This is the list of actors that have at some point participated in LordStarscream100's films.

Actor Year
Scott Pincus Active: 2011-present
Gabe Sagherian Active: 2013-present
Ryan Bowman Active: 2013-2017
Russell Parkinson Active: 2013-present
Austin Brinser Active: 2014-present
Chris Lombardo Active: 2014-present
Alex Fanelli Active: 2015-present
Jacob Doerr Active: 2011-2016
Jon Meunier Active: 2011-2013 Active: 2015
Mitchell Patterson Active: 2013-present
Dakota Markle Active: 2014-present
Michael Robinson Active: 2014-present
Zion Figueroa Active: 2015-present
Eric Gorbaty Active: 2014-present
Sean Larkin Active: 2015-present
Ryan Grier Active: 2015-present
Dan Brusilovsky Active: 2016-present
Brandon Archibald Active: 2015-2016
Cameron Nicholson Active: 2014
Vishnu Rammohan Active: 2015
Ross Lovell Active: 2015-present
Michael Behrenshauser Active: 2015 Active: 2017

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