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Nazi Mitch
Mitch in Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam (2016)

Portrayed By

Mitchell Patterson




The Biggest Fish of Them All

Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo

The Conundrum Dimension (archival audio/mentioned)

Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam

Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption (mentioned/picture only)



Nazi Mitch was an antagonist in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe. He sometimes went by his birth name, Mitchell Krauthammer Mannteufel. He was portrayed by Mitchell Patterson. A sinister member of the U.B.N.V.A., Mitch fought in World War II and genetically modified his body so it wouldn't age; during this time, he also had many battles with Colonel Crunch. Mitch eventually allied with Bread Nelson and helped him lead his organization. Nelson would dispatch Mitch on a mission to Portugal, where he attacked John Bacchus and Sandy Sandler

Some time later, Mitch was tasked with helping Biscuit Savage to destroy The Clan and claim The Crumbs. Mitch would collaborate with the brute before seizing The Crumbs at Mekron Woods. When the time came to give Savage the relic, Mitch tricked him into accepting one of the Fake Crumbs. Unable to claim the artifact's power, Mitch left it in the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters. Yet after John Bacchus returned and divided The Clan, Mitch realized that he needed an ancient spear to seize the relic's power. After being disowned by Bread Nelson, Mitch struck a "deal" with Rasputin and took The Crumbs and the spear from him, allowing Mitch to become all-powerful. As he electrocuted The Clan and their allies, Lord Tyresius turned The Crumbs' power against Mitch, and he was ultimately killed. 

A year later, Mitch's subordinate, The Paleman, would follow in his footsteps and ally with The Creator to destroy The Clan. He also carried around a picture of Mitch for inspiration, and killed his arch enemy, Colonel Crunch. Despite all, Paleman was killed and failed to honor Mitch's memory. 


During World War II, Nazi Mitch had two American soldiers - Colonel Crunch and another soldier - captured and used in various medical experiments. One such experiment involved the other soldier's DNA being combined with Colonel Crunch's DNA to see if a clone could be made - setting in motion the experiments that would create Jumpa X. Ultimately, the two were genetically modified so they wouldn't show or feel age. Both soldiers would escape, and shortly after Nazi Mitch had himself genetically modified so he wouldn't age. 

Many years later, Mitch joined the U.B.N.V.A., an alliance of villains whose main goal is to claim an ancient and powerful artifact - The Crumbs. 

The Biggest Fish of Them AllEdit

Shortly after the events of the first film, John Bacchus went on a vacation with Sandy Sandler. During the vacation, Sandy receives a vision of future events via a mutated eye that grew off Bacchus' face. Sandy explains that they must battle a Nazi and continue their journey in Portugal. At that moment, the two are ambushed by Nazi Mitch; he fights Bacchus and kidnaps Sandy. 

Bacchus goes off to rescue Sandy, who has been taken to Portugal by Nazi Mitch. In the jungle, Bacchus comes across a river underneath over a road. Mitch confronts Bacchus and holds Sandy hostage, while also demanding Bacchus' eye. Bacchus tricks Mitch and fights him, with the two scuffling on the road. Eventually Bacchus retrieves Mitch's plasma blaster and incapacitates him with it. As Bacchus and Sandy rejoice, they find that Mitch has escaped. 

Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric BoogalooEdit

Nazi Mitch strikes a deal with the formidable Biscuit Savage in a bid to find The Crumbs and claim its destructive powers. As Savage sets up a scheme to attack The Clan, he calls Nazi Mitch and makes sure he's ready for their attack. Mitch remains in the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters while Biscuit Savage attacks The Clan and kills Glen Tennis. The Clan goes to Mekron Woods to retrieve The Crumbs. While there, Mitch traps Colonel and Corporal Crunch in the Conundrum Dimension, and shortly after he attacks Flynt Coal, who has found The Crumbs. Mitch steals the artifact and retreats. 

Mitch meets with Biscuit Savage at the Bread Bungalow, where he agreed to give Savage the artifact. Mitch proudly unveils The Crumbs, and as he hands it over, he drops it to the ground. Savage bends over to pick it up, but is punched by Mitch and falls over. Mitch proclaims his intention to create a Fourth Reich using The Crumbs, which angers Savage, who strangles Mitch. Mitch drops the artifact, unbeknownst to Savage who demands he hands it over. Mitch instead gives him one of the Fake Crumbs, a duplicate of the real artifact that has corruptive energies inside. Savage accepts the false artifact, believing it to be real, and departs. As he walks off, Mitch stares at Savage sinisterly. 

That afternoon, Savage would consume the Fake Crumbs - resulting in him being sent to the Conundrum Dimension. 

The Conundrum DimensionEdit

In Portugal, bounty hunter Bjorn Alvarez called Nazi Mitch, stating that he has the portal to the Conundrum Dimension. This displeases Mitch, who is then told that he'll get the portal if he pays Bjorn. Ultimately, Mitch never gets the portal; Bjorn betrays him and sides with John Bacchus, and everyone Mitch trapped in the dimension is freed. 

Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub SlamEdit

Nazi Mitch has assumed command as the leader of the U.B.N.V.A., succeeding Bread Nelson in the role. After John Bacchus goes mad in his quest to claim The Crumbs, he goes to Torture Wobbler Church. While there, he calls Mitch, much to his surprise. Bacchus explains that in Portugal, he learned of a spear capable of harnessing the artifact's power. Bacchus has obtained the spear at the church, and sends a selfie to Mitch to prove it. Mitch initially believes Bacchus wants to ally with him, but Bacchus swiftly denies this. However, he does say that "the rain" will soon fall, and cleanse the streets of the scum - The Clan. Bacchus tells Mitch that unlike The Clan, he wants to claim the artifact's power, while his former allies only wish to preserve it. Mitch warns Bacchus that he's still after the artifact, to which Bacchus says that he's not opposing or allying with Mitch. Instead, he issues a warning, telling Mitch to stay out of his way. 

Sometime later, Mitch receives a phone call from Bread Nelson, who is infuriated after hearing The Crumbs were stolen. Initially, Mitch falsely states that The Clan raided the headquarters and took The Crumbs - Nelson orders Mitch to tell him the truth, and Mitch says that some "Communist nobody" took the artifact. Nelson tells Mitch that he stands no chance at winning, and Mitch argues that Nelson left him alone to manage the entire U.B.N.V.A. - Mitch says that his time spent trusting Nelson was wasted, and he decrees to claim the artifact and prove Nelson's weakness. Nelson is indifferent towards Mitch's feelings; he calls him an adulterer and a simple farmer, and tells him to leave.

Nazi Mitch convinced Rasputin to sign a non-aggression pact so they can work together to unleash The Crumbs's power. Rasputin meets with Mitch, having just used Tea-Eee and Flynt Coal to obtain The Crumbs and the spear. After knocking out Flynt, Rasputin tosses Tea-Eee to Nazi Mitch. He fumbles around with the alien, struggling to put it in a trash can before throwing it down the hallway. Mitch presents the pact to Rasputin, who agrees with the document's terms. He presents Rasputin with a pen, and despite wanting Mitch to sign first, Rasputin writes his name on the document. When he returns it, Mitch realizes that Rasputin signed his name in the wrong spot. Mitch is disgusted by Rasputin's incompetence, although Rasputin doesn't seem to care. Angered, Mitch rolls across the table, knocks Rasputin unconscious, and claims the spear and the artifact. 

After The Clan fights Bacchus, who is ultimately killed by Biscuit Savage, Nazi Mitch confronts the group in a nearby tennis court. Mitch remarks that The Clan seems overconfident, and Savage tells him that they have unfinished business. Moments later, Mitch takes the spear and stabs the artifact with it. At that moment, it begins to rain, and Mitch runs the spear into his stomach - allowing him the full power of the artifact. The Clan is horrified as Mitch teleports them, along with many of their allies, to an overhangar. Mitch proclaims himself as "the biggest fish of them all", and he shoots searing lightning bolts at The Clan - with that commences Blitzkrieg, or "lightning war". Mitch's adversaries are swiftly overwhelmed and lie on the ground writhing around in pain. Eventually, Lord Tyresius harnesses the power of The Crumbs and turns it against Mitch by creating a force field to block his lightning. The Clan and the Bacchus Brotherhood unite against Mitch, who does all he can to hold up against them. Eventually, Mitch's lightning bolts are reflected back at him, and he is ultimately killed by the excessive amounts of energy. 

As a result of Nazi Mitch's death, the energy of The Crumbs was scattered all over, and no longer contained within the artifact. 

Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass ConsumptionEdit

Nazi Mitch doesn't physically appear in the film; pictures of him are seen, and he is mentioned numerous times. 

The Paleman's picture of Nazi Mitch.

In the year following Mitch's death, the U.B.N.V.A. slowly fell apart as it lacked leadership. Mitch's subordinate, The Paleman, was devastated by his death and sought vengeance against The Clan for destroying his idol. He carried around a picture of Mitch which he would often speak to when seeking guidance. The picture features Mitch standing proudly before a burning swastika.

Paleman would return to the overhangar where Mitch died, and knelt before his picture of Mitch. He vows to carry out his objective in Mitch's name, and adds that he's found an ancient being that can help him claim revenge. Paleman promises that in the coming days, The Clan will meet its end, and he'll start by killing Mitch's arch enemy, Colonel Crunch. After swearing not to fail Mitch, Paleman departs with the picture. 

After killing Rasputin at Torture Wobbler Church, Paleman speaks to a picture of Mitch, proclaiming that The Clan is at its end and he hopes to have made Mitch proud. Paleman doesn't succeed, however, as he's killed by Flynt - leaving the picture of Nazi Mitch hanging out of his pocket, a reminder of the scornful influence he's had over the years. 

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