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Lord Tyresius
Tyresius in Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption

Portrayed By

Zion Figueroa


Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo

Jumpa X

Hit the Crib

Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam

The Two Man Trio (mentioned)

Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption


The Clan



Lord Tyresius was a recurring character in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe, serving as a protagonist and a member of The Clan. He was portrayed by Zion Figueroa. The ancient guardian of The Crumbs, Tyresius was forced to banish the artifact's genocidal creator, and became obligated with defending it. A century later, he was approached by The Clan, who sought to protect the artifact from Biscuit Savage. Tyresius and his ally, Big Beard, joined The Clan and helped them fight and defeat Biscuit Savage. After John Bacchus went off in search of the artifact, which had been stolen by Nazi Mitch, Tyresius and Vin Diesel went off to find him. In their travels, they went to the future and battled Jumpa X, and also made a new ally in Portugal. 

Tyresius joined The Clan as they raided the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters, where he was knocked out by the deceptive Rasputin. Tyresius was unconscious for several days before awakening and joining The Clan to battle a rogue Bacchus. When Nazi Mitch consumed The Crumbs' power, Tyresius led his allies against Mitch, turning power against him and electrocuting him to death. Tyresius was surprised when Jumpa disbanded The Clan, believing their duty was done, but Bacchus later reunited the team. Tyresius learned that The Creator of The Crumbs had returned, and helped The Clan battle him and The Paleman. Tyresius, Reginald and Sandy went in search of a powerful sword that could help remake The Crumbs. During their search, they battled Creator, who killed Reginald and Sandy as Tyresius claimed the sword. After sending it to The Clan, Creator sliced Tyresius's throat, and he died. 


Tyresius' origins remain vague, although he was allied with Big Beard at some point, as they were obligated to defend The Crumbs at all times. 

Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric BoogalooEdit

After The Clan fights against Biscuit Savage, they set off to Mekron Woods to obtain The Crumbs. Off-screen, they meet Lord Tyresius, protector of the artifact, and Big Beard, an ally of Tyresius. During this time, Flynt manages to find The Crumbs, but is attacked by Nazi Mitch, who steals the artifact. Nazi Mitch later has a false exchange with Biscuit Savage, pretending to give him the artifact but instead giving him one of the Fake Crumbs - a poisonous duplicate of the artifact. 

With The Crumbs in the wrong hands, Lord Tyresius and Big Beard ally with The Clan. Along with John BacchusFlynt CoalVin Diesel and Mahatma, Lord Tyresius faces off against Biscuit Savage, but is ultimately unable to defeat him. Savage manages to defeat them and consumes the fake artifact to obtain its power, but it destroys his body, sending him to the Conundrum Dimension. Tyresius tries finding The Crumbs after the battle, and expresses extreme hope when Bacchus says he may know where they are. 

Between FilmsEdit

Lord Tyresius becomes a loyal member of The Clan between the events of the second and third films, maintaining his relationship with Big Beard as they strive to take back The Crumbs from the U.B.N.V.A. and Nazi Mitch. He also allies with Vin, participating with him on various missions. 

Jumpa XEdit

Fearing what has yet to come, Captain Jumpa sends Lord Tyresius and Vin to the future. The two split up, with Lord Tyresius going in search of firearms, while Vin finds Dennis Palmer, a civilian once possessed by the parasitic alien Tea-Eee. Vin tells Palmer that he's being pursued by Jumpa X, a robotic clone of Captain Jumpa who wants to know the location of Tea-Eee. Palmer reluctantly joins Vin, and the two set off. When they're attacked by Jumpa X, Lord Tyresius intervenes, which allows Vin and Palmer to escape. 

Tyresius, Vin and Palmer stage a final fight against Jumpa X in a nearby neighborhood. Jumpa X is a formidable adversary, using heavy firepower against his targets. Eventually, Tyresius manages to overcharge Jumpa X with The Crumbs' power, and he is shut down. Palmer hastily says goodbye to Vin and Tyresius before running off. Shortly after, Vin and Tyresius go back in time. 

Hit the CribEdit

In the present day, Lord Tyresius and Vin have journied to Portugal, where they hope to find information on Bacchus. They commence "Operation: Hit The Crib", in which they raid the home of an armed civilian who may have information on Bacchus. The civilian attacks Tyresius and Vin, first with an electric gun before scuffling with them. Tyresius accidentally breaks the civilian's gun, which distracts him long enough for Vin to incapacitate him. 

Vin and Tyresius interrogate the civilian, who says that Bacchus has gone mad and started killing people in his quest for The Crumbs. The civilian agress to help them find Bacchus. Just as he introduces himself, Tyresius sneezes and falls down, prompting Vin to help him up. 

Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub SlamEdit

Jumpa launches an assault on the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters, determined to know where they can find Bacchus and The Crumbs. Tyresius clears the south wing of the headquarters, but is confronted by Rasputin, a deceptive Russian who wants to keep The Crumbs from everyone else just for the fun of it. Rasputin threatens Tyresius, who lunges at him. Rasputin grabs a chair and bashes Tyresius with it, knocking him unconscious. 

For some time, Tyresius is unconscious in the headquarters, as he's absent for most of the movie. When he finally wakes up, he joins Jumpa, Vin and Kick as they confront John Bacchus, who has since gone rogue. Now abandoned by his allies, Bacchus tries maintaining his confidence, even as Biscuit Savage returns and joins The Clan. Tyresius and his allies swiftly overwhelm Bacchus before Biscuit Savage kills him. Moments later, Nazi Mitch arrives - now in possession of The Crumbs and the spear needed to harness its power. Mitch ingests the artifact's energy and becomes all-powerful, after which he teleports all his enemies to an overhangar, including Tyresius. Mitch electrocutes them with lightning bolts, and as his allies lie on the ground in pain, Tyresius tries fighting back. He harnesses the power of The Crumbs and turns it against Mitch by creating a force field to block his lightning. The Clan and the Bacchus Brotherhood unite against Mitch, turning The Crumbs's power against him - ultimately, Mitch is killed by the excessive amounts of energy. 

After the conflict, The Clan agrees that they should stay together despite the artifact being gone - however, Jumpa chooses to disband the group. As The Clan parts ways, Tyresius seems confused, and abruptly asks what they were talking about.

The Two Man TrioEdit

As Bacchus sat in his living room, debating on whether or not to reunite The Clan, he was approached by Sandy, who informed him that Lord Tyresius wants The Crumbs back (or at least the shell of the artifact, which is all that remains). At some point in the next month, Tyresius gained ahold of The Crumbs and the spear, which he examined. 

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