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Bacchus in Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam

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Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam

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John Bacchus is a protagonist in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe. He plays a major role in Bread's Crumbs, The Biggest Fish of Them All and The Conundrum Dimension, as well as the main protagonist of Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo and one of the antagonists of Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam. Bacchus is one of the top members of The Clan, a group of treasure hunters occupied with safeguarding ancient artifacts, such as The Crumbs. He is set to return in the upcoming fourth and final film. John Bacchus is portrayed by Gabe Sagherian


Along with Captain Jumpa, Glen Tennis and Vin Diesel, Bacchus helped to create The Clan. Like the other members of the group, he dedicated his life to safeguarding ancient artifacts, most notably The Crumbs. 

Bread's CrumbsEdit

In the first film, Bacchus was summoned by Glen Tennis when Bread Nelson attempted to steal The Crumbs from the Tomb of the Bacchus - the resting place of Bacchus' ancestors. A battle would soon break out against Nelson, who used a duplicate version of the artifact, "Fake Crumbs", to poison The Clan. Bacchus was the first to attack, challenging Nelson before being struck down and curb stomped. Bacchus survived the ordeal, but was left weakened by the Fake Crumbs. Fortunately, Captain Jumpa discarded the artifact, saving the team. 

The Biggest Fish of Them AllEdit

Shortly after the events of the first film, Bacchus went on vacation with his best friend, Sandy Sandler. During this time, Sandy acted very strangely, as he slept with snakes and ate cardboard. In the meantime, Bacchus grew an eye on his left cheek - a mutation he received from the Fake Crumbs (which they still believe was the actual artifact). Nevertheless, Sandy and Bacchus ignored the oddity, and spoke about what happened to "The Crumbs". Suddenly, Sandy has a panic attack, and runs out of his house screaming "Portugal". 

Bacchus runs after Sandy, and confronts him in a neighborhood. Bacchus takes the eye he grew and holds it up to Sandy's eye, which gives him a vision of future events. Sandy runs off again, and after Bacchus catches up to him, Sandy explains that they must battle a Nazi and continue their journey in Portugal. At that moment, the two are ambushed by Nazi Mitch, a villainous Aryan who fights Bacchus. The two clash in the street before Mitch grabs hold of Sandy and runs off with him. Bacchus goes off to rescue Sandy, who has been taken to Portugal by Nazi Mitch.

In the jungle, Bacchus comes across a river underneath over a road - there, he is confronted by Mitch, who holds Sandy hostage while demanding Bacchus' third eye. Bacchus tricks Mitch and fights him, eventually stealing Mitch's plasma blaster and incapacitating him with it. As Bacchus and Sandy rejoice, they find that Mitch has escaped. As the two set off together, Bacchus feels something bad is going to happen. 

Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric BoogalooEdit

A year later, Bacchus meets with Glen Tennis, as The Clan holds a large meeting to discuss what happened to "The Crumbs". Glen realized that a fake version of the artifact was placed in the Tomb of the Bacchus, and it would poison anyone that tried taking it. Glen states that the real artifact is hidden in Mekron Woods. During the meeting, Bacchus mentions the situation he and Sandy faced in Portugal involving the eye and Nazi Mitch. Shortly after, Biscuit Savage arrives and attacks The Clan, with Bacchus making several valiant attempts to fight him. Unfortunately, The Clan is powerless to stop Biscuit Savage; he kills Glen Tennis, and retreats. With Glen gone, Bacchus assumes command of the team, which goes to Mekron Woods to find The Crumbs. Flynt does so, but Nazi Mitch steals the artifact, and tricks Biscuit Savage into accepting one of the Fake Crumbs. 

In the meantime, Jumpa experiences a vision of future events where much of The Clan goes rogue because of Bacchus. In this dark future, Bacchus goes mad in his quest for The Crumbs and its power, and has formed an alliance with Nazi Mitch. Several members of The Clan have also defected to Bacchus' side, including Sandy, Flynt, and Big Beard. Jumpa's Clan fights against Bacchus and his rogue team, with Bacchus fighting Jumpa. After Vin and Mahatma are killed, Bacchus strikes down Jumpa and spares him, saying they'll finish their fight later. This allows Jumpa to run away, and his vision ends. 

