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Jurassic Shark Series - Chase Landon

Jon Meunier, initially and often credited as Jon M, is a former actor in LordStarscream100's films. He is best known for his role as Chase Landon, the main protagonist of Jurassic Shark and its sequel, Jurassic Shark II: The Retribution. Jon is the brother of fellow Jurassic Shark cast members Ben and Will Meunier. 

Jon worked on both films in 2012 and 2013, but due to conflicts with director LordStarscream100, he was written out of the third film's script. However, a month prior to its release, he returned to shoot a cameo for the film in May 2015. After vandalizing the set of Rise of the Great Devourer in September 2015, he was permanently suspended from making movies with LordStarscream100. 



Jon M was approached to play one of the leading characters in Island of Doom: Jurassic Park - Paul Kirby, as well as a more minor role, Cooper Culman. Despite the film having gone into production and scenes involving both characters had been filmed, Island of Doom was eventually cancelled for various production reasons. The parts of the movie that had been filmed were posted to YouTube, with Jon appearing various times.


However, despite the cancellation, Jon still remained attached to LordStarscream100's films, as he played the lead role in Jurassic Shark - Chase Landon. Jon also played Cooper Culman in the film, a character who had been directly transferred from Island of Doom to Jurassic Shark.


Jon M was the first person confirmed to be returning for the sequel, Jurassic Shark II: The Retribution, as he reprises the role of Chase Landon. He also plays a new character, Carter Phillips, who trains with Eddie Jackson to join the Shark Hunters


After acting as the main protagonist of the first two films, on March 28, it was confirmed that Jon M would not reprise the role of Chase Landon in Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution. The character will at least be mentioned in the film. With Jon out of the cast of the film, Jurassic Shark II: The Retribution is said to have been his final film. 


In February 2015, Jon expressed his regret over having dropped out of the series after seeing the film's official trailer and Super Bowl TV Spot. Scott told him that he is welcome to cameo as Chase Landon in the film if he's still interested. On March 7, Jon responded to the offer, saying that he feels "he would be like a fifth wheel" and "would rather not interrupt". Scott persuaded him to film a cameo for the film, saying that his role would be minor yet he thinks it would make the movie much better and satisfying. On March 9, Jon agreed to do the cameo, marking his first potential appearance since Jurassic Shark II and the first time he will film since October 2013. Jon filmed his role in Jurassic Shark III alongside Ben M and Will M on May 25, 2015 - marking the end of his involvement with Scott. 


On September 6, while Scott took a break from filming Ninjago: Rise of the Great Devourer, Jon M and Will M took the opportunity to vandalize the set. While nothing was broken, one minifigure lost a hand and the area became extremely muddy. Scott's parents reportedly saw the two run down to the set while he was taking a twenty minute break. With similar events having happened various times before, even on the set of Ninjago (notably, when Scott took a break while filming the opening truck sequence on the dam, he returned to find the minifigures thrown about, but nothing was broken or missing). 

As a result of this and many other acts of vandalism towards the two films, Scott has made the final decision to never make another film with them again, stating that "Two years ago they stopped filming because they didn't want to, which was acceptable. Now, they're vandalizing the sets of my films, and that's completely unacceptable." As a result, Jurassic Shark III became Jon's final film role. 


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