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Tea-Eee is a character in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe, serving as a supporting antagonist. A parasitic alien that resembles a wig, Tea-Eee "worked" with the U.B.N.V.A. to create robotic cyborgs such as Jumpa X, using its advanced knowledge. At some point, it possessed a civilian, Dennis Palmer, and used him as a host.

Tea-Eee eventually came into conflict with Captain Jumpa and Colonel Crunch, who fought Tea-Eee and eventually ripped it from Palmer's head. Before the alien could attack Jumpa and Crunch, Palmer stepped on it. Tea-Eee was presumed dead, but later wound up in the hands of Rasputin, who used it to possess Flynt Coal and use him to claim The Crumbs and the Spear of Sodium. After fulfilling this task, Tea-Eee was discarded by Nazi Mitch.

After The Clan's dissolution, Tea-Eee wound up in the hands of arms dealer Kosta Brando, who kept the alien sealed in a tube in his pawnshop. He offered Tea-Eee to Vin, though he turned it down. It is unknown what became of Tea-Eee after Kosta's demise.


Little is known of Tea-Eee's origins. It is a parasitic alien organism that resembles a black wig. Tea-Eee has the ability to propel itself into the air and latch itself onto someone's face, allowing it to take control of their body. Because it resembles a wig, most people would never notice Tea-Eee itself, and instead think its host is mentally insane. It also turns out that Tea-Eee is highly intelligent, as it taught the U.B.N.V.A how to advance it's technology and, eventually, create robotic dopplegangers, such as Jumpa X and the J-1000.  

At some point, Tea-Eee possessed a civilian, Dennis Palmer. To strengthen its new body, Tea-Eee retrieved a biomechanical suit and a pair of tennis rackets. 


In possession of Palmer's body, Tea-Eee scrambled down a street while screeching insanely. The alien ran onto the front lawn of Colonel Crunch's vacation house, where it collapsed. Crunch approached Palmer's body, which was seemingly passed out, but he suddenly sprang to life and began wailing. This alerted Captain Jumpa, who was sleeping in a hammock, and he ran over to intervene. Jumpa and Crunch confronted Tea-Eee, whose mannerisms were very uncanny. Tea-Eee began whacking his tennis rackets together - a fit which allowed Crunch and Jumpa to run off. Tea-Eee pursued Crunch and followed him up a pine tree, until Crunch kicked him in the head. Disoriented, Tea-Eee fell to the ground, and Crunch blew a leafblower directly into its face.

In a high-pitched voice, Tea-Eee identified itself to Jumpa and Crunch. Jumpa threatened to apprehend him, but Tea-Eee ran off down the street. Jumpa took out two pistols, while Colonel Crunch took out a Ripstik, and together they pursued Tea-Eee. Tea-Eee ran until arriving at a dead-end cul-de-sac, where Jumpa and Crunch confronted it. Tea-Eee lunged at the two, but Jumpa gunned it down with his pistols. However, Palmer was protected by his biomechanical suit, and Tea-Eee had him rise to his feet. Once more, Crunch blew the leafblower at Palmer - this time knocking Tea-Eee off his head. 

Free of Tea-Eee's possession, yet nevertheless confused, Palmer claimed that he was never wearing a wig, which confused Jumpa and Crunch before they saw Tea-Eee scurrying up the street. Jumpa and Crunch went in pursuit, shooting at Tea-Eee before it stopped scurrying. However, the alien played dead, and sprang up at Jumpa and Crunch. As the two cowered in fear, Palmer stepped on the alien, remarking that he prefers natural hair. 

Between FilmsEdit

Tea-Eee survived its ordeal with Jumpa and Crunch, and would travel a great distance across the world in search of new hosts. At some point, Tea-Eee met with Rasputin, who formed a secret alliance with the alien. 

Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub SlamEdit

After claiming The Crumbs, Rasputin had Tea-Eee waiting in the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters' auditorium. After The Clan claimed The Crumbs, Rasputin ran into the headquarters with Flynt Coal in pursuit. Flynt entered the building and wandered into the auditorium. After calling for Rasputin, he heard a thumping noise from the seats. Flynt jumped off the stage and approached the seats, where he found Tea-Eee. The alien leapt into the air and latched itself onto Flynt's face; Flynt screamed as he tried ripping the alien off, but his efforts were hopeless, and he collapsed to the ground. With Flynt in its possession, Tea-Eee returned to Rasputin so he could use Flynt to get The Crumbs and the spear. 

As The Clan and the Bacchus Brotherhood confronted one another at Kerr Park, Rasputin arrived with Flynt, who was still possessed by Tea-Eee. Tea-Eee charged at Kick and took The Crumbs from him, before running off across the park. Kick and Vin tried fighting Tea-Eee but were swiftly struck down. John Bacchus, Big Beard and Bjorn Alvarez wrapped themselves around Flynt in a bid to take The Crumbs from him. As Bjorn prepared to stab him, Tea-Eee shoved them all away, and screeched insanely. Bacchus and Bjorn frequently fought Tea-Eee, but they were unable to stop him. After Tea-Eee struck down Bjorn, Bacchus confronted the alien, who took the spear from him. Now holding both The Crumbs and the spear, Tea-Eee ran off with Rasputin. 

Rasputin brought Tea-Eee into the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters to meet with Nazi Mitch, who Rasputin agreed to sign a pact with. After taking The Crumbs and the spear from Tea-Eee, Rasputin tore the alien off Flynt's head before knocking Flynt unconscious. Rasputin asked Nazi Mitch to dispose of the alien, and he threw it across the table. Mitch fumbled around with the alien, grabbing a trash can and struggling to contain it inside. To avoid wasting time, Mitch threw the trashcan across the hallway, with Tea-Eee falling out. 

Between FilmsEdit

At some point following the events of Bread's Crumbs 3, Tea-Eee was likely captured by arms dealer Kosta Brando and placed inside a cylinder display in his pawnshop. 

Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass ConsumptionEdit

When Vin goes to Portugal with Banny Passerini and Bjorn Alvarez, they meet with Kosta Brando in his pawnshop. Shortly after their arrival, Kosta begins offering them several items from his pawnshop, including Kaine West's alien arm, Colonel Crunch's hat, and Tea-Eee, who is squirming around inside the display case. Vin declines to buy any of the items, and Kosta puts them away - Tea-Eee included. 

After Bjorn betrays the group and kills Kosta, it is unknown what became of Tea-Eee. It is possible Tea-Eee was freed from the display case, or escaped from it at some point. 


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