Pizza Won't Come is a short film directed, produced and edited by LordStarscream100, serving as the sixth installment in the Pizza No Come Film Series. Released a month after the fifth film, Pizza Will Come, the film is a prequel and is set three months before the events of the first film, Pizza No Come. The film follows the pizza guys, brothers Antonio and Emilio, as they make a delivery to two gang members. Yet Antonio and Emilio's already tense relationship reaches the breaking point after a major revelation - setting in motion the events of the series. The film was released on April 21, 2017, having been filmed on April 19. 

Alex Fanelli and Ryan Grier reprise their roles as Antonio and Emilio, respectively, with this installment revealing the name of Ryan's pizza guy. This was also Ryan's first major role in the series since the original film. Sean Larkin returns as the hungry goon from the first film, while Chris Lombardo debuts as Master Malice, a gang member. Austin Brinser also returns as The Chimp, appearing at the end of the film and numerous times hiding behind trees. 


Three months before the events of Pizza Won't Come, the pizza guys park their cars side by side. Brothers Antonio (Alex Fanelli) and Emilio (Ryan Grier) step out from their vehicles, with Antonio trying to impress his brother by emerging from the sunroof. Emilio retrieves a pizza box from the back of his car, and after he does so, Antonio stumbles off the roof of his vehicle. He asks Emilio why he gets to carry the pizza box, to which Emilio says it's because he's the "big dog". 

Antonio and Emilio head for the nearby park with the pizza box. Emilio wonders why their boss had them both do the same job, and Antonio believes it's because their brothers. Emilio remarks that he didn't get his job because of Antonio, and it's the other way around. Antonio reminds Emilio of the situation, saying the gang members are still out to take their cars, money and pizzas. Antonio also explains how he feel he doesn't get the recognition he deserves, and that Emilio gets the attention he doesn't deserve. Emilio calls out Antonio for his attitude, and the two reluctantly set off further into the park. 

Two gang members - a hungry goon (Sean Larkin) and Mr. Malice (Chris Lombardo), a.k.a. Master Malice, wait for their pizza to arrive. Antonio and Emilio cross a bridge and head for the gang members, but Antonio chooses to remain by the bridge and "guard the exit". Emilio approaches the gang members. Malice remarks that their meal is here, and as Emilio walks over the two greet each other. The hungry goon is eager to claim the pizza, but Emilio says he has to pay first. Mr. Malice struggles to take money out, and he hands Emilio a note. Emilio says he doesn't accept IOUs, and calls over Antonio. 

Upon Antonio's arrival, he bursts into laughter when he sees the hungry goon's mask. Emilio scolds Antonio for laughing, so to apologize, Antonio asks the hungry goon to follow him on Fakebook. Emilio is astonished that Antonio has a Fakebook account, and screams at him for having not followed him - stating that he's been on the verge of getting a verified account for months. Malice and the hungry goon realize that the pizza box is empty, and Malice tries telling Emilio this - though Emilio is too absorbed in his brother's revelation. Emilio and Antonio start fighting, and Malice tries breaking up the fight. The hungry goon takes the pizza box and, frustrated, beats Malice over the head with it. The hungry goon runs off, as do Antonio and Emilio, while Malice lies on the ground groaning in pain. 

Antonio and Emilio stop running, and continue arguing over the Fakebook situation. Emilio tells Antonio to leave, to which Antonio says he never deserved this job and he never wants to see Emilio again. Emilio tackles Antonio to the ground and punches him repeatedly. Then, a hooded figure intervenes, throwing Emilio off his brother and forcing him to leave. As Emilio runs off, Antonio asks the figure who he is, to which the figure identifies himself as The Chimp (Austin Brinser). 

Emilio returns to the parking lot and approaches his car; as he's about to open the door, he turns to the audience and angrily says "pizza won't come". 

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