This is the list of actors that have at some point participated in LordStarscream100's films. With most of these actors having gone off to college, they've been put on an "acting hiatus", as it is highly possible they'll make more projects in the future. 

Actor Year
Scott Pincus Active: 2011-present
Gabe Sagherian Active: 2013-present
Ryan Bowman Active: 2013-2017
Russell Parkinson Active: 2013-present
Austin Brinser Active: 2014-present
Chris Lombardo Active: 2014-present
Alex Fanelli Active: 2015-present
Jacob Doerr Active: 2011-2016
Jon Meunier Active: 2011-2013 Active: 2015
Mitchell Patterson Active: 2013-present
Dakota Markle Active: 2014-present
Michael Robinson Active: 2014-present
Zion Figueroa Active: 2015-present
Eric Gorbaty Active: 2014-present
Sean Larkin Active: 2015-present
Ryan Grier Active: 2015-present
Dan Brusilovsky Active: 2016-present
Brandon Archibald Active: 2015-2017
Cameron Nicholson Active: 2014
Vishnu Rammohan Active: 2015
Ross Lovell Active: 2015-2017
Michael Behrenshauser Active: 2015 Active: 2017

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