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Jumpa X
August 6, 2015

Directed by

Scott Pincus

Filmed, Written and Edited by

Scott Pincus


Ryan Bowman

Chris Lombardo

Gabe Sagherian

Zion Figueroa

Release Date

August 6, 2015


Bio-Builder Productions

Music by

Lorne Balfe

Steve Jablonsky

Running Time

14 Minutes

Preceded by

Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo

Followed by

The Conundrum Dimension

Jumpa X is a short film directed, produced and edited by LordStarscream100 and written by him and Ryan Bowman. It is the first Bread's Crumbs 2 interquel and the sixth overall installment in the Bread's Crumbs Universe. It was released on August 6, 2015. Chris Lombardo and Zion Figueroa reprise their roles from the second film as Vin Diesel and Lord Tyresius, respectively, while Gabe Sagherian reprises his role as Tea-Eee's host, whose name is revealed to be Dennis Palmer, from Tea-Eee.

Captain Jumpa sends Vin and Lord Tyresius to the future to protect Dennis Palmer from Jumpa X (character) - a cyborg modeled after Jumpa himself - who is looking to find Tea-Eee for unknown purposes. The Bread's Crumbs universe is put in a danger unlike any other as the future is put at the risk of being twisted to a darker reality. 


The film opens with a flashback to Tea-Eee, in which Captain Jumpa and Colonel Crunch fought an alien organism who was possessing an ordinary citizen, Dennis Palmer (Gabe Sagherian). One year later, Jumpa X (Ryan Bowman), a cyborg created by Biscuit Savage to look like Captain Jumpa, travels to the the year 2019. He confronts a gangster, Paxton (Chris Lombardo), and takes his weapons and clothes before killing him. Jumpa X then meets with arms dealer Kosta Brando (Scott Pincus; he obtains several weapons before killing Kosta. 

Elsewhere, Vin Diesel (Chris Lombardo) meets with Dennis Palmer, who lives in fear of being possessed by Tea-Eee again. Vin tells Dennis that he's from the past and was sent to the future to protect him frm Jumpa X. Dennis sets off with Vin, and they head for John Bacchus' house. Vin believes that Bacchus will help them, but Dennis starts to reveal a horrible truth about Bacchus. Before he can do so, Jumpa X arrives and asks where Tea-Eee is. Lord Tyresius (Zion Figueroa) intervenes, attacking Jumpa X and allowing them to escape. 

Vin, Palmer and Tyresius meet up behind a hedge, where they organize a plan and head off to fight Jumpa X in a nearby neighborhood. A gunfight breaks out; Vin fights Jumpa X in a bid to protect Palmer, but is overwhelmed. Jumpa X confronts Palmer and asks where Tea-Eee is. Tyresius grabs Jumpa X's forehead and shuts him down with an overdose of The Crumbs's energy.  Vin, Palmer and Tyresius gather around, with Tyresius telling Palmer that they have to return to the past. Palmer abruptly departs, with Vin and Tyresius going in pursuit of him. 

In a mid-credits scene, Jumpa X rises up, with the energy of the Crumbs having given him strength instead of destroying him. In the after-credits scene, it is revealed that three days after Jumpa X's defeat, Captain Jumpa's vision from the second film is really the reality of the future, with The Clan being divided against itself. 


  • Chris Lombardo as Vin Diesel - Jumpa's current right-hand man following the disappearance of his previous top officers, Colonel Crunch and John Bacchus. Jumpa sent Vin to the future to prevent a deadly catastrophe from happening. 
  • Ryan Bowman as Jumpa X - A cyborg created by Biscuit Savage to be modeled after Captain Jumpa. Jumpa X traveled to the future after Biscuit Savage's death to ensure the arrival of a devastating apocalypse. 
  • Zion Figueroa as Lord Tyresius - The former guardian of the Crumbs who was sent to the future alongside Vin to prevent Jumpa X from commencing a deadly catastrophe. 
  • Gabe Sagherian as Dennis Palmer - Tea-Eee's former host who has resorted to a lonely life of fear as a recluse. Vin and Lord Tyresius travel to the future to protect Palmer from Jumpa X, who seeks to find Tea-Eee and use it for unknown intentions. 
  • Chris Lombardo as Paxton - A gangster who stumbles upon Jumpa X when he arrives to the future. A reckless teenager, Paxton has frequent run-ins with the law and doesn't hesitate to whip out a gun and pull the trigger. 
  • Scott Pincus as Kosta Brando - An arms dealer from the future who Jumpa X approaches to buy weapons from. 

Ryan Bowman, Russell Parkinson and Gabe Sagherian appear in archival footage from Tea-Eee, while Gabe, Ryan, Chris, Sean Larkin, Michael Robinson, Austin Brinser and Vishnu Rammohan appear in archival footage from the vision in Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo. Ryan Bowman and David M also appear from archival footage in the same film in the U.B.N.V.A. time travel scene. Brandon Archibald appears in archival and audio footage as Biscuit Savage from the second film. 


The film has gained a positive reaction, with three likes and zero dislikes, as well as a generally positive reaction amongst the cast members and LordStarsceam100's collabotors.

It beat the number of views the previous Bread's Crumbs films received within a day of their release, gaining 50 views a day after it came out. In comparison, The Biggest Fish of Them All gained around 25 views, while Alias Odium gained around 10 views and Tea-Eee gained around 15 views. The film also managed to beat Bread's Crumbs, which gained around 15 views within a day of its release, and its sequel, which gained 35 views within a day of its release. 


  • This is the most viewed Bread's Crumbs interquel, with nearly 900 views. 
  • One of two Bread's Crumbs interquels to star Chris Lombardo and Zion Figueroa. The second is Hit the Crib, which was released in March 2016. 
  • All of the music featured in the film is from the score for Terminator: Genisys, composed by Lorne Balfe with the themes by Brad Fiedel, except for the track "Trust Me", which is from Terminator 2: Judgement Day and is composed by Brad Fiedel. 
  • The film links with the previous two films in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe Tea-Eee and Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo, as it features Tea-Eee's former host Dennis Palmer (with Tea-Eee itself being mentioned), and two scenes from the second film - the one with Jumpa X at the U.B.N.V.A. and the vision Captain Jumpa had of the Clan's horrific future.
    • It also featured audio footage of Biscuit Savage as well, who stated "I'll be the one to light this fire" in the second film and in this one. This line foreshadowed the premise of this film, where Jumpa X is sent to the future by him and is known as the "seed of Biscuit Savage". 
  • Dennis Palmer has the line "I am ... in a world ... of sh -", with the last word being cut off by Vin. This is a line from the film Full Metal Jacket (1987).
    • The film is also inspired by The Terminator (1984) in some parts. Jumpa X even references some of his lines as well, and some of the scenes are loosely inspired by some of the original film's scenes. 
    • Paxton (the gunman played by Chris Lombardo at the beginning of the film) also says, "Well, you're gonna' have to get through Mr. 9 millimeter here!", which is a line from Pulp Fiction (1994). The character is a reference to the Punk Leader in The Terminator (1984); he was played by Bill Paxton, who later passed away in February 2017. 
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