Jeff Stanton

Portrayed by

Will Meunier


Original Hunters


Jurassic Shark

Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution (picture cameo)


Deceased - Killed by GW 75

Location (at time of death)

Near Billy Trenton's house

Jeff Stanton was a minor character in Jurassic Shark. He is portrayed by Will Meunier. Jeff was Cooper Culman's best friend, and was invited by Cooper to go on the shark hunt with him for several days while Chase and everyone else takes a break from searching for the shark. 


Jurassic SharkEdit

On the first day of searching for the shark, Jeff and Cooper are sitting on a fox's nest in the walking trail while having a conversation, all as they keep an eye out for the shark. Suddenly, the shark sneaks up from behind them and scares them off, and they both manage to escape alive.

On the second day, Jeff manages to find Cooper, and the two battle the shark with their NERF guns, which have little effect on it. Cooper forces the shark to eat his gun, to which him and Jeff run off only for the shark to lunge at them, miss, and Cooper is given the opportunity to obtain his gun again. On the final day of the hunt, Jeff attempts to contact Nate Williams using a walkie-talkie, yet Nate never answers and Cooper continuously tells Jeff to keep trying. Finally, Cooper decides that they should go and find him, and as Cooper walks off, the shark lunges at Jeff from behind, killing him and carrying him off in his jaws.

Jurassic Shark III: The RevolutionEdit

When Gabe Reynolds goes off in search of the Bombshark, he finds a propaganda poster deep in the woods with the faces of the Shark Hunters and their associates, including Jeff, who is labeled as "deceased".

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