"It's a beautiful place ... home to the brave, and the people they protect. But if they want their peace to last, they will listen to us: you've all fooled yourselves enough. There is no peace. And now, we will finish what we started. Now ... it begins." 
--Simon, narrating Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution's Second Official Trailer
Simon Williams
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Simon Williams is a former InGen employee and an anarchist who is the creator of the sharks. He made his debut in Jurassic Shark II: The Retribution, with his face not appearing until the end of the second film. He will be the main human antagonist in Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution, and is portrayed by director LordStarscream100.

Jurassic SharkEdit

While he does not appear in the first film, it has been confirmed that Simon is still the head of the corrupt InGen employees at this time. 

Jurassic Shark IIEdit

In the second film, Simon releases the Hammerhead, Bull and Crocodile Sharks on a mission to kill Chase Landon and his followers. After the Bull Shark begins attacking them, Simon goes to Stonegate, the neighborhood right by Bradford Cul-De-Sac. There, he goes to Billy Trenton's house, where Billy is fighting the Bull Shark. After he escapes and begins to run off, Simon arrives, seemingly punching Billy to the ground and shooting his gun. It is unknown if he actually shot Billy or not, although Simon uses his death to weaken Chase. 

After Billy's death, Chase creates the Shark Hunters, much to Simon's displeasure. He sticks around Bradford Cul-De-Sac, and allows the sharks to go after the Shark Hunters instead of doing the job himself. Simon later pursues Russell Griffin and Gabe Reynolds across the school's soccer field when they're transporting the Bull Shark, keeping his distance as he does so. When the two walk away from the shark temporarily, Simon removes the stunning device from it, which reactivates it and sends it pursuing Russell and Gabe across the soccer field. Gabe manages to deactivate the shark once more. Simon then asks himself how they got the stunning device before walking off again. 

Still watching the Shark Hunters' every move, Simon takes action when Carter Phillips and Eddie Jackson are guarding the three stunned sharks at Billy's house. He goes to his house with plans to kill Carter and Eddie and release the sharks. However, when Carter and Eddie walk off before his arrival, he releases the sharks and retreats. The sharks then head to Bradford Cul-De-Sac, where they cause chaos. While it is unseen, sometime after Quinn Freeman had been abandoned by Chase and Dan Bruines while the Bull Shark was tearing off his arm, Simon dragged his body over to a tree, where he treated his arm with an anesthetic to stop the bleeding. Simon later appears to obtain the Crocodile Shark's head after it was decapitated by Gabe. Afterwards, he walks over to Quinn, who wakes up and begins panicking. Simon explains how he is the creator of the sharks, and despite this role, he encourages Quinn to seek revenge on Dan and Chase for abandoning him and leaving him for dead. Quinn agrees, although after Simon gives him a handgun he promises to return to kill him after he does the same with Dan and Chase. Simon then agrees, and Quinn walks off. This is his last appearence during the "Retribution Incident." 

Simon appears in a scene prior to the credits, standing on top of the hill in front of Chase's elementary school, where he leaves a message for Marcus Callum. He concludes the message by saying that once they have redeemed their forces, then the revolution will begin. Simon then runs off into the woods, holding the Crocodile Shark's head. 

Jurassic Shark IIIEdit

Simon will return in Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution as its main human antagonist. In the official trailer, he is seen addressing an unrevealed character about their final mission, which is said to involve the decimation of the Shark Hunters.  


  • JURASSIC SHARK III SPOILER: In Part 1 of the film, Nate Williams is revealed to have been the younger brother of Simon Williams. Throughout the first two films, Nate was helping both the Shark Hunters and the InGen Separatists, although when the Separatists started killing all their adversaries, Nate chose to fight against them. Simon, disgusted over his betrayal, killed Nate himself.
    • Simon's last name was kept a secret for over a year and a half because of this plot twist. In one of the film's TV Spots, he was simply referred to as "Simon", which was a joke amongst the cast members because all the other characters had last names except him. 
  • He is the only character in the Jurassic Shark series who, for a while, did not have a known last name. 
  • LordStarscream100 was originally set to briefly reprise the role in Jurassic Shark: Redemption before the film was cancelled. 
  • It is said that Simon was the character in the InGen facility at the beginning of the first film, which would seemingly make him Artie Bridges. LordStarscream100 says that Artie Bridges was not a corrupt InGen employee at all. The corrupt employees were trying to make it seem that he was the one in-charge of the original operation, since he was a well-known employee. The identity of the employee at the beginning of the first film is currently unknown. 
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