Jacob Doerr
Jacob in Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution (2016)

Birth Date

April 20, 1999



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Notable Roles

Jurassic Shark Series - Billy Trenton

Bread's Crumbs Series - Justin Bartisto

Jacob Doerr, initially and often credited as Jacob D, is an actor best known for his portrayal of Billy Trenton in the Jurassic Shark Film Series. He made his acting debut in Jurassic Shark, in which he played Billy Trenton and Kyle Blakes, a minor character. He filmed the project in 2012, and reprised the role of Billy the following year for Jurassic Shark II: The Retribution. He worked with younger cast members Jon, Ben and Will Meunier on the projects. 

Through 2014 and 2015, Jacob filmed Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution, in which he had a larger role as Billy Trenton. He was the only actor from the first film to return in a major role. He also cameoed in The Search for the Creepy Guy in the Woods in June 2014 and played Randy Hopkins in Dr. Troubleshoot in May 2015. In August 2014, Jacob played Justin Bartisto in the Bread's Crumbs spin-off Alias Odium. He reprised the role in Omega in April 2016. 

For a while, Jacob was Scott's oldest actor, and by 2016 he was the only actor who participated in his projects since 2011 and 2012. In May 2016, Jacob moved to another part of town. Though he was initially sought to appear in more of the Bread's Crumbs series, Jacob ultimately became an inactive actor. 



Jacob's first film was Island of Doom: Jurassic Park, although he did not appear in the finished portion due to its cancellation and instead appeared in a short video featuring some of the film's outtakes.


Long before the film's completion, Jacob was confirmed to be in a new film, titled Jurassic Shark , in which he starred as Billy Trenton and Kyle Blakes. Jacob aided Scott in adding details on the external and internal parts of the shark. However, as production of Jurassic Shark continued and filming began, Jacob was greatly absent and caused many troubles for the crew, and this annoyed everyone to the point that Billy barely appeared for five minutes in the entire movie, despite the various attempts to keep his character at large. Yet near the end of the summer, Jacob suddenly returned to participate in filming, completing several scenes, although he didn't appear as much as he was meant to.


Through several debates, Scott came to the conclusion that Jacob would be reprising the role in Jurassic Shark II: The Retribution, although the role was minor. Jacob's death scene in the film was shot without him knowing, as Scott knew he wouldn't be pleased with it and didn't want to deal with Jacob's scheduling issues. Following the film's release, Scott made negotiations with Jacob that allowed him to return for the third film. 


Jacob returned as Billy Trenton in Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution, as the character survived his ordeal from the second film. Jacob is the only actor from the first film that returns in a major role for Jurassic Shark III. He started filming the project in July 2014, and finished filming in October 2015. Jacob was set to appear as Justin Bartisto in Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo and later Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam in 2015, but decided against having a role in either film. 


In April 2016, Jacob worked with Ryan Bowman on Omega, the final Bread's Crumbs interquel, in which he reprised the role of Justin Bartisto. Jacob moved to another part of town in May 2016, making his future collaborations with Scott less likely. In December 2016, the final part of Jurassic Shark III was released, with Jacob having a prominent role in it. It remains his most recent film role.


In February 2017, Jacob was labeled as an "inactive actor". It was initially rumored that he would reprise his role as Justin Bartisto in Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption, which was released in August 2017. However, this rumor was ultimately shot down, as Scott felt Jacob wouldn't be interested in the project. A picture of Bartisto briefly appears in the film, though Jacob isn't credited. 


In January 2018, the full movie of Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution was released, with Jacob appearing as Billy Trenton and several corrupt employees throughout the film. 

Jacob currently has no films planned with Scott, with his most recent project being Omega, which was released in April 2016. Scott believes they're unlikely to make another film together in the near future, but is always open to the possibility. 


​As Actor

The archival audio of Jacob in Rise of the Great Devourer was taken from the fourth part of Jurassic Shark III

​​As DirectorEdit


  • For some time, Jacob was the only actor from the original Jurassic Shark who collaborated with Scott to the present day. He appeared in at least one film every year since its release. After the completion of Jurassic Shark III, it was made unclear if Jacob will appear in any more of Scott's projects.
    • The partnership between Jacob and Scott was made even more uncertain after he moved to another part of town in May 2016. They do not have any planned projects together.