The Best of West is a short film written, directed and edited by LordStarscream100. The film focuses on Downingtown West High School, and the inspiring experience of a senior shortly before he graduates. The film will be shown to the school's new Freshman class on READY Day, a school-wide event that welcomes the eighth graders to Downingtown West High School. The film was released a year after From DMS to West, an informational video that provided details on West to the eighth graders. 

The film follows a senior, Alex, as he meets with two eighth graders, who are excited yet also anxious about going to Downingtown West. Alex encourages the them by reflecting on his high school experience. Alex Fanelli stars as the senior, while Andrew Gkonos and Abby Pincus co-star as the eighth graders. Several of Scott's recurring cast members also cameo at the end of the film. The project was written in May 2017, after which it was filmed on May 12 and released on May 14. It was shown to the eighth graders at READY Day on May 23, with Scott, Alex and Abby having attended the viewing. 


In the middle school parking lot, a Downingtown West senior, Alex (Alex Fanelli), talks to two eighth graders, Andrew (Andrew Gkonos) and Abby (Abby Pincus). Alex discusses moving on from high school, expressing how much he enjoyed his time there and also hoping the best for Andrew and Abby as they join the school. Andrew and Abby are nervous about going to West, and they ask Alex to give them a tour. 

Alex walks Abby and Andrew through the main lobby. Andrew remarks how big the school is, to which Alex says he'll get used to it. As they continue upstairs, Abby asks Alex how he made it this far. Alex says people support others at the school, and he urges Abby and Andrew to be confident. He says that they'll set goals and take chances, and by doing so they'll find success. As they walk through the school, Alex says he put himself out there, while also urging Andrew and Abby to do the same. 

Alex, Andrew and Abby walk across the field in Kottmeyer Stadium. Alex says that soon he'll graduate in the stadium, and Andrew and Abby will do the same in four years. Andrew asks Alex how it feels to move on; Alex says he's happy, finding that it's not hard to move on when you leave a legacy behind. Alex tells Andrew and Abby to stand out, make an impression, and leave a legacy. 

At the front of the school, Andrew and Abby tell Alex that they had a lot of fun. Before departing, Alex gives both Andrew and Abby a wooden whippet - the mascot of Downingtown West, which will remind them of who they are. As Alex rides his car down Manor Avenue, Andrew and Abby walk up to a sign in front of the school. Andrew holds up the wooden whippet in front of the school's logo, which contains a whippet in the middle of it. 

Elsewhere, Alex meets up with several of his friends. Gabe (Gabe Sagherian) asks Alex how the tour went, and Alex says they had a lot of fun. Gabe asks Alex if he thinks Abby and Andrew are ready for the school, and Alex is confident that they are. 


  • Alex Fanelli as Alex, a senior at Downingtown West who greatly enjoyed his time at the school. He guides Andrew and Abby through the school while providing encouraging words about their future there. 
  • Andrew Gkonos as Andrew, an eighth grader preparing to move onto West. He is friends with Abby and, like her, is nervous about going to the school. He is encouraged by Alex to be himself and make the most of his experience at West. Andrew is upbeat, joyful, and full of energy. This marks Andrew Gkonos' first collaboration with LordStarscream100. 
  • Abby Pincus as Abby, an eighth grader preparing to move onto West. She is friends with Andrew and, like him, is nervous about going to the school. She is encouraged by Alex to be himself and make the most of her experience at West. Abby is serious, kind and understanding of others. 

Gabe Sagherian, Ryan Grier, Austin Brinser, Chris Lombardo and Sean Larkin all cameo at the end of the film as Alex's friends. None of them are credited in the film itself, but they are credited in the description. Of the five of them, Gabe is the only one who has dialogue in the film. 


The film was met with a positive reaction, namely by Scott's guidance counselor, Nicole Lipkin, and his teacher and graduation project mentor Brian Hassel, who made the wooden Whippet seen in the film. The film was also shown to several teachers in the school shortly after its release, and several of them complimented the group for their work. Alex was commended by the principal, Kurt Barker, for his role in the project.

The film had a major viewing on May 23, during READY Day, and received a positive reaction. Scenes such as the stadium segment, Andrew and the wooden whippet, and Gabe asking "are they ready?" were applauded by the audience. 


  • The film marks the end of an era, as it was the last "school project" Scott made in his high school. 
  • The film's music is "X Marks the Plot", the music played at the end of Logan, and "Purity of Heart", a suite composed by Steve Jablonsky for Transformers: The Last Knight
  • This is Abby Pincus' first major acting role since Jurassic Shark in 2012, as well as the acting debut of Andrew Gkonos in LordStarscream100's films. 
  • Often, Kottmeyer Stadium is closed off to students, and Scott believed they would only be able to film outside of the stadium. Surprisingly, the crew found that the stadium was open, and they spent around five minutes filming on the field. 
  • This was the second LordStarscream100 film shown to a large audience, after An Aspiration to Excel in March 2015. 
  • Gabe Sagherian was originally set to play the role of the senior, considering he's had such a big part in Scott's other projects. However, Scott ultimately chose to cast Alex Fanelli instead, as he wanted a new actor to step up and take the lead role. 
  • In real life, Alex is a senior at West like he is in the film. However, Abby and Andrew are sophomores, and they play eighth graders in the film.  
  • As a freshman and sophomore, Alex didn't go to West; he instead went to the STEM Academy, a high school near West. He transferred to West in his junior year. On the other hand, Andrew Gkonos has gone to STEM for two years, and will continue going there for the rest of high school. 
  • In real life, Andrew is a friend of Scott's sister Abby. Scott worked with Andrew on the school's musical, The Addams Family, in which Andrew appeared as Cousin Itt during the show's intermission. Scott, a student producer of the musical, also had the part of kicking Itt out of the auditorium because he didn't have a ticket. Prior to one of the showings, Scott approached Andrew about the READY Day project. A month and a half later, they created the film. 

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