Bacchus, Vin, Flynt and Mahatma join forces with Lord Tyresius and Big Beard. Together, they stage a final assault against Biscuit Savage, who believes he has The Crumbs. Despite their best efforts, The Clan is overwhelmed, as Savage manages to defeat The Clan and consume the fake artifact to obtain its power. However, it destroys his body, sending him to the Conundrum Dimension. The Clan desperately searches for the artifact after the battle, but they're unable to find it. Bacchus then says he may know where it is, and they set off. 

Bacchus departs with The Clan after the battle and they meet up at his ancestors' tomb. There, Bacchus explains that Savage consumed one of the Fake Crumbs, and that the real artifact is still out there. Ultimately, Bacchus sets off to find the artifact on his own, moments before Jumpa returns to the team. 

The Conundrum Dimension Edit

Weeks after the events of the second film, Bacchus has taken on a new appearance - wielding a hockey stick, being shirtless, and riding a scooter throughout Portugal, where he searches for The Crumbs. Bacchus is also looking to claim a portal capable of accessing the Conundrum Dimension so he can save Colonel Crunch and Corporal Crunch. As he sets off on one of his daily quests, Bacchus receives a call from Sandy, who is concerned about his whereabouts. Bacchus assures Sandy that he'll be back soon, and that he's searching for the artifact and the portal. 

Bacchus arrives at the river where Sandy was held hostage a year earlier. While there, he is confronted by Bjorn Alvarez, a bounty hunter in possession of the portal to the Conundrum Dimension. Bacchus demands the portal, and Bjorn tempts him with one of the infectious Fake Crumbs - however, Bacchus avoids the hazardous object. A fight breaks out, with Bjorn winning and escaping with the portal. Bacchus pursues Bjorn and the two continue their fight in a neighborhood. Bjorn strikes down Bacchus and tries trapping him in the Conundrum Dimension, but Bacchus knocks the portal from Bjorn's hands. 

Bacchus reasons with Bjorn, telling him that he's only a pawn of Nazi Mitch, and he asks Bjorn to ally with him. Bjorn eventually agrees, and the two walk down the street together. While doing so, Bacchus asks Bjorn how to get someone out of the dimension, and Bjorn says that he hasn't figured that out yet - leaving Bacchus astonished. 

Between Films Edit

After allying with Bjorn Alvarez, Bacchus goes mad in his quest for The Crumbs's power, as stated by Kick in Hit the Crib. Bacchus left a trail of destruction in Portugal during his journey to claim the artifact. During this time, he devised a plan to tear The Clan apart and form his own faction, which would be focused on claiming The Crumbs. At some point prior to the third film's events, Bacchus returned home to commence his plan. 

It is also implied that sometime prior to the film's events, Bacchus killed Mahatma, although this is never confirmed. 

Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam Edit

Captain Jumpa leads an assault on the U.B.N.V.A., during which Bacchus sends Bjorn Alvarez to attack The Clan. Bjorn sets off the headquarters' emergency alarm - forcing The Clan to flee. As Flynt esists the building, he comes across Bacchus, who aspires to obtain The Crumbs's power. To do so, he will head to Torture Wobbler Church to claim a spear capable of piercing the artifact and draining its power. Bacchus yearns for Flynt to join him in his quest, along with the rest of The Clan. Despite his reluctance, while also realizing that Bacchus is acting odd, Flynt convinces several members of The Clan - including Big Beard and Reginald Wellington - to join Bacchus.

Flynt and Bacchus split up, with Bacchus heading to Torture Wobbler Church. Bacchus walks through the ruins of the church. As he enters the bowels of the structure, a mysterious voice in Bacchus' head leads him to find the spear above a window. Bacchus then calls Nazi Mitch. Instead of allying with Mitch as Jumpa saw in his vision, Bacchus threatens him and makes it clear that he won't fight or join him, and that he should stay out of his way. Despite their unsettling agreement, Mitch tells Bacchus that he likes his new personality, to which Bacchus arrogantly remarks, "God I love being me", before walking off. Shortly after, Flynt arrives at the church, and is surprised to find Bacchus with the spear. 

