"You guys expect to get help from me? You came in here - ran down, raided my crib, destroyed my weapon, and tried to kill me - and now you think, that I'm gonna' go with you on a wild goose chase, to find this guy?"
-Kick to Vin and Lord TyresiusHit the Crib
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Kick in Hit the Crib (2016)

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Kick is a recurring protagonist in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe. He is portrayed by Alex Fanelli. Once a citizen of Portugal, Kick was horrified when he first met the deranged John Bacchus. Around this time, Kick was approached by Vin and Lord Tyresius. Despite starting off on bad terms, Kick helps the two and becomes a member of The Clan. When Bacchus suddenly returned, he tried dividing The Clan over claiming The Crumbs' power. Kick stays loyal to Captain Jumpa and, along with Vin, fights against Bacchus' brotherhood and Rasputin. When Nazi Mitch claims The Crumbs, Kick and his allies reunite to destroy him. Kick obeyed Jumpa when he disbanded The Clan, but joined Flynt and Vin when they formed a separate team

When Bacchus reassembled the team, Kick joined the quest to remake The Crumbs and save its powers. A new conflict began when Paleman and The Creator attacked The Clan, and killed everyone except Kick, Flynt and Bacchus. As Flynt and Bacchus killed Paleman and Creator, Kick confronted Quinn Diesel, who killed his father; Kick told him to live with that mistake. After Bacchus remade The Crumbs and died, Flynt was despaired, but Kick influenced him to carry on The Clan's legacy and guard the artifact. 


Little is known about Kick's origins, although for a while he lived in Portugal as a civilian. When John Bacchus arrived in his country and began to wreak havoc in his quest for The Crumbs, Kick went on the defensive and tried protecting his home. 

Hit the CribEdit

Months after going to the future, Vin Diesel and Lord Tyresius go to Portugal in search of John Bacchus. They commence "Operation: Hit The Crib", in which they raid the home of an armed civilian, Kick, who they believe has information on Bacchus. As Vin and Tyresius approach, Kick attacks them with an electric gun. This briefly delays their assault, before Vin and Tyresius scuffle with Kick. During the conflict, Tyresius accidentally breaks Kick's gun, which distracts him long enough for Vin to incapacitate him. 

Kick asks Vin and Tyresius what they want from him, and Tyresius says they're associates of Bacchus, and they've been looking for him. Kick explains that Bacchus has left a trail of destruction in his quest for some "weird artifact", and he warns Vin and Tyresius not to go after him. Kick reluctantly agrees to help them find Bacchus, but takes solace in the fact that he's able to trust Vin and Tyresius. Just before he can introduce himself, Tyresius sneezes. 

Between FilmsEdit

Vin, Tyresius and Kick return to The Clan, with Kick becoming an active member of the group. 

Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub SlamEdit

Captain Jumpa launches an assault on the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters, determined to know where they can find Bacchus and The Crumbs. With help from Vin and Flynt Coal, Kick fights Bjorn Alvarez, who activates the headquarters' alarm and forces the group to flee. Flynt goes out a separate exit and finds Bacchus, who wants to claim The Crumbs' power and obtain a spear capable of harnessing its energy. Meanwhile, Kick, Vin and Big Beard confront Jumpa about the botched raid shortly before Flynt arrives. Flynt yearns for them to ally with Bacchus in his quest to claim The Crumbs' power. Kick chooses to stay with Jumpa, and in Flynt's absence he becomes a trusted ally to Vin during the conflict. 

After the deceptive Rasputin steals The Crumbs from the U.B.N.V.A., Kick and Vin go to Mekron Woods in search of him. There, they fight against Flynt and Bacchus. Kick faces off against Flynt before going after Rasputin, who unveils the artifact. Both sides demand that he surrenders The Crumbs, but Rasputin incapacitates them with a bass speaker and runs downtown. Flynt and Reginald Wellington follow Rasputin downtown. Kick arrives at the scene and fights Flynt and Reginald, using his "signature kicking maneuver", though this causes him to lose the fight. Reginald strikes down Kick, but moments later Rasputin intervenes, and once again he incapacitates his enemies with a bass speaker. As Flynt and Reginald write around in pain, Kick runs off in pursuit of Rasputin. Along with Vin and Jumpa, Kick confronts Rasputin at a tennis court, where Jumpa finally manages to claim The Crumbs.

In an effort to negotiate with Bacchus and settle the conflict, Kick and Vin go to Kerr Park with The Crumbs. There, Kick and Vin are confronted by Banny Passerini and Bacchus' brotherhood. As the three sides confront each other, Rasputin arrives with Flynt, who is possessed by Tea-Eee. Flynt takes The Crumbs from Kick, and after a battle against both The Clan and the Bacchus Brotherhood, Flynt also claims the spear - both of which are later taken by Nazi Mitch. 

Kick, along with Jumpa, Vin and Lord Tyresius, confront Bacchus outside of the tennis court. Now abandoned by his allies, Bacchus tries maintaining his confidence, even as Biscuit Savage returns and joins The Clan. Kick and his allies swiftly overwhelm Bacchus before Biscuit Savage kills him. Then, Nazi Mitch arrives; he harnesses The Crumbs' power and becomes all-powerful. Nazi Mitch teleports all his enemies from near and far to an overhangar, including Kick. Mitch electrocutes them with lightning bolts, but Tyresius uses the power of The Crumbs against Mitch. The Clan and the Bacchus Brotherhood unite against Mitch, turning The Crumbs's power against him - ultimately, Mitch is killed by the excessive power. 

After the conflict, The Clan meets up to discuss what should become of the organization now that the artifact is gone. Despite everyone agreeing that they should stay together, Jumpa chooses to disband the group. Kick parts ways with The Clan, as does everyone else. 

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