Jurassic Shark II: The Retribution
July 19, 2013

Directed by


Produced, Written and Edited by



Jon M

Russell P

Will M

Gabe S

Nick S

Ben M

Jacob D

Music by

John Williams

Don Davis

Steve Jablonsky

Hans Zimmer

James Newton-Howard

Trevor Rabin

Official Score

Farzad Hosseini


Bio-Builder Productions

Release Dates

July 19, 2013 (Part 1)

December 24, 2013 (Full Movie Version)

Running Time

145 Minutes

Followed by

Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution



Jurassic Shark II: The Retribution is a Jurassic Park fan film and the second installment in the Jurassic Shark Film Series. It is the sequel to the 2012 film Jurassic Shark and the second piece in a planned trilogy. Directed, produced, and written by LordStarscream100, the film stars Jon M, Jacob D, Russell P, Gabe S, Will M and Nick S. Set two years after the the first shark hunt, Chase Landon focuses on developing an organization known as the Shark Hunters. Although this idea comes to fruition, the group faces various conflicts that eventually build up to be a new, giant threat. 

After the success of Jurassic Shark in 2012, Starscream7 confirmed that a sequel was in the works. Jon M and Jacob D were set to reprise their roles from the first film, while Starscream7 would return to direct. Gabe S and Russell P were cast in several months later. It is the last LordStarscream100 film to feature Jon M, Will M and Nick S. Filming began in March and concluded in November. The film began airing on YouTube on July 19, 2013 and finished airing on December 18. It was also LordStarscream100's primary project of that year. 

A third and final film, Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution, began airing on June 19, 2015, with LordStarscream100 returning to direct. The film will adopt a new tone and become a differently structured and directed installment in the series. Gabe S, Russell P and Jacob D return in major roles for the film, while Jon M, Ben M and Will M return to cameo as Chase Landon, Dan Bruines and Jimmy Clark, respectively. 


Two years after the events of the previous film, a corrupt, former InGen employee creates and releases the newly-built Hammerhead, Bull and Crocodile shark as a means of revenge on Chase Landon (Jon M) and his followers: Eddie Jackson (Will M), Nate Williams (Nick S) and Billy Trenton (Jacob D), after they had destroyed the shark from the first film. Learning of this, Chase and Eddie lead an attack on the Bull Shark, which rapidly fails. After their defeat, Chase holds a meeting with Eddie, Nate and Billy on the shark's return. Billy believes that they want revenge, and leaves after telling Chase to watch his back. Later, the same employee that released the sharks arrives at Stonegate, and Billy goes on a hunt for the Bull Shark. After getting involved in a brawl with the Bull Shark and retreating, the employee confronts and kills Billy. Chase and Eddie fight the Bull Shark once again, this time in the reservoir, before being forced to retreat. Realizing that he's outmatched and unprepared to handle more sharks, Chase decides that he'll create an organization known as the Shark Hunters

Chase gains help from Quinn Freeman (Russell P), who organizes and creates t-shirts for the group, in addition to finding more members. Among them are Russell Griffin (Russell P), his friend Gabe Reynolds (Gabe S), and new members Carter Phillips (Jon M), Jimmy Clark (Will M), and Brett Nelson (Nick S). Russell, who knows that InGen is not responsible for the sharks, arms himself and Gabe with firearms, which Chase opposes. However, Russell eventually explains to Chase that InGen is willing to pay money to the Shark Hunters for the destruction of the Sharks and their creators. After a period of searching, the Shark Hunters learn of the shark's whereabouts, and prepare to strike. Russell, who wishes to attack as quickly as possible, takes Gabe and launches a lightning assault on the walking trail, looking for the Hammerhead. However, being poorly prepared and having not alerted the other Shark Hunters of their whereabouts, they are forced to fall back. For the next six weeks, the Shark Hunters lead a campaign of missions to kill the trio of new sharks. Russell later makes the decision to instead capture the sharks and place them in a theme park, rather than destroy them, as he realizes a larger profit is potentially available. The majority of the Shark Hunters aid Russell in doing this, although Chase disagrees with his actions. 

In late May, the exhibit for the park reaches completion, but the corrupt InGen employee removes their stun devices only days to its opening, allowing them to break loose and cause more havoc. Eddie and Carter warn Chase and Jimmy of the issue, and Russell and Gabe ready their weapons to assist them in the conflict. Not long afterwards, the Hammerhead shark reaches Chase's neighborhood and creates destruction, including killing resident Max Anderson (Tristan B). The Hammerhead arrives at Chase's house and attacks, resulting in Carter's death. Due to this, Chase declares war on the sharks, and a battle breaks out. In the course of the battle, Eddie and Brett are killed by the Hammerhead Shark. Dan Bruines (Ben M) returns to assist the Shark Hunters, having disappeared for two years after being injured in the first film. Meanwhile, Gabe chases and eventually decapitates the Crocodile Shark with a softball bat, having seen it in the walking trail. Later, the Bull Shark attacks a meeting between Quinn, Chase and Dan. Dan and Chase are forced to abandon Quinn, who has his arm bitten off. Quinn later awakens, having had his wounds tended to by the corrupt InGen employee, who convinces a delirious Quinn to betray the Shark Hunters. While attempting to hold up Chase, Quinn is shot and killed by Russell.

