Mahatma is a supporting character in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe. He serves as a protagonist and a member of The Clan. Mahatma made his debut as a supporting protagonist in Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo, allying with John Bacchus to protect The Crumbs from the villainous Biscuit Savage. However, in the third film, Mahatma is said to have been killed by Bacchus some time prior to the film's events. He is portrayed by Vishnu Rammohan. 


At some point after the events of the first film, Mahatma became a member of The Clan, along with Reginald Wellington. Like the other members of The Clan, he dedicated his life to safeguarding ancient artifacts, most notably The Crumbs. 

Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric BoogalooEdit

A year after the events of the first film, Mahatma was summoned to meet with Glen Tennis alongside John BacchusFlynt Coal, and others. During the meeting, Glen Tennis discussed what happened with The Crumbs during the events of the first film. Glen realized that a fake version of the artifact was placed in the Tomb of the Bacchus, and Bread Nelson used it against The Clan. Glen states that the real artifact is hidden in Mekron Woods. Shortly after, Biscuit Savage arrives and attacks The Clan, with Mahatma fighting against the brute. After killing Glen, Savage eventually retreats. With Bacchus in command after Glen's death, The Clan goes to Mekron Woods to find The Crumbs, with Mahatma joining them. 

In the meantime, Captain Jumpa experiences a vision of future events where much of The Clan goes rogue because of Bacchus's lust for power. Mahatma and Vin Diesel have allied with Jumpa against Bacchus and his team, the Bacchus Brotherhood. Both sides clash at the Tomb of the Bacchus, with Mahatma fighting Sandy Sandler and Big Beard. During their fight, Mahatma is struck down, and Big Beard crushes his head with a mighty stomp. 

Back to reality, Flynt claims The Crumbs from Mekron Woods, but Nazi Mitch steals the artifact, and tricks Biscuit Savage into accepting a fake version of it. Mahatma, Bacchus, Vin and Flynt Coal join forces with Lord Tyresius and Big Beard. Together, they stage a final assault against Biscuit Savage, who believes he has The Crumbs. After a lengthy battle, Savage manages to defeat The Clan and consumes the fake artifact to obtain its power, but it destroys his body, sending him to the Conundrum Dimension.

Mahatma departs with The Clan after the battle, and watches as Bacchus sets off to find the artifact on his own. He then witnesses Jumpa return to The Clan, confused over what has transpired. 

Between FilmsEdit

At some point prior to the third film's main events, Mahatma was killed by Bacchus, who by this point had gone mad in his quest for The Crumbs's power. 

Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub SlamEdit

While Rasputin taunts The Clan and the Bacchus Brotherhood, Jumpa takes an opportunity to confront Bacchus. During the confrontation, he accuses Bacchus of killing Mahatma, to which he has no response.

Mahatma's death is never shown on-screen, and as such it's ultimately unconfirmed as to whether or not he actually died. In April 2017, Vishnu Rammohan was added to the rumored cast of the fourth film, indicating he likely survived. 

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