Steven Rizzo is an actor, best known for his role as Doctor Steinfeld and his mechanical doppelgänger in The Machine of Munich. Steven met Scott Pincus in their German class in late 2014, and the two became good friends. For the next few years, Scott never made any movies with Steven, but in April 2017 he worked with Steven and several other actors on The Machine of Munich, a project for their German class that had to focus on a "mechanical doppelgänger". Steven played the villainous Doctor Steinfeld in the film, as well as his mechanical doppelganger.

In October 2017, Steven and several other actors began discussions with Scott about making a sequel to the film. Steven filmed the project, The Trial of Munich: The Machine of Munich II, with new and old cast members. Steven played Doktor Steinfeld's second doppelgänger in the film. 


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