Chase, Dan, and Russell meet up with Jimmy and Gabe, and they head to Chase's backyard to stage a final attack on the Hammerhead Shark. During the ensuing battle, the group is forced to retreat to a swingset, and Chase climbs inside the shark's mouth in an attempt to disable it. Realizing that Chase's plan has failed and he has likely died, Russell has Gabe pin the shark against the set using a swing, while he cuts the shark's head open and removes out its brain, killing it. Miraculously, Chase emerges from the shark, alive. Believing that the situation is out of their hands, Russell calls the police, who later take away the Hammerhead's remains. Gabe eventually decides to quit the Shark Hunters, convincing Russell to do so as well. However, he admits that he feels something will happen, believing they are not done with their problems, as much as he wants to be. The film ends with Gabe walking down the sidewalk, leaving his Shark Hunters shirt on the ground, and the Shark Hunters are left with an uncertain future, now that the world knows of the sharks and their events, and the threat of the shark's creators still looms over them.

In a scene prior to the credits, the InGen employee, now revealed to be Simon, calls another corrupt employee, Marcus Callum, on the phone. He reveals his plan to annihilate the remaining Shark Hunters and rebuild their forces, in order to bring upon what he calls, The Revolution.


Shark HuntersEdit

  • Jon M as Chase Landon, the film's main protagonist alongside Russell Griffin. He is the founder and leader of the Shark Hunters, with assistance from Russell. Chase was responsible for killing the original shark in the first film, and is among the few characters to return in the sequel. He survives the "Retribution Incident." 
  • Russell P as Russell Griffin, a new character who is the film's main protagonist alongside Chase Landon. Russell is the weapons specialist in the film. Him and Gabe are the oldest characters as well. He survives the "Retribution Incident." 
  • Will M as Eddie Jackson, a new character who is Chase's right-hand man during the Shark Hunters' missions. Eddie is a tough person who is ready to go into action at any time. He is also partnered with Carter when he is tasked with training him to join the Shark Hunters. He is killed by the Hammerhead Shark during the "Retribution Incident." 
  • Gabe S as Gabe Reynolds, a new character who is Russell's best friend. Gabe is Russell's partner in the film, providing backup to him whenever necessary. Him and Russell are the oldest characters. He survives the "Retribution Incident." 
  • Ben M as Dan Bruines, a returning character who was thought to have been killed in the first film, although he survived his ordeal with the shark. He survives the "Retribution Incident." 
  • Nick S as Nate Williams, a returning character from the first film whose survival at the end of the original hunt was unclear. Nate has aided Chase in hunting the sharks since then. Although Nate survives, he did not participate in the events of the "Retribution Incident." 
  • Jon M as Carter Phillips, a new character who is eager to join the Shark Hunters, and is partners with Eddie. Carter is killed by the Hammerhead Shark during the "Retribution Incident." 
  • Nick S as Brett Nelson, a new character who is partners with Jimmy. Brett is killed by the Hammerhead Shark during the "Retribution Incident." 
  • Will M as Jimmy Clark, a new character who is partners with Brett and Chase. He survives the "Retribution Incident." 
  • Russell P as Quinn Freeman, a new character who Chase asks to assist him in turning the Shark Hunters into a more experienced organization. He is killed by Russell when he holds Chase and Dan hostage after they didn't assist him when he was getting attacked by the Bull Shark. Quinn serves in the Shark Hunters as its promotor, and is not there for combat purposes. 


  • Jacob D as Billy Trenton, a returning character from the first film. Billy recovered from his arm injury from the first film, and has been aiding Chase in hunting the sharks since then. He was presumingly killed by an InGen employee at the beginning of the film, but he survives the ordeal and is set to return in Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution
  • LordStarscream100 as Simon, a corrupt InGen employee who releases the sharks. His face is not fully-seen until the end of the film. He will act as the main human antagonist in the third film. 
  • Tristan B as Max Anderson, a new character who makes a brief appearence. Tristan was originally set to play the same character two years earlier in Island of Doom: Jurassic Park. The character was removed from the film, but later added into Jurassic Shark II. He is killed by the Hammerhead Shark during the "Retribution Incident." 



