"Jumpa, I'm not talking about Flynt, I'm talking about me - or - the other me ... thing ... I don't know what that is."

- Bartisto to Captain Jumps, Omega

Justin Bartisto
Justin Bartisto in Omega (2016)

Portrayed By

Jacob Doerr


The Clan (associate)


Alias Odium


Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption (picture only)


Deceased - Shot to Death by U.B.N.V.A. Sympathizers

Location (at time of death)


Justin Bartisto was a recurring character in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe, serving as a protagonist and an occasional ally of The Clan. He is portrayed by Scott Pincus. Bartisto debuted in Alias Odium, in which he and a cameraman infiltrated a U.B.N.V.A. base. He later returned in Omega, in which he allied with Captain Jumpa and Flynt Coal to fight J-1000 - a robotic clone of Bartisto. Bartisto was set to appear in Bread's Crumbs 2and Bread's Crumbs 3, but Jacob Doerr was unable to participate in either production. 


Alias OdiumEdit

Along with an unidentified cameraman, Justin Bartisto sets off to infiltrate a secret base that was supposedly colalborating with Bread Nelson, the leader of the U.B.N.V.A. Wearing camo gear, Bartisto walks through the jungle before emerging from the foliage and crawling up a steep hill. Bartisto eventually makes it to the top of the hill and hides behind several bushes, before signalling the cameraman to run over. At first, Bartisto tries having the cameraman run over to the base and distract its occupants. Eventually, Bartisto convinces the cameraman to make the occupants face the opposite direction.

Bartisto rolls across the ground and spies on the base's occupants before darting into a line of pine trees. After completing his infiltration of the base from afar, Bartisto jumps out from the trees to avoid being seen. He crawls along the ground and rolls down the hill, before reuniting with the cameraman. Bartisto confirms that his mission his complete. 

Between FilmsEdit

For two years, Bartisto wasn't part of any major events in the Bread's Crumbs series. At some point, he came in contact with the U.B.N.V.A. and, as a result, had a robotic clone made of him. Called J-1000, the cyborg was similar to Jumpa X, another robotic clone. Bartisto became aware of the machine's existence shortly before the events of the second film


Bartisto's robotic clone, J-1000, worked with Jumpa X in an effort to undermine and eliminate The Clan. The day after Biscuit Savage was seemingly killed, Captain Jumpa and Flynt Coal went to Placeville in search of Bartisto (Flynt was unaware they were seeking out Bartisto). Their mission, however, was to find information on the whereabouts of John Bacchus. Jumpa and Flynt would eventually be found by J-1000, who started shooting a pistol at them. Jumpa was confused, and thought the machine was Bartisto himself. Nevertheless, Jumpa shot at J-1000, temporarily disabling it and allowing him and Flynt to escape. 

As Jumpa and Flynt ran off, Bartisto emerged from a line of bushes and grabbed hold of Flynt, threatening to stab him with a knife. Jumpa told Bartisto that he didn't need to keep attacking them like that, to which Bartisto explained that they'd just battled a robotic clone of him created by the U.B.N.V.A. Jumpa asks Bartisto to help them defeat it, but Bartisto refuses to, opting to stay out of the situation. 

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