The Creepy Guy in the Woods Film Series is trilogy of short-films directed, produced, written and edited by Scott Pincus. The first film was released on December 19, 2013, and was the first short film to be directed and released by Scott. The second film was released on May 9, 2014, and the third and final film was released on June 13, 2014. A full-length fourth film which acts as a semi-reboot to the series was released on March 5, 2017. 

The series stars Gabe Sagherian as a teenager who has multiple encounters with a masked maniac, who he nicknames "the Creepy Guy in the Woods". In the original trilogy, Scott Pincus portrayed the Creepy Guy, acting alongside Gabe in the first and second films. In the third film, a set of new characters were introduced, played by Russell ParkinsonRyan Bowman and Mitchell Patterson. The fourth film introduces many new actors, including Alex Fanelli, Eric Gorbaty, Chris Lombardo, Dakota Markle and Sean Larkin. To give Scott more focus on directing and writing the film, Austin Brinser takes over as the Creepy Guy. 

The original trilogy was created for Scott's Video Applications class as three separate projects throughout the school year, while the fourth film serves as the crew's graduation project. 

The Creepy Guy in the Woods TrilogyEdit

How to Avoid a Creepy Guy in the Woods (2013)Edit

The first installment, How to Avoid a Creepy Guy in the Woods, was released on December 19, 2013. It follows Gabe (Gabe S) as he is given advice by Scott the Instructor (LordStarscream100) on how to avoid a creepy guy in the woods. As Gabe takes a hike through the walking trail, he eventually encounters the Creepy Guy (LordStarscream100). 

After the Creepy Guy fails to respond to any of Gabe's statements, Gabe runs away. Scott gives advice to the viewer on how to avoid the creepy guy. Eventually, the Creepy Guy corners Gabe next to a creek, where Gabe uses an apple to negotiate with him. The Creepy Guy takes the apple and retreats, with Scott telling the viewer to expect the unexpected and be ready for anything. 

The Creepy Guy Returns (2014)Edit

The second installment, The Creepy Guy Returns, was released on May 9, 2014. It features returning cast members Gabe S and LordStarscream100 as Gabe and the Creepy Guy in the Woods, respectively. The film follows Gabe as he goes back to the walking trail a week after the first film overcome his fear of the Creepy Guy in the Woods. Yet the Creepy Guy returns, leaving Gabe to deal with the problem again. 

Upon encountering him a second time, Gabe gets away and is pursued before being knocked out by the Creepy Guy. He then reawakens sitting next to a stop-sign, where he is left to wonder whether what just happened was a dream or reality. Infuriated, he goes off to find the Creepy Guy, eventually going to the elementary school to look. There, he is pursued once more by him, leading to a fight on the school playground that results in Gabe being knocked unconscious.  The film ends with Gabe sitting in a dark room, his mouth and wrists duck-taped, and loud footsteps are approaching him. 

The Search for the Creepy Guy in the Woods (2014)Edit

The third and at the time final installment, The Search for the Creepy Guy in the Woods, was released on June 13, 2014. It once again features returning cast members Gabe S and LordStarscream100 in their roles from the second film, with LordStarscream100 also returning as the instructor from the first film. New additions to the cast include Ryan B, Mitchell P, Russell P and Jacob D. Filming took place on May 25 and 31, as well as June 4 and 11. The film follows a search organized by Scott (LordStarscream100) to save Gabe and stop the Creepy Guy from causing any harm to anyone. 

After Gabe goes missing, Scott organizes a search with Ryan (Ryan B) and Mitchell (Mitchell P). Scott and Ryan search through the walking trail, while Mitchell looks outside of it and accompanies Russell in the process. The two wind up finding Gabe, although in the meantime Ryan is killed. As they return to the walking trail, Scott and Mitchell also wind up being killed, although Mitchell provides the ultimate solution to stopping the Creepy Guy: a bag full of apples. After Russell is beaten up by the Creepy Guy, Gabe negotiates with him for a final time, giving him the apples and telling him never to return again. After accepting the apples, the Creepy Guy disappears into thin air, with Russell stating that the search is over before the two walk up the trail together. 

The Legend of the Creepy Guy in the Woods (2017)Edit

The fourth installment, The Legend of the Creepy Guy in the Woods, was released on March 5, 2017, was the first installment in the series in nearly three years. The film features the return of Gabe Sagherian in the lead role, while Austin Brinser takes Scott Pincus' place as the Creepy Guy. Scott returns to direct, write and edit the film, and he also created the entire score. Alex Fanelli, Dakota Markle, Eric Gorbaty, Chris Lombardo and Sean Larkin are the newcomers to the film's cast. Filming for the project commenced in July 2016 before wrapping in February 2017. 

Set two years after the third film, Gabe has tried living a normal life, devoid of torment by the Creepy Guy. Yet when he encounters a mysterious demon, Gabe struggles with finding answers to his past. This leads him to join forces with a group of people and set off to learn more about the demon and the Creepy Guy in the Woods. Now, Gabe's ordeal continues, as he finds himself making new allies and enemies. 


Despite the fate of the series' main protagonist, the fourth film sets up a potential fifth installment, as Zion spoke to Alex about going out to find The Creepy Guy and bring him home. Scott has expressed interest in making a fifth film, but he doesn't know when or if it will happen. 


The first three films in the series have gained extremely positive reactions, with each one scoring a 100% rating. This score is based on seven likes for the first installment, four likes for the second installment, and nine likes for the third installment. Ultimately, the fourth film has gained the most positive reaction, with thirty likes. The first film has gained the most views, with nearly 800 views. The third film has over 500 views, while the second film has nearly 300 views. The fourth film is currently climbing in views, with over 1,200 views. 


These are the characters that appeared or will appear in The Creepy Guy in the Woods Film Series. A white cell indicates that the character has/will not appear in that specific film. 

Character Film
How to Avoid a Creepy Guy in the Woods
The Creepy Guy Returns
The Search for the Creepy Guy in the Woods
The Legend of the Creepy Guy in the Woods
Gabe Gabe Sagherian
The Creepy Guy Scott Pincus Austin Brinser
Russell Russell Parkinson
Ryan Ryan Bowman
Mitchell Mitchell Patterson
Alex Alex Fanelli
Eric Eric Gorbaty
Chris Chris Lombardo
Sean Sean Larkin
Saathi/The Demon

Dakota Markle Scott Pincus (voice)

Scott Scott Pincus Scott Pincus
Jacob Jacob Doerr (cameo)
Zion Zion Figueroa
Dakota Dakota Markle
Maxwell Ryan Bowman
Grier Ryan Grier
Lutz Jacob Lutz
Roger Brody Hall

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