The movie takes place twenty-one years after the Isla Nublar incident and two years after the first film. The sequel was confirmed several days after the release of the first film. Little information was released at first, but it was eventually revealed that Drake Matthews would not be returning to the film, while Chase Landon, the protagonist of the first film, was the first character to be offically cast. On October 12, it was revealed that the film would feature a total of three sharks: a Hammerhead Shark, Bull Shark, and a Crocodile Shark. The designs of the three new sharks will strongly differ from that of the original, and the Hammerhead will be the main antagonist. Near the end of November, Jacob D was confirmed to return as Billy Trenton. Construction of the sharks began in December. 


On March 9, construction of all three sharks was complete. On March 18, Starscream7 made the brief announcement that a composer had been found to create an official soundtrack. Filming officially began on March 22. It continued on through the rest of March and into April, before coming to a sudden stop, with Jon M and Will M inexplicably refusing to shoot any scenes. None of the movie was filmed in May 2013 because of this issue, which was the primary factor for the film's delay from its June 8 release date. Afterwards, a series of shooting problems arose. 


Russell P and Gabe S officially began shooting their first scenes in early-June, and the film's first official trailer was released on June 11. Despite filming moving forward yet again, production involving the other actors was immobilized. There were various disagreements with filming the movie, which primarily came from Jon M and Will M, who play two of the film's main protagonists. This resulted in shooting over the summer being forced to a halt. The second and third trailers were released on July 7 and 13, respectively. On July 14, the film was confirmed to have a release date set for July 19.  

During July, Russell and Gabe filmed about two major action sequences involving the Hammerhead Shark, although the scenes were refilmed because the Hammerhead Shark was falling apart, which made the scenes "very rushed and messy," as LordStarscream100 said. Soon after, the crew attempted filming the scene involving Carter's death. However, the Hammerhead began falling apart again. This lead to the Hammerhead being written out of many scenes, with the Bull Shark replaced as the main antagonist. Still keen on using the Hammerhead Shark, LordStarscream100 completely redesigned the shark, this time attaching a rebar to the bottom of it to keep it from collapsing (the rebar is visible during several parts of the movie). The first scene filmed with the redesigned Hammerhead was Carter's death, and it worked extremely well. Thus, the Hammerhead Shark was reinstated as the film's primary antagonist.  

The first four parts aired on YouTube up to July 28, before a sudden pause in airing on YouTube due to the series of issues that resulted in Part 5 being delayed. Barely any filming occured in July, excluding Russell and Gabe, who continued on with shooting their scenes until officially completing them on September 13 (which was the day Part 5 was finally released). Prior to this, filming wound up being forced to continue on into the school year, which was something that Starscream7 was not pleased with doing.

Jon M, Will M, Nick S and Ben M shot the majority of their scenes, from September 6 to October 18, and it then abruptly stopped. Ultimately, their remaining scenes were rewritten to feature Gabe. As a result, filming for Jurassic Shark II officially concluded on November 23, after an extremely strained production schedule that spanned on for eight months.


The final part of the film was released on December 18, and it features the release date for the third film at the end of the credits, as well as a teaser for the third film before the credits. The full movie, which was split into two parts due to the YouTube Video Editor's video length, was released on December 24. Starscream7 has confirmed that he will be creating the "Making Of Jurassic Shark II" at some point. He has also confirmed that there will be at least fifteen minutes of bloopers and fifteen minutes of deleted scenes, and it is possible that they will exceed this time. 

On May 24, 2014, the day the Retribution Incident occurred, LordStarscream100 released a propaganda video in which details about the incident and following the incident are given. The video acts as a way of remembering the second film and advertising the upcoming third film.  

Full MovieEdit (Part 1/2) (Part 2/2)


During filming for the movie, various people were injured, although none of the injuries were severe. 

  • Gabe, Jon and Russell were accidently shot by airsoft guns, forcing filming to a temporary halt (for the rest of filming and for future productions, the guns went unloaded). 
  • During the fight scene with Chase, Jimmy, Carter and Eddie against the Hammerhead Shark, Jon and Will were both accidently scraped by the metal bar on the shark's tail. Filming was put to a temporary halt due to this as well.
  • While filming the Crocodile Shark's final battle with Gabe, LordStarscream100 was manuevering the shark while Gabe was hitting it with a softball bat. Gabe accidently hit LordStarscream100 in the hand, with filming being paused for about fifteen minutes before resuming once more. 
  • During the scenes in which LordStarscream100 moved around the Hammerhead Shark, he would later gain colds due to having to carry the extremely heavy prop. LordStarscream100 later stated that he is never making a shark as big as it again. 


