jack was confirmed to reprise his roles as Lloyd, Mezmo and Soto in Ninjago: Rise of the Great Devourer, the sequel to the first installment. He appeared in all five parts of the film; the first two parts were released in July and September. Also in September, Jack changed his channel's name from JTHStudio to JTH Studios. 


Jack's voice was featured in the last three parts of Rise of the Great Devourer, which were released from January to March 2016. 

On July 3, Jack was confirmed to reprise his roles for Ninjago: Age of the Golden Master, which was announced the same day; he was the first person officially cast in the project. He remained attached to the project throughout its production over the next two years. 


Through 2017, Jack remained attached to Age of the Golden Master as the project's production continued. On September 1, Jack released LEGO Star Wars: Escape from Kashyyyk, the sequel to the 2014 film Battle on Kashyyyk. Scott also returned to voice Sparker and Blade in the film. 


On June 22, Jack released LEGO Star Wars: Return to Kashyyyk, the third and final chapter in the Sparker Trilogy. Once more, Scott collaborated with Jack on the project, and reprised the roles of Sparker and Blade. 


As DirectorEdit

Upcoming/Ongoing ProjectsEdit

  • LEGO Justice League 5 (2019)

As ActorEdit

  • LEGO Justice League (2013 - Voice) Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • LEGO Justice League 2 (2013 - Voice) Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • LEGO Justice League 3 (2014 - Voice) Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • The Randomness Show (2013-2016) Himself
  • LEGO Star Wars: Battle on Kashyyyk (2014 - Voice) Himself, Tay-Zoh
  • LEGO Justice League 4 (2016 - Voice) Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • LEGO Batman: Adventures in Gotham City (2014-2016) Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • LEGO Star Wars: Escape from Kashyyyk (2017 - Voice) Emperor Palpatine
  • LEGO Star Wars: Battle on Kashyyyk (2018 - Voice) Emperor Palpatine

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