The Student Help Desk Commercial was an advertisement created by LordStarscream100 to be aired on his high school morning announcements. After being approached to make the video several days earlier, LordStarscream100 accepted the offer and planned on making a short, semi-serious advertisement. The purpose of the commercial is to encourage students to apply for the help desk, which will operate the following school year. 

The commercial was filmed on April 11, 2017, with Alex Fanelli, Austin Brinser and Gabe Sagherian starring in it; LordStarscream100 serves as the commercial's narrator. Running at thirty-five seconds, the commercial was released April 18, 2017, while an extended version was released on April 20. Reactions to the commercial were highly positive, with many people finding the commercial was more of a "meme". 


  • Scott's TV Studio teacher Mr. Vernon created a senior slideshow that the seniors watched towards the end of the year. The shots of Gabe, Austin and Alex saying "thanks Student Help Desk" were incorporated into the slideshow. 
  • Gabe Sagherian and LordStarscream100 developed the idea of making the commercial a "cheesy 80's advertisement", with Gabe coining the phrase "thanks Student Help Desk", along with the line's monotone delivery. 
  • Michael Robinson was set to appear in the advertisement, and was even present for filming while LordStarscream100 was recording his narration. Unfortunately, Michael had to leave early, and thus was unable to film any scenes. 
  • All of the shots featured in the trailer were improvised during filming. Much of the dialogue spoken by LordStarscream100 was based off information he received in an email describing what the help desk was about. 

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