The film has gained a positive rating. When judging the overall film, it has a score of 81%, based on 43 likes and 10 dislikes. When judging it by its trailers and the film itself, it also has a score of 78%, based on 62 likes and 17 dislikes. It has gained more positive ratings than the first film, although it was not as successful in views. The full movie, with both parts combined, has over 4000 views. While this is small compared to the first film's 180,000 views, it is steadily climbing. 


A third and final film, Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution, began airing on YouTube on June 19, 2015. 


  • The day after filming started, the full movie for the original film gained its highest amount of views on a single day, a total of nearly 850 views. This record still holds. 
  • Chase Landon and Dan Bruines are the only major characters to return from the first film. While Billy and Nate return, Billy's role is minor and Nate appears various times in the first half of the film.  
  • This is the last LordStarscream100 film to feature Jon M, Will M, Ben M and Nick S. 
  • Various important scenes for the film had to be cancelled because the younger cast was refusing to film. There was set to be more development between Chase and Russell as they expressed their views over the Jurassic Shark Park. Brett Nelson's role in the film was also greatly diminished as well, and there would have also been more reasoning behind Quinn's alliance with Simon. Ultimately, the film's exposition was heavily impacted by the younger cast's refusal to film. 
  • The scenes where Gabe hunts the Crocodile Shark in the walking trail, as well as his conversation with Russell behind Billy's house, his final fight with the Crocodile Shark, and his ending scene of the movie, were forced to be filmed in late-November. LordStarscream100 had been greatly opposing shooting at this time of year due to the extreme changes in the scenery, but due to the complications from the younger cast members, there were no other options. 
  • During the scene in which Quinn is holding Chase hostage, he was originally intended to shoot Dan, although Dan would have avoided the shot. The scene was actually filmed, but LordStarscream100 decided to cut out the part where he would be shot, feeling it was completely unrealistic. Instead, Quinn raised the gun to shoot Chase before being shot by Russell. 
  • The recycling bin in Brett Nelson's death scene is actually LordStarscream100's. 
  • Gabe's hat, which resembles Alan Grant's hat in Jurassic Park, was never planned and was added to his character on the day that him and Russell began filming the movie. 
  • Zion J, who was set to play Zion in Jurassic Shark III before being removed from the cast, was set to cameo alongside Russell in his final scene instead of Sean. This was so that the film could tease his character for third film. Ultimately, Zion was unable to film the cameo. 
  • The Hammerhead Shark was originally going to measure twenty-five feet from head to tail, although it was built to be twenty feet long. When the shark was rebuilt due to extremely severe damage, it was fifteen feet long. 
  • Despite surviving the film, Nate Williams only appears in the first fifty minutes. In the first film, the situation is no different, as he only appears in the first forty minutes.
    • In addition, Nick is absent for an hour of the movie, with his second character Brett Nelson not appearing until about 110 minutes in - but his role in the film is also extremely small. 
    • As a result of Russell P's constant mistake by which he called Brett Nelson Bread Nelson, Ryan B had the idea of naming a character in Bread's Crumbs Bread Nelson. David M wound up playing the character, who was the film's main antagonist that beared no relationship with the character from Jurassic Shark II
  • Only a few days before filming began, the Crocodile Shark was rebuilt to be thinner and sleeker. The original version had a box-like shape. 
  • The film's first fight scene, where Chase and Eddie fight the Bull Shark down a hill and into the walking trail, was originally set in the snow. However, this wound up being changed. Billy was also set to appear in the later half of the scene where they pursue it into the walking trail. Jacob D was on the set to shoot the scene, although scheduling forced shooting for the day to be cancelled. Several days later, Jacob was unable to shoot the scene when it was officially shot. 
  • Jacob D filmed all his scenes in the movie in one day, and was only on the set for a total of three hours. He would later help with manuevering the sharks in future scenes.
    • Several days later, another scene of Jacob was filmed, although the scene was never completed and will be placed in the upcoming "Deleted Scenes" video. 
  • Jacob D was originally set to play Quinn Freeman, although Russell P wound up being cast in the role.
    • Quinn's arm was originally going to be bitten off by the Crocodile Shark instead of the Bull Shark. 
  • The last forty minutes of the film, the "Retribution Incident," was originally going to be set at night. This idea had to be cancelled due to inevitable schedule conflicts to shoot the scenes at night. The final battle of the movie winds up ending at night, citing the original plan to shoot the Retribution Incident at night. 
  • When Gabe passed the Bull Shark over the fence to Russell shortly after being pursued by it across the school's soccer field, Russell lifted the shark over his head and it broke in half. While the damage was not extreme, it had to have several slight changes to its design. The scene was featured in the Bloopers video. 
  • Initially, Ian A was set to cameo as Marcus Callum during the middle of the movie. The idea wound up being scrapped, as LordStarscream100 didn't like the concept of it. Instead, Marcus is one of the main antagonists in Jurassic Shark III
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