thumb|300px|link=The Conundrum Dimension is a short film directed, produced, written and edited by LordStarscream100. It is the second Bread's Crumbs 2 interquel, the fifth Bread's Crumbs interquel overall, and the seventh overall installment in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe. It was released on August 20, 2015. Gabe Sagherian eprises his role from the second film as John Bacchus, while Dakota Markle makes his debut as the film's main antagonist, Bjorn Alvarez

After bidding farewell to The Clan in the second film, John Bacchus has been residing in Portugal for several months, where he is on a quest to uncover the mysteries of The Crumbs and save two of his allies after they were imprisoned in a separate dimension. Yet in the midst of his quest, he crosses paths with a dangerous bounty hunter and member of the U.B.N.V.A., Bjorn Alvarez, who is in posession of the sole means of accessing the Conundrum Dimension. 


The film opens with bounty hunter and U.B.N.V.A. associate Bjorn Alvarez (Dakota Markle) walking into the center of a group of pine trees, where he calls Bread Nelson. Nelson believes that John Bacchus is dead, as he mysteriously departed from the Clan two months earlier, but Bjorn tells him that he's alive, and promises Nelson that he'll kill him only if he is paid a large sum of money - much to Nelson's displeasure. After hanging up on him, Bjorn calls Nazi Mitch, and tells him that he has the portal to the Conundrum Dimension - a device that Nazi Mitch gave to him for safekeeping. He then tells him that he'll get the portal back, but he too will have to pay him - much to Nazi Mitch's displeasure as well. Bjorn then hangs up on him, to which we see a parteiadler attached to his hat. Meanwhile, inside the Conundrum Dimension, Biscuit Savage (Brandon A) rises up to face Colonel Crunch (Russell P) and Corporal Crunch (Eric G). Biscuit Savage begins to approach the two. 

John Bacchus (Gabe Sagherian) rides through the streets of Portugal on a scooter, eventually coming to a stop and calling his friend Sandy Sandler, assuring him that he's fine and in Portugal, where he hopes to find a means to access the Conundrum Dimension. After finishing his conversation with Sandy, Bacchus rides off to one of his scouting locations, where he had dealt with a conflict a year earlier. He looks down at a creek, which contains a group of large fish, and he remarks that "all fish become big at one point". At that moment, Bjorn Alvarez emerges from the bushes and approaches Bacchus. A heated confrontation occurs, with Bacchus telling Bjorn that he shouldn't trust Nazi Mitch, as he was the one who trapped Colonel and Corporal Crunch inside the Conundrum Dimension using the Conundrum Portal - which Bacchus demands Bjorn hands over. Bjorn refuses, and Bacchus knocks the portal out of his hands and onto the ground. Before Bacchus can retrieve it, Bjorn threatens to step on it and cut off and means of accessing the dimension, to which a fight breaks out between the two. Bjorn manages to defeat Bacchus, and he retreats with the portal. 

Bacchus rides off through Portugal to find Bjorn, who is standing in a street where he was supposed to meet up with Nazi Mitch, although Nazi Mitch seemingly changed their rendezvous location. Bacchus arrives at the scene, confronting Bjorn and attempting to convince him not only to hand over the portal, but to disband his ties with Nazi Mitch and join his side instead. Bjorn disregards his negotiations, and a second fight breaks out. The battle is brief, as Bjorn knocks Bacchus to the ground and attempts to imprison him in the Conundrum Dimension. Yet Bacchus leaps up and knocks Bjorn's sword out of his hands - sending his hair flying back and leaving his face uncovered. Bacchus tries convincing Bjorn to join him once more, telling him that he can't trust Nazi Mitch. Bjorn eventually agrees with Bacchus, and the two depart together. As they head off, Bacchus asks Bjorn how they can get someone out of the dimension using the portal, to which Bjorn replies that he hasn't figured that out yet - leaving Bacchus stunned and horrified at the same time, and the film ends. 

In the after-credits scene, Biscuit Savage confronts Colonel and Corporal Crunch. Colonel Crunch asks Savage what cereal brand he likes to eat, but Savage tells him to shut up, and threatens to "pound him to a pulp". Yet Colonel Crunch remarks that he's stuck with him and his clone forever, to which Biscuit Savage screams in terror. 


  • Gabe Sagherian as John Bacchus - A founding member of The Clan who has gone to Portugal to uncover the mysteries behind The Crumbs and the Conundrum Dimension. 
  • Dakota Markle as Bjorn Alvarez - A treacherous bounty hunter allied, to an extent, with the U.B.N.V.A. Bjorn is greedy and is always seeking to make money and deals, and he is also a coward when faced with fighting someone, which is what happened when he confronted John Bacchus. 
  • Brandon Archibald as Doomed Savage - A former adversary of The Clan who has been imprisoned in the Conundrum Dimension after he ate one of the Fake Crumbs. Savage appears via archival footage. 
  • Russell Parkinson as Doomed Crunch - A member of The Clan who has been imprisoned in the Conundrum Dimension ever since Nazi Mitch sent him there. He appears via archival footage. 
  • Eric Gorbaty as Doomed Corporal - A member of The Clan and the "clone" of Colonel Crunch, who has been imprisoned in the Conundrum Dimension ever since Nazi Mitch sent him there. He appears via archival footage. 

David M and Mitchell Patterson have speaking roles as Bread Nelson and Nazi Mitch, respectively, through the use of archival audio. 


  • The footage of Biscuit Savage, Colonel Crunch and Corporal Crunch in the Conundrum Dimension was taken from various scenes in Bread's Crumbs 2. However, many of the shots featuring Eric Gorbaty as Corporal Crunch were shot for the second film's "after-credits" scene that was never utilized, because it didn't make any sense. 
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