WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Bread's Crumbs 4.

The Creator
Creator in Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption (2017)

Portrayed By

1P Entertainment (voice only) (Scrub Slam)

Dan Brusilovsky/Rob O'Dwyer (voice) (Mass Consumption)




Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam (mentioned, voice only)

Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption



The Creator was a character in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe. An ancient being of great power, he was the maker of The Crumbs, as well as a member of the Bacchus bloodline and an ancestor of John Bacchus. He serves as one of the main antagonists of Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption. Creator was briefly voiced by 1P Entertainment in Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam, while Rob O'Dwyer voiced him in the fourth film; Dan Brusilovsky portrayed the character physically in the fourth film. 

During World War I, The Creator realized humanity's capacity for violence towards itself. Disgusted, he built a device that could hold The Crumbs' power and explode, wiping out life on Earth. His plans were thwarted by Lord Tyresius, who trapped his soul inside the artifact and defended it for the next century. Upon the death of Nazi Mitch, The Creator's soul was freed and he sought to fulfill his ancient destiny, allying with The Paleman to do so. 

After The Clan accidentally retrieved his device from Chernobyl, Paleman sent Quinn Diesel to steal it. Creator and Paleman would then set off and fight The Clan, with Creator killing Big Beard, Sandy, Reginald and Tyresius. In his final fight against Bacchus and Flynt Coal, Creator was incinerated by Bacchus, who used the Forbidden Sword to harness The Crumbs' power and destroy him. 



The Creator was born into the Bacchus bloodline, and built the powerful artifact known as The Crumbs to contain an ultimate power. For many years, The Creator defended the artifact in Torture Wobbler Church. When World War I began in 1914, The Creator began to see humanity's capacity for violence, and he was disgusted. He believed they should be destroyed, and tried building a means of wiping them out. 

After various experiments, many of which were dangerous and severely damaged Torture Wobbler Church, The Creator built a device that could contain The Crumbs' power and with it, blow up when a large button was pressed. However, the device was useless without a means of putting the power in it. He built a spear that could pierce The Crumbs and harness the power, but he believed it wasn't stable. Instead, The Creator sought the Forbidden Sword, a weapon forged by the Bacchus bloodline that could harness The Crumbs' power and use it in battle. However, retrieving it was difficult, as the weapon was too dangerous and "forbidden" from frequent use. At some point, The Creator's brothers would learn of his sadistic aspirations, and tasked an ally, Lord Tyresius, with confronting him. 

Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass ConsumptionEdit


In 1916, halfway through World War I, Lord Tyresius walked up the long road leading to Torture Wobbler Church. Inside the church, The Creator sensed Lord Tyresius's presence, and retrieved the device, The Crumbs, and his axe. As Tyresius stopped outside the church, The Creator emerged from the structure and confronted him. Tyresius ordered The Creator to surrender The Crumbs, as requested by his brothers, but The Creator refused to.

Tyresius stated that he's not capable of defending the artifact, to which The Creator explained his motives, stating that humanity's destructive tendencies and capacity for violence are unacceptable, and they must be destroyed. He unveild his device and explained the threat it poses. Tyresius was horrified by it, but didn't see how it could work. The Creator said that with the Forbidden Sword, he can harness the artifact's power and activate his device. Tyresius says the bloodline wouldn't allow it, to which The Creator denounces the bloodline. Tyresius denounces The Creator in return for his poor decisions. The Creator justifies his motives, believing that with the world at war, there's no better time for it to end. 

Tyresius threatens to destroy The Creator, who asserts that Tyresius won't command him. Tyresius starts fighting The Creator, who proves to be more skilled in battle. As they fight, The Creator proclaims he will fulfill his own destiny and complete his vision. Tyresius seizes the device, and The Creator yearns for him to use it, but Tyresius throws it into the bushes. The Creator continues fighting Tyresius, who gains an advantage. Tyresius uses the sword to rip open The Creator's belt, causing The Crumbs to fall to the ground. Tyresius knocks The Creator over, and he begs Tyresius to open his eyes and see the world as he does. Tyresius has no mercy towards The Creator, and absorbs his soul into The Crumbs. Tyresius then leaves the church, taking The Crumbs with him. 

Between FilmsEdit

For the next century, Lord Tyresius would guard The Crumbs in Mekron Woods - a duty he was given by the Bacchus bloodline. At some point, he was joined by Big Beard, a strong bearded warrior who helped him protect the artifact. 

In the 1980s, Russian agents discovered The Creator's device at Torture Wobbler Church, and had it examined at Chernobyl. They believed the device could contain nuclear energy and possibly be used as a warhead. Experiments on the device quickly went wrong, however, as it would cause the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear meltdown. The Russian government covered up the incident, finding it humiliating that they lost control in the situation. 

In Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam, The Creator tempted his descendant, John Bacchus, with the prospect of claiming The Crumbs' power and becoming an all-powerful being. Communicating through his mind, The Creator had Bacchus go to Torture Wobbler Church to claim the spear he forged, which could harness The Crumbs' power and inject it into a person. Bacchus claimed the spear, but was unable to get ahold of the artfifact, as both it and the spear fell into the hands of Nazi Mitch. Mitch became all-powerful, but was killed by Lord Tyresius and The Clan. His death caused The Crumbs's power to be dispersed, which allowed The Creator's soul to be freed. For the next year, he sought a means of destroying the world, and made an ally in The Paleman along the way. 


When several members of The Clan retrieve the device from Chernobyl, an undercover ally of The Paleman, Bjorn Alvarez, contacts The Paleman about the device's reappearance. Paleman sends Quinn Diesel to retrieve the device. 

The Paleman meets with The Creator at his house, which sits by Torture Wobbler Church. The Paleman tells him that his device was found, and The Creator declares that the darkest hour is near. Paleman is eager that the device was found, but The Creator knows it's useless without the Forbidden Sword, which he urges Paleman to find. Frustrated, Paleman learns more about the sword, and that Lord Tyresius knows of its location. Paleman sets off, while The Creator telepathically summons Tyresius to the church. 

Paleman sets off to attack The Clan, which creates a diversion that allows Quinn to retrieve the device from the headquarters. Both Paleman and Quinn return to the church and meet with The Creator. Paleman introduces Quinn and presents the device to The Creator. Shortly after, Tyresius arrives at the scene, and is horrified to see The Creator. Tyresius tells The Creator not to mess with The Clan, after he asks where John Bacchus is. Creator orders Tyresius to stay out of his way, to which Tyresius punches his helmet - hurting his fist. As Tyresius runs off, Creator orders Quinn to stay behind as he and Paleman follow Tyresius. 

Mekron WoodsEdit

In Mekron Woods, The Clan holds a funeral for several fallen allies, but they're interrupted by the arrival of Tyresius. Not far behind him are Paleman and The Creator, who confront The Clan. Creator quickly takes a disliking to Vin, who refers to him as Paleman's "dress up buddy". As Tyresius tries alleviating the situation, Creator punches him in the face. Bacchus asks who he is, and The Creator identifies himself, which startles Bacchus. The Creator says he inspired Bacchus to take The Crumbs, and Bacchus believes he was only a voice he heard in his head. However, The Creator says he's Bacchus's ancestor, and he attacks Bacchus. The Clan retreats as The Creator corners Bacchus, who runs off and regroups with his team. Together, they fight against their adversaries, with Bacchus, Sandy, Tyresius, Big Beard and Rasputin fighting The Creator. The Creator is a formidable opponent, easily holding off his five foes. After striking down Bacchus, The Creator moves in to kill him with his axe, but Big Beard jumps in his path and is hit in the back. As Big Beard dies, Creator tells Bacchus to follow him if he wishes to save his team. 

Bacchus meets with Creator on the outskirts of Mekron Woods. Creator explains his motives to Bacchus, citing that his disgust for humanity has pushed him to usher in their extinction. The Creator learned of Bacchus's plan to remake The Crumbs using the Forbidden Sword, and he acknowledges that he's searching for it as well. Despite their heritage, and the influence The Creator had on Bacchus when he went rogue, Bacchus denounces The Creator for his beliefs and his alliance with The Paleman, and warns that The Clan will stop them. However, The Creator says they won't stop him without a leader to guide them, and he punches Bacchus. Creator warns him that a great storm is coming, and his team won't survive it; Bacchus warns Creator to stay away from The Clan, to which he knocks Bacchus unconscious. As The Creator walks off, he meets with Paleman, and tells him they're going to wipe out The Clan. 

Kerr ParkEdit

At Kerr Park, Lord Tyresius searches for the Forbidden sword alongside Sandy and Reginald. The trio splits up to look for the sword alongside the river. As Sandy searches, he approached by The Creator, who wants Sandy's help in finding the sword. Sandy is intimidated by The Creator, who brandishes a giant axe, but he ultimately refuses to aid The Creator. The Creator raises his axe to kill Sandy, but Tyresius and Reginald intervene. After a brief confrontation with his old enemy, The Creator starts swinging his axe around. After Sandy falls down, The Creator tries killing him - but a kick to his stomach from Tyresius briefly subdues him. Tyresius sets off to find the sword, as Reginald and Sandy continue fighting The Creator. However, he proves to be a formidable opponent, swiftly striking down his adversaries, who he says are blinded by courage and will always fall. 

