Pizza Will Come is a short film directed, produced and edited by LordStarscream100, serving as the fifth installment in the Pizza No Come Film Series. The film was released after an eighth month hiatus, following the release of Pizza Origins in September 2016. The film takes place eight months after the events of The Pizza Cometh, in which The Chimp took back the pizza guy's car for him. However, The Chimp hasn't given the car back since. The pizza guy, whose name is revealed to be Antonio, confronts The Chimp and demands his car back. 

Alex Fanelli returns as the pizza guy, a.k.a. Antonio, while Austin Brinser returns as The Chimp. Dakota Markle debuts as The Dogfather, an "accomplice" of The Chimp who attacks Antonio. Gabe Sagherian and Ryan Grier have cameo appearances as Renny and the original pizza guy, respectively. This was Ryan's first appearance in the series since the first film, Pizza No Come. The film was released on April 14, 2017, with filming having taken place the previous day. 


Eight months after the events of The Pizza Cometh, the pizza guy, Antonio (Alex Fanelli) has been without a car ever since it was stolen. For those eight months, the car has been in possession of The Chimp (Austin Brinser), an old friend of Antonio who was asked to take back the car. In a bid to get his vehicle back, Antonio disguises himself as a gang member who ordered a pizza; The Chimp then meets with him at an elementary school with the intention of killing him. 

Wearing a chicken costume and a ski mask, Antonio approaches the car right after it arrives at the school. Pretending to reach for a pizza in the back seat, The Chimp grabs a crossbow. As he brings it forward, the "gang member" starts acting oddly, and walks away from the car. The Chimp steps out of the vehicle and asks where he's going, to which the gang member asks The Chimp the same question. The Chimp doesn't recognize the gang member, who then reveals himself to be Antonio. The Chimp is startled, with Antonio interrogating him over where he's been for the past eight months. The Chimp says he's been having fun with Antonio's car, and mocks him for his chicken costume, which Antonio claims he has to wear for his "new job". Knowing his occupation is out of the ordinary, The Chimp asks Antonio what he does as a pizza guy; Antonio explains how the gang members have been attacking pizza guys and stealing their cars and money.

The Chimp refuses to return Antonio's car. When Antonio threatens him, The Chimp knocks on the car's trunk, and a loud barking is heard. The Chimp opens the trunk and unleashes The Dogfather (Dakota Markle), a hairy beast that chases Antonio across the parking lot. The pursuit ends when Antonio hits The Dogfather with his gun, stunning him. Antonio then attacks The Chimp, beating him with his gun before being attacked by The Dogfather once more. The Dogfather chases Antonio around the car multiple times, as The Chimp goes to start up the vehicle. Antonio throws The Chimp out of the car and subdues The Dogfather, after which he speeds off in his car. The Dogfather chases after Antonio's car until Antonio slams on the brake, and The Dogfather crashes into the trunk. Antonio puts the car in reverse and drives over The Dogfather, crushing him. Enraged, The Chimp runs over to the scene, and tells Antonio that they can't move past this. As The Chimp departs, he reveals that he's been working with the gang members, and warns Antonio that they'll cut him down. The Chimp bids Antonio farewell and walks off. 

Antonio gets in his car and relaxes for a moment, tired but relieved that he has his vehicle back. Then, he hears a scream from the trunk - Antonio jumps out of the car and unlocks the trunk. Renny (Gabe Sagherian), having likely been captured and trapped there by The Chimp, emerges from the trunk. In the distance, a black car drives up to the curb, with the original pizza guy (Ryan Grier) stepping out and glaring at Antonio. 

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