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The Jurassic Shark Park was an area set to be used as an exhibit to house the three sharks that became part of the Retribution Incident. The park, which was founded by Russell Griffin, was set to be open to the public in May 2014 but was ultimately shut down when the sharks that were going to be placed in it were released elsewhere.


Jurassic Shark II: The RetributionEdit

After Russell Griffin and Gabe Reynolds joined the Shark Hunters, Russell began realizing the benefits that could come out of the role. Or more likely, what he could make of it. Despite not knowing the origin of the sharks, Russell decided to take inspiration from the original Jurassic Park (taking note that the series does take place in the Jurassic Park Universe) and create an exhibit housing the sharks. Gabe agreed to support him with the idea, and Russell began telling the other Shark Hunters about it. While some of them were uncertain at first, he eventually persuaded them to support him by using the benefits of the park as his reasoning. Eddie Jackson, Nate Williams, Jimmy Clark, Carter Phillips and Brett Nelson all wound up siding with Russell, while Chase Landon and Quinn Freeman disagreed with the idea the whole way through. Nevertheless, the park soon went into production. 

Russell decided to use a fenced-in area behind the school as the park. At one point, him and Gabe go behind the school and examine the area. Russell had planned to apply a system of invisible fencing above the park, obviously to keep the sharks inside and to increase the enjoyment of the visitors. The legal scope of the project was unknown to everyone other then Russell, although it is likely that he did everything he could to get the park finished. And after several weeks of production, the park was finally complete. Carter and Eddie guarded the sharks at Billy Trenton's house, where they were set to stay before being taken to the park. After having guarded the sharks for a few hours, Carter and Eddie walked off for several minutes. Unknown to them, an InGen employee had been watching from a distance, and saw the opportunity to release the sharks. After removing the stunning devices, the three sharks rose up and flew off. Carter and Eddie then retreated to Chase's house and warned him and Jimmy of the impending threat. The sharks eventually arrived, and a battle was staged in and around Bradford Cul-De-Sac. 

After the battle, which was later dubbed as the Retribution Incident, the park was immediately shut down and disbanded. The invisible fencing on top of it was removed, as were any other accessories.