This is the list of actors that have at some point participated in LordStarscream100's films. There are two lists - the first is for the "LS100 crew", who have appeared in Scott's films from 2011 to the present day. The second is for the Ninjago voice cast, who have collaborated with Scott since 2013. 

Main CastEdit

The cast members are listed in order of when they began participating in Scott's projects. A "*" indicates a sidenote for the actor is beneath the table. A white cell indicates the actor was not active for that specific year, and/or is no longer an active actor. 

Actor Year
Scott Pincus Active: 2011-present
Jacob Doerr Active: 2011-2016
Jon Meunier Active: 2011-2013 Active: 2015
Gabe Sagherian Active: 2013-present
Ryan Bowman Active: 2013-2017
Russell Parkinson Active: 2013-present
Mitchell Patterson Active: 2013-2016
Austin Brinser Active: 2014-present
Chris Lombardo Active: 2014-present
Dakota Markle Active: 2014-present
Michael Robinson Active: 2014-present
Eric Gorbaty Active: 2014-present
Cameron Nicholson Active: 2014
Ian Aston Active: 2014-2015
David M Active: 2014-2016
Zion Figueroa Active: 2015-present
Sean Larkin Active: 2015-present
Ryan Grier Active: 2015-present
Alex Fanelli Active: 2015-present
Brandon Archibald Active: 2015-2017
Ross Lovell Active: 2015-2017
Michael Behrenshauser Active: 2015 Active: 2017-present
Vishnu Rammohan Active: 2015
Dan Brusilovsky Active: 2016-present
Brody Hall Active: 2016-2017
Jacob Lutz Active: 2016-2017
Douglas Garthwaite* Active: 2017-present
Rob O'Dwyer* Active: 2017-present
Josh Nedved Active: 2017-present
Trevor Boyce Active: 2017-present
Steven Rizzo Active: 2017-present
Josh Reiner Active: 2017-present
Kyle Carozzi Active: 2017-present
Jacob Huber Active: 2017-present
Jack Morris* Active: 2018-present
Luke Johnson Active: 2018-present
Will LaTorre Active: 2018-present

Douglas Garthwaite voice acted in the Bread's Crumbs series in 2017. He normally appears in Scott's Ninjago series. Jack Morris was a voice actor in the No More Smiling series in 2018, and he's also a voice actor in Scott's Ninjago series. 

Ninjago CastEdit

The first film, Ninjago, was released throughout 2014, though casting for the project began in 2013 - hence why some actors have been collaborating with Scott since then. A white cell indicates the actor was not active for that specific year, and/or is no longer an active actor. 

Actor Year
Jack Morris Active: 2014-present
AckarProductions5 Active: 2013-present
OonieandCacola Active: 2013-present
Westificationful Active: 2013-present
Ryan Bowman Active: 2014-2017
FireStar97Studios Active: 2013-present
JTH Studios Active: 2013-present
Collector1100 Active: 2013-2016
ToaGresh300 Active: 2014-2016
Bio21 Active: 2014-present
Cameron Morris Active: 2013-present
Russell Parkinson Active: 2013-2016
Draco Jet Active: 2014
Stormjay Rider Active: 2014
1P Entertainment Active: 2015-present
Garnettfox Active: 2015-present
Abby Pincus Active: 2015-2016
Daniel Poulter Active: 2015-present
Lance Newman Active: 2016-present
YamatoGuru Active: 2016-present
Brent Miller Active: 2016-present
Charlie Hopkinson Active: 2016-present
Matt Howell Active: 2017-present
Luna Fett Active: 2017-present
JobbytheHong Active: 2017-present
Lego Zebra Active: 2017-present
JumboGauge Active: 2017-present