Josh Nedved
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Josh in The Machine of Munich (2017)



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The Machine of Munich

The Trial of Munich

The Battle of Munich: The Machine of Munich III

Josh Nedved is an actor, best known for his roles in The Machine of Munich series. He starred as Inspector Nevada in The Machine of Munich, Attorney Nebraska in The Trial of Munich: The Machine of Munich II, and Inspector Newark in The Battle of Munich: The Machine of Munich III.


Josh met Scott Pincus in their German class in late 2014, and the two became good friends. For the next few years, Scott never made any movies with Josh. He was present for the screening of Isarus in April 2016. 


In April 2017, Scott worked with Josh and several other actors, including friends Steven Rizzo and Trevor Boyce, to make The Machine of Munich. The film served as a project for their German class, with the prompt having the film center around a "mechanical doppelgänger". Josh played Inspector Nevada, one of the film's central protagonists. The film was released on April 10, and screened in class several days later; Josh was present for the screening. 

After graduating high school, Scott maintained contact with Josh. In October 2017, Josh and several other actors began discussions with Scott about making a sequel to The Machine of Munich. Josh filmed the project, The Trial of Munich: The Machine of Munich II, with new and old cast members in early November. Josh played a major role as Attorney Nebraska, the film's main (and technically only) protagonist. The film was released on November 10 - seven months after the first film. 


On February 2, Scott texted Josh and several other actors about the prospect of a third and final Machine of Munich film. Josh agreed to participate in the film, which will not serve as a school German project, unlike the previous installments. He began filming the project, titled The Battle of Munich: The Machine of Munich III, from May to June. He portrays Inspector Newark, the brother of Inspector Nevada, who he played in the first film. Josh also had a hand in writing the film's script, helping to develop ideas for the story and characters, and also served as a co-cinematographer. 


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