The Original Hunters are the people who hunted for the original shark, designation GW 75, in Jurassic Shark. The group was put together by Chase Landon, with help from Dan Bruines

Jurassic SharkEdit

As Kyle Blakes was making a video in the walking trail before being assaulted and killed by the original shark, he inadvertantly filmed the attack. The footage in the camera wound up being taken and posted on YouTube, which Chase Landon found. Realizing that the murder took place right next to their neighborhood, he decides to take matters into his own hands to ensure everyone's safety. 

The film opens with Chase meeting with Anna Shelby at his house, who he believed could help him to get a group of people together to hunt for the shark. Anna spoke to Dan Bruines, who is friends with Chase and agreed to help him form the team. Dan persuades a younger person with an interest in sharks, Drake Matthews, to meet him in the Stonegate reservoir (either that or his house, Drake wound up choosing the reservoir). Drake reluctantly joins the group, and the two then speak with Billy Trenton about joining. Dan later persuades Cooper Culman and Jeff Stanton to join them as well, while Anna persuades Alexa Murray and a friend of Dan, Nate Williams, offers to help them as well. The team is complete. 

Chase holds a meeting at his house about the hunt with Dan, Drake, Billy and Nate. While the meeting doesn't go as planned, the hunt is set for the following day, although it is postponed a day further due to a bad storm. When the hunt begins, Billy is revealed to have gone on vacation, which was highly unexpected by the rest of the team. While Chase is frustrated over this, the hunt goes on as planned, with him, Dan and Drake going into the walking trail and starting the hunt where Kyle Blakes died. As they walk deeper down the trail, they eventually come across the shark. Dan goes off to get Nate, while Chase and Drake battle the shark and escape from it. They meet up with Nate deeper in the trail before heading home. 

The following day, Chase, Dan, Drake, Anna and Alexa hunt in the woods on the other side of the cul-de-sac, while Nate searches in the walking trail. The group spreads out, with Chase and Drake briefly pursuing the shark before it escapes into the woods. After this, Cooper and Jeff start to hunt for the shark, while Chase and the other hunters take a few days off (at this point, they are unaware as to where Dan and Nate are). Cooper and Jeff battle and escape the shark various times before Jeff is killed by it. When Chase doesn't hear back from the two, he becomes unsure of the situation and returns to the hunt. Chase, Drake, Anna and Alexa search in the woods once more, but Chase is ambushed by the shark, and shortly afterwards Anna is killed by it. The following day, Chase, Drake and Alexa continue on with the hunt, although surprisingly they aren't able to find the shark. The next day, Cooper, who had been in hiding following Jeff's death, is doing target practice in the woods. However, he soon finds himself cornered by the shark, at which point Drake arrives. Cooper retreats into the woods, with the shark in pursuit, and he is cornered against a tree and killed. 

Losing their allies fast, Chase and Drake continue on the hunt the next day, determined to destroy the mechanical monster after the damage it has done. In the meantime, Alexa has gone off to see if Billy has returned from his vacation yet. As Chase and Drake walk alongside the woods, they come face-to-face with the shark, although Billy and Alexa intervene and force it to retreat. After this, Drake goes off into the woods to find Dan, who they still hadn't seen for several days. As he begins to look around, he finds Dan's corpse in a ditch being pulled away by the shark. The following day, Chase, Drake, Billy and Alexa continue to hunt for the shark in the woods. While Drake and Alexa search elsewhere, Billy and Chase are attacked by the shark, which shreds up Billy's arm and knocks Drake to the side with its tail. Billy is forced to depart from the hunt and go home as a result of his injury, as is Drake, who departs alongside Alexa. Chase is left alone to hunt the shark, and finds himself building a shark cage to attract it. Chase goes in the cage and draws in the shark, which tears through the cage and knocks it over. Chase stumbles out of the cage while the shark tosses it into the bushes. 

With little to no resources left, Chase goes off to the walking trail the following day, as he saw the shark retreat to there following the shark cage's destruction. Chase begins to look around for the shark, and is eventually ambushed by it. He begins fighting it using a piece of wood, and battles it while going deeper down the trail. Eventually, the shark bites Chase's arm and breaks the piece of wood, and Chase stumbles up against a tree on the edge of an eroded slope. The shark begins to fly towards Chase, although at the last moment he ducks down, and it crashes head-on into the tree. Damaged and disoriented, it hovers above Chase, bumping into the tree several more times. While staring up at it, Chase accidently begins to slide down the slope. Unsure of what will happen next, he clings to the side of the slope and watches the shark sway back and forth before plummeting to the creek below. Chase slides down the slope and retrieves one of the shark's teeth and a golden piece of duck tape reading "InGen" before walking back to the cul-de-sac, where he meets with Drake. Drake tells him that Billy's at the hospital, while Alexa is at home and Nate hasn't been seen recently. 

Jurassic Shark II: The RetributionEdit

Following the events of the first film, it is revealed that Chase Landon, Billy Trenton, and what remains of the Original Hunters have been tracking down and hunting various models of sharks, who keep popping up from time to time. After a time, Chase Landon, with newly recruited member Eddie Jackson, encounter the Bull Shark, one of three newer, more powerful sharks created by Simon. The group holds a meeting about the encounter, and following the meeting, Billy Trenton is knocked out and dragged off by Simon, although Chase believes he is dead.

Because of Billy's supposed death, Chase Landon organizes the remaining Original Hunters into the official organization known as "the Shark Hunters". Following this point, the Original Hunters were dissolved and it became nothing but a title.

After the Retribution Incident, the only remaining hunters included Chase Landon, Dan Bruines and Nate Williams, while Drake Matthews and Alexa Murray severed their ties with Chase entirely. 


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