Kosta Brando was a character in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe. An arms dealer, Brando was a minor character in Jumpa X, in which he was approached by the malicious cyborg. He was portrayed by LordStarscream100


Jumpa XEdit

After killing PaxtonJumpa X met with Kosta Brando at his weapons shack to acquire firearms. Jumpa X said he needed several guns, and Brando was happy to help. Jumpa X began inspecting various firearms, picking up several of them and handing them over to Brando. As Brando began stating the price of the firearms, Jumpa X loaded the KRISS Vector. Brando told Jumpa X not to do so, to which the cyborg opened fire on Brando, killing him. Afterwards, Jumpa X left with Brando's weapons and set off on his mission. 

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