Pizza Origins is a short film directed, produced and edited by LordStarscream100, serving as the fourth installment in the Pizza No Come Film Series. It is the third sequel to Pizza No Come and the third chronological installment in the series; the film was released two weeks after the previous film, The Pizza Cometh, which takes place after Pizza Origins. The film follows a group of gang members, led by the decisive goon Jicker, who confront the pizza guy. 

Alex Fanelli stars as the pizza guy, while Ryan Bowman, Gabe Sagherian and Chris Lombardo co-star as the three gang members - Jicker, Renny and Dope, respectively. The film was released on September 5, 2016, after filming for The Legend of the Creepy Guy in the Woods was called off for the day.


Set fifteen hours before the events of The Pizza Cometh, the pizza guy (Alex Fanelli rides through the front lot of an elementary school. Three gang members, Renny (Gabe Sagherian, Dope (Chris Lombardo), and their leader, Jicker (Ryan Bowman) approach the car. The pizza guy steps out from the vehicle with three pizzas. Cutting to the chase, Jicker and Renny both attack the pizza guy, who is unphased by their actions. The pizza guy asks the gang members to pay; Jicker confirms that the pizzas are "authentic", but he refuses to pay the cost for the meal. 

The pizza guy tosses the gang members the three boxes. Jicker opens one of the boxes and finds it to be empty, save for a piece of crust. Jicker kicks the boxes and attacks the pizza guy with his crossbow. The pizza guy uses one of the boxes as a shield, and starts bludgeoning Jicker with it. Dope tries multiple times to shoot the pizza guy, but his gun is jammed; Dope runs off and tries unjamming his gun, but accidentally shoots himself in the process. Infuriated, Renny rides over on his scooter and strikes down the pizza guy. Renny helps Jicker to his feat, and they run off. 

The pizza guy waits at the parking lot until that night, waiting for the gang members to return. Suddenly, Renny approaches on his scooter, and confronts the pizza guy. The two have a gunfight in the middle of the parking lot; humiliated, Renny retreats after a bullet sticks to his adam's apple. As he rides off on his scooter, the pizza guy races after him in his car. Moments later, the pursuit turns into a low-speed chase by the elementary school, with the pizza guy honking his horn repeatedly at Renny. Renny rides his scooter casually in front of the pizza guy's car; eventually, the pizza guy takes out a gun and starts shooting at Renny. When the gun malfunctions, the pizza guy takes his eyes off the road - at that moment, Renny intentionally falls off his scooter and fools the pizza guy into thinking he ran him over. 

Believing his car crushed Renny, the pizza guy jumps out and looks under the car for Renny. Renny sneaks around the back of the vehicle and jumps in the driver's seat. The pizza guy threatens Renny, who starts up the car. After being told he's about to cross the line, Renny drives the car off into the night. Disgruntled, the pizza guy calls up The Chimp, telling him his car was stolen and he wants him to get it back.

Fifteen hours later, the pizza guy's car is driven down a dirt road in the woods before being stopped by The Chimp. 


  • This is the first and only LordStarscream100 film to have been released in September. 
  • Ryan Bowman reprised the role of Jicker for the film, while Alex Fanelli reprised his role as the pizza guy. 
  • Ryan's role as Jicker marked one of his final film performances; he later had a cameo in 2016 Election in a Nutshell, which he also directed, and he had a minor role in The Legend of the Creepy Guy in the Woods
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