The deceptive Rasputin has taken The Crumbs from the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters, and broadcast a message over the airwaves urging everyone to meet him at Mekron Woods to take the artifact. In actuality, Rasputin isn't sided with Jumpa, Bacchus or Nazi Mitch, and simply wants to toy around with everyone. Bacchus journies to Mekron Woods with Flynt, and they find that Vin and Kick are already there in search of Rasputin. Bacchus threatens Vin and Kick, and in his paranoid state he believes that they have the artifact and are keeping it from him. Bacchus fights Vin and Flynt fights Kick, until Rasputin calls out to them from across the street. The former allies run across the street to confront Rasputin, who has the artifact. Rasputin taunts Bacchus and the others, keeping The Crumbs from them. Bacchus' patience soon runs out, at which point Rasputin unveils a bass speaker and uses it to incapacitate the group.

Rasputin makes his escape, with Flynt, Vin and Kick heading downtown while Bacchus pursues Rasputin. However, Jumpa arrives at the scene, and confronts Bacchus as Rasputin escapes. Jumpa tries telling Bacchus that The Crumbs's power isn't for anyone to wield, and he denounces Bacchus for creating a rogue group in his quest to claim the artifact. Bacchus holds a grudge against Jumpa for the death of Glen Tennis, feeling that it could've been prevented had Jumpa been more loyal to the team and his friends. Jumpa tells Bacchus that he's become their enemy, and is now worse than the U.B.N.V.A. - infuriated, Bacchus bids farewell to Jumpa and departs from the scene.

Bacchus leads Flynt and Reginald to the tennis court where Rasputin stands with The Crumbs. The Clan and Bacchus' Brotherhood confront him, with Jumpa claiming the artifact. Bacchus challenges Jumpa, telling him to go to Kerr Park so they can finish this. Jumpa sends Vin and Kick to Kerr Park with The Crumbs. As the two are confronted by Banny Passerini, the son of Biscuit Savage, Bacchus arrives with Reginald, Big Beard and Bjorn. The confrontation is interrupted by Rasputin and Flynt, who is possessed by a parasitic alien known as Tea-Eee. Flynt takes The Crumbs from Kick and fights both The Clan and the Bacchus Brotherhood. During the battle, Bacchus tries fighting Flynt, but he takes the spear and runs off. Bacchus retreats with his team, but at this point it's falling apart, as his allies have lost faith in him.

Abandoned by his companions, Bacchus sets off on his own to confront The Clan - which includes Jumpa, Vin, Kick and Lord Tyresius. Both sides agree that Bacchus is failing and has lost control of the situation. Moments later, Biscuit Savage arrives at the scene, leaving everyone surprised that he survived. Biscuit Savage threatens Bacchus, and a fight breaks out between them. The Clan joins in and fights Bacchus, who holds up despite being outnumbered. Biscuit Savage rejoins the fight, throwing punches at Bacchus before lending a crushing blow to his stomach - seemingly killing him. 

After The Clan watches Nazi Mitch unleash the power of The Crumbs, he summons all of his adversaries to an overhangar - including Bacchus, who was resurrected by The Crumbs's power. Nazi Mitch electrocutes them with lightning bolts, but Tyresius harnesses the power of The Crumbs and uses it against Mitch. The Clan and the Bacchus Brotherhood unite against Mitch, turning The Crumbs's power against him - ultimately, Mitch is killed by the excessive power. 

After the conflict, Bacchus goes to the tennis court with Flynt, Vin, Rasputin and Reginald, where they find the spear and The Crumbs - which is empty and devoid of its power. Flynt remarks that the artifact's energy is no longer contained, and surrounds them at this point. Bacchus seems disappointed by this, and instead of being upset that the power is out of his hands - he's upset that his actions led to the artifact's destruction. The Clan meets various times to discuss what should become of the organization now that the artifact is gone. Despite Bacchus and everyone else agreeing that they should stay together, Jumpa chooses to disband the group. Bacchus parts ways with The Clan, as does everyone else. 

Upcoming Fourth FilmEdit

John Bacchus is set to return for a final time in the upcoming fourth and final Bread's Crumbs film, which is due for release in June 2017. 


  • Along with Vin Diesel, Bacchus is the most frequently recurring character in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe, appearing in six of the series' eleven installments. Like Vin, he is also expected to return for the fourth film/twelfth installment.
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