The Creator looms over Sandy, telling him that Bacchus has forsaken him. Sandy tells The Creator that he'll never win, to which The Creator says he'll always win, and stabs Sandy with his axe. As Reginald watches Sandy die, The Creator walks through the park after Tyresius, brandishing his bloody axe. A vengeful Reginald runs after The Creator, hindering his pursuit of Tyresius. The Creator tells Reginald that that there's little time for him and the world, before swiftly attacking him. As Tyresius finds the Forbidden Sword in the river, Reginald dodges The Creator's axe swings. This tactic lasts only so long, as The Creator wounds him with his axe before slicing his throat and finishing him off. Creator then finds Tyresius, who has reclaimed the Forbidden Sword. Creator demands the sword, but Tyresius refuses to surrender it to him. To protect the weapon, Tyresius fires a beam of energy and teleports it to Bacchus's location. Creator is infuriated, and he attacks Tyresius, grabbing his throat and slamming him against a tree. Tyresius says that even if he dies, The Clan won't be stopped. The Creator proclaims that he'll stop them himself, and slices Tyresius's throat. Creator walks away from the scene as Lord Tyresius dies. 

Last MeetingEdit

The Creator returns to his house, where he finds The Paleman speaking to a picture of Nazi Mitch. The two begin bragging about who they killed, with The Creator boasting that he killed three of their adversaries, while Paleman boasts that he killed Rasputin and influenced Quinn to kill his father. Creator mocks Paleman for not killing Vin himself, to which Paleman said he was busy retrieving an artifact stolen by Flynt. Paleman unveils the artifact, which The Creator says is a worthless relic that Bacchus built. Creator tosses it aside, which angers Paleman, who Creator says has lost sight of his goals. The two begin bickering, to which Paleman urges that they focus on defeating the rest of The Clan. Believing that Paleman has only hindered his vision, Creator questions his capability of helping in the situation. He orders Paleman to challenge Bacchus to a final fight, and severs his ties with him. Paleman is angered over this, and though he messages Bacchus about facing The Creator, he challenges Bacchus to face him at the track afterwards. 

Final BattleEdit

The next day, The Creator is confronted by Bacchus and Flynt outside of the headquarters. Bacchus greets Creator, who acknowledges that he's claimed the sword. Bacchus is proud of the weapon, but Creator tries undermining his confidence, and reminds him of his promise to kill The Clan. Bacchus corrects Creator, telling him that he didn't kill his team - he killed his family. Creator asks him what purpose he'll serve without them, and Bacchus swears to destroy Creator, who tells Bacchus to give his life some meaning and surrender the sword. Bacchus refuses to, and Creator threatens him with the same fate as his friends - a fate Bacchus is ready to face. Creator lashes out at Bacchus and Flynt, and says they'll finish this together. The two begin fighting Creator, who swiftly overwhelms them. Before he can kill Flynt, Creator is stopped by Bacchus, and he tells him Bacchus he's forsaken. Creator asks Bacchus what he'll do to stop him, and Bacchus says he'll do whatever it takes. Creator strikes down Bacchus, and tells him he's disgraced the Bacchus bloodline. 

As Bacchus is on the ground, he examines the sword. Creator tells Bacchus that the rain has fallen and cleansed the streets of the scum - Bacchus' team. Once more, he demands that Bacchus surrender the sword. Instead, however, he raises it to the sky and harnesses The Crumbs' power. Creator disarms Bacchus and swipes the sword to the side. Creator humuliates Bacchus, telling him he's lived long enough to lose everything. Flynt tries attacking Creator, but is swiftly struck down as well. Creator approaches the sword, and proudly states that he's sought this goal for a hundred years, after which his quest finally ends. Bacchus pleads with Creator not to activate the device, to which Creator says his vision is clear, and Bacchus should pray for a swift end. As he moves the sword towards the device, Flynt shoves Creator from behind, and he drops the sword and the device. After Creator strikes down Flynt once again, Bacchus takes the opportunity to seize the sword. Creator asks Bacchus if he'll go so far as to kill him, and Bacchus says Creator will pay for what he's done. Creator says that Bacchus can't condemn him, to which Bacchus unleashes The Crumbs' power from the sword. The power strikes Creator, who stumbles back as he's slowly electrocuted by it. Eventually, the full force of The Crumbs' power is unleashed from the sword, and Creator is incinerated in a giant explosion of energy. When the smoke clears, all that remains is his helmet. 


Bacchus would go on to battle The Paleman and, in the process, be mortally wounded. After Flynt killed Paleman, Bacchus used the last of his strength to remake The Crumbs, and he died by Flynt's side. Some time later, Flynt would bring several weapons, as well as Creator's helmet and device, to Torture Wobbler Church. While there, Kick would relieve his despair and encourage Flynt to adopt the purpose of defending The Crumbs. Flynt agrees to do so, and they place Creator's helmet inside the church. Flynt and Kick then walk off with The Crumbs, determined to guard it in the years ahead. 

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