Sketch Penzil
Sketch in The Battle of Munich

Portrayed By

Scott Pincus


The Machine of Munich

The Trial of Munich: The Machine of Munich II

The Battle of Munich: The Machine of Munich III




Deceased - Stabbed by Rigatoni Fettucine

Location (at time of death)

English Garden

Sketch Penzil was a major antihero in The Machine of Munich series. He is portrayed by Scott Pincus. The leader of a notorious drug cartel, Sketch Penzil made many wrong enemies and allies. He allied with the maniacal Doctor Steinfeld, and made an adversary of crime boss Rigatoni Fettucine. When Sketch allied with Steinfeld to kill two of his former goons, Hobbes and Nevada, he was seemingly shot and killed by Hobbes. In actuality, he was the only survivor of the ordeal. Seven months later, Sketch went on trial for these events, and testified against Munich's corrupt police commissioner, Lurch. In the ensuing chaos, Sketch killed Lurch, and escaped when a doppelgänger of Steinfeld raided the trial.

Another seven months later, Sketch was tracked down by Rigatoni Fettucine, who sought a hard drive containing Steinfeld's digital consciousness - which Sketch had. He surrendered the drive, allowing for Steinfeld's resurrection. Sketch then allied with inspectors Newark and Spiff, the brothers of his former goons, in a bid to fight Steinfeld's forces and prevent his army of doppelgängers from dominating Munich. During a climactic duel with Rigatoni, Sketch was fatally stabbed, and succumbed to his wound.


  • Sketch's outfit was "improvised" when filming The Machine of Munich. Originally, he had his gloves and Zoo York shirt, but lacked glasses or a red hat. His mask was also worn as a ski mask around his head, instead of around his mouth. Scott added to his appearance before filming, feeling the original look was too goofy.