Rigatoni Fettucine
Rigatoni in The Battle of Munich

Portrayed By

Will LaTorre


The Battle of Munich: The Machine of Munich III



Doctor Steinfeld


Deceased - Choked to Death by Doctor Steinfeld

Location (at time of death)

English Garden

Rigatoni Fettucine was a major antagonist in The Battle of Munich: The Machine of Munich III. He is portrayed by Will LaTorre. For years, Rigatoni was feared as being the most notorious crime boss in Germany. He was an adversary of Sketch Penzil, and a close friend of Doctor Steinfeld, whom he sought to resurrect him for some time. With help from his closest confidant, Linguine Tortellini, Rigatoni sent a doppelgänger to Director Lurch's trial to "rescue" Sketch, so that they could have him revive Steinfeld. This plan was thwarted, however, when the doppelgänger malfunctioned.

Eventually, Tortellini found Sketch, who "helped" to revive Steinfeld using his digital consciousness. Together, they commenced a plan to unleash Steinfeld's army of mechanical doppelgängers on Munich - a scheme that was threatened by Sketch Penzil, and inspectors Spiff and Newark. In the ensuing battle, Rigatoni dueled Sketch Penzil and stabbed him with his sword. After Sketch died, Steinfeld betrayed Rigatoni, proclaiming that he was only a pawn in his plan before crushing his throat.