The Crumbs
The Crumbs in Torture Wobbler Church

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The Creator


Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo

Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam

Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption


Source of Ultimate Power


Intact, remade using the New Artifact

The Crumbs, also known as Bread's Crumbs, is an ancient artifact of unlimited power. It contains sacred energies that are capable of causing great destruction, and thus was hidden from the world for many years. Created by an ancient being who tried using it to destroy humanity, The Crumbs were guarded by Lord Tyresius and Big Beard for nearly a century - a duty The Clan thought they were also fulfilling, yet they were actually guarding a fake version of the artifact. When they found the true relic, it was stolen by Nazi Mitch, who kept it in the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters. 

A year later, a devious Russian named Rasputin stole The Crumbs and withheld it from his adversaries. The artifact was lost numerous times before its powers were claimed by Nazi Mitch. The Clan and its allies joined together to destroy the all-powerful Aryan, yet The Crumbs' energies were dispersed in the process. John Bacchus would later reunite The Clan in a bid to remake the artifact, a goal they would ultimately accomplish, though many sacrifices were made in the process. Flynt Coal and Kick then went on to defend the relic. 


Origin of the ArtifactEdit

The Crumbs was forged many years ago in Torture Wobbler Church by The Creator, a member of the Bacchus bloodline. For some time, Creator was obligated with defending the artifact from those who sought its power. When World War I began, Creator became so disgusted with humanity's capacity for violence, that he tried to usher in their extinction using the artifact's powers. He forged a spear that could pierce the artifact and inject its powers into a person, though this went unused. He then built a Doomsday Device that could hold its power and decimate life on Earth.

The Creator being absorbed into The Crumbs using its energies.

Creator would need his family's sacred weapon, the Forbidden Sword, to harness The Crumbs' power and place it in the device. Lord Tyresius was called upon by the bloodline to confront Creator. Tyresius fought against Creator, and ultimately trapped his soul inside the artifact. 

For the next century, Tyresius guarded the artifact alongside his trusted friend, Big Beard. During this time, thousands of people tried finding The Crumbs, but to no avail. Duplicates of the artifact, dubbed "Fake Crumbs", were created and scattered throughout the world to hide the location of the real relic. These duplicates were dangerous, as their corruptive energies could weaken a person if they were touched. At some point, The Clan was formed by Captain Jumpa and others, and they were obligated with defending the artifact in the Tomb of the Bacchus. Unbeknownst to them, they were actually defending a duplicate of the artifact. The Clan would find themselves battling Bread Nelson and his villainous organization, the U.B.N.V.A., as they also sought The Crumbs. 

Bread's CrumbsEdit

When Bread Nelson attacked The Clan at the Tomb of the Bacchus, he seized a Sun Chips bag that was believed to contain The Crumbs. However, in actuality the bag contained one of the Fake Crumbs, which weakened many members of the team until Jumpa destroyed the fake relic. Glen Tennis believed Nelson took the real artifact from the tomb and replaced it with a fake one - yet in actuality, the true relic was in Mekron Woods

Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric BoogalooEdit

Glen eventually learned of The Crumbs's location in Mekron Woods, and sought to lead The Clan there so they could take the artifact and safeguard it for years to come. As Glen planned this journey, Biscuit Savage and Nazi Mitch schemed to attack The Clan and find The Crumbs. Savage battled The Clan on his own, killing Glen in the chaos. Bacchus then led the team to Mekron Woods. 

Captain Jumpa experienced a vision of Bacchus going rogue after he was driven mad by The Crumbs's power. In the meantime, Flynt Coal found The Crumbs in Mekron Woods, but Nazi Mitch stole it from him. Savage sought for Mitch to give him the artifact, but he instead gave Savage one of the Fake Crumbs. When Savage consumed it, he was condemned to the Conundrum Dimension. Upon realizing the relic was a fake once more, Bacchus set off on his own to find the real Crumbs, not knowing Mitch already had it. 

Jumpa XEdit

During his time as The Crumbs' guardian, Lord Tyresius had held onto a portion of its power. While fighting Jumpa X in the distant future, Tyresius released part of the energy into Jumpa X's body, shutting him down. However, this was only temporary, as the artifact's energies ultimately reactivated Jumpa X. 

Between FilmsEdit

During Bacchus's journey to claim The Crumbs, he slowly went mad in his quest for the artifact's power - partially because The Creator was communicating with him through the artifact. In the meantime, Nazi Mitch kept it hidden in the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters because he didn't know how to seize its power. 

Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub SlamEdit

When The Clan raided the U.B.N.V.A.'s headquarters, a deceptive Russian named Rasputin sought The Crumbs. After stunning Lord Tyresius, he managed to find the relic and escape with it as the building went on lockdown. Rasputin recorded a vlog of himself, in which he showed off the artifact and challenged anyone who seeks it to meet him at Mekron Woods. In the meantime, Bacchus returned with the goal of obtaining The Crumbs's power. To do so, Bacchus needed the spear forged by Creator, which could absorb the relic's power and inject it into his body.  In the ensuing chaos, The Clan and Bacchus's Brotherhood pursued Rasputin, who enjoyed having everyone run after him for The Crumbs. After Jumpa seized the relic, Bacchus challenged The Clan to meet him at Kerr Park with The Crumbs. In the meantime, Nazi Mitch received a call from Bread Nelson, who scolded him for the loss of the artifact, while Flynt was possessed by Tea-Eee. At Kerr Park, Kick carried The Crumbs before Flynt stole it and gave them to Rasputin. Rasputin brought both relics to Mitch with the intention of striking a deal, but Mitch stole both relics instead. He confronted The Clan at the tennis court, where he absorbed The Crumbs' power and became all-powerful. 

Mitch teleported his enemies from near and far to an overhangar, where he began electrocuting them with The Crumbs's power. The Clan and their allies were overwhelmed, but Tyresius eventually used The Crumbs's power against Mitch by creating a force field with it. As The

Nazi Mitch unleashes The Crumbs' powers through bolts of lightning.

Clan rose up and strengthened the force field, Mitch stumbled back and was ultimately electrocuted to death by the artifact's energies. 

Lord Tyresius summons a force field using The Crumbs' powers.

After Mitch's demise, The Crumbs's power was scattered into the air as it was no longer contained in the artifact. Due to the loss of The Crumbs, Jumpa decided to disband The Clan as it no longer had the purpose of protecting the artifact. 

Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass ConsumptionEdit

Over the next year, the artifact's power began fading from existence. Bacchus reunited The Clan in a bid to remake the artifact and preserve its energies. The team set off to claim the Forbidden Sword, which could harness the power from thin air, as well as a "new artifact" that Bacchus built, which could contain The Crumbs' power (the original artifact's shell was unusable after the energy was sucked out of it).

The Clan suffered many losses at the hands of The Paleman, who allied with The Creator and wiped out most of the team. Bacchus eventually used the sword to harness the power and place it into the new artifact, and he died from his wounds shortly after. The survivors of The Clan, Flynt and Kick, took on the duty of defending the artifact.