Kyle Blakes was a character in the Jurassic Shark film. He was portrayed by Jacob D.

Jurassic SharkEdit

Kyle Blakes was a young teenager who enjoys filming nonsensical YouTube video. His latest one involves him taking a basic hike in the walking trail. As he is filming, he hears something scurrying around in the bushes, and he goes to investigate, only to see the shark emerge. Kyle begins running from the shark, which isn't seen as he's running, and at one point, he trips and falls. He attempts crawling away, but the shark attacks him off-screen. Kyle's death was the entire reason that the hunt for the shark started.


  • Originally, LordStarscream100 had claimed that all of the scenes involving Kyle Blakes had been filmed right away because "Jacob D felt like getting all of the character's scenes out of the way so that he could fully-focus on Billy Trenton," as Jacob wasn't able to film as often as thought. Ultimately, this proved to be a false cover-up to prevent people from realizing that he would be killed in